Help Is on Its Way AFTER Election

PA Foreign Minister Riad Malki publicly indicates to AP Report that he was promised help from the Obama administration after the 2012 election. Maliki’s statements come just days after Barack Obama met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas is demanding to Israel retreat to its 1967 borders - a demand American President Barack Obama also made to Israel just last year, while the State Department demanded that Jerusalem be cut off  from Israel.

The Obama White House quickly retreated from the proposed idea to return Israel’s to the pre-‘67 borders, which Golda Meir called “The Auschwitz Borders”.

WHY? Jewish voters in American indicated widespread disapproval - but the latest communications from the Palestinian leader Malki - now suggest that if re-elected in 2012, Barack Obama will once again attempt to force Israel to do just that.

According to an AP report published 9 March 2012, the relationship between the Obama administration and Palestine is quite cozy:

“Everybody was telling us, including the Americans, ‘don’t expect that much from us during the election year because the president will be focusing on how to be re-elected, and in order to do so, he should really shift his attention …to other issues,’” Malki said. He did not say how those messages were delivered. Obama administration officials are frequent visitors at Abbas’ headquarters.

Asked whether Abbas hopes Obama - freed from some domestic political constraints if re-elected - would push hard for a resumption of serious negotiations with Israel, Malki said: “They (the Americans) told us so.” He said the Obama administration asked Abbas to be patient until then.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The 24-year-old Muslim, Mohammad Merah, spree killer was a French citizen of Algerian origin, claimed that he is an al Qaeda member. First he killed ‘traitors’, targeting Muslim solders of the French army, next were a rabbi and three Jewish kids. Islamic enemies of the West are psychopathic and delusional criminals. They present danger to all ‘Infidels’ - Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus!

Israeli Ambassador Quits Egypt

Israel's ambassador to Egypt, Yaacov Amitai, and his staff have quit Cairo, six months after the embassy was attacked by paid rioters and ransacked in the Egyptian capital. During the September 2011 attack, Egyptian leaders did not respond to Israeli requests for assistance until the United States stepped in with a personal phone call from President Barack Obama. Even so, Israeli staff members barely escaped with their lives, and the embassy has since been unable to secure new quarters. Last week the Egyptian parliament, currently controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, demanded Israel's envoy to be expelled in response to the IDF's defence of southern Israel against rocket attacks from Gaza.

Israeli Soldier Attacked on Jerusalem Light Train

An Israeli woman soldier suffered serious multiple injuries from a Palestinian stabbing attack on Jerusalem’s light train. It was the first attack on the new rail system. (Jews are suffering from attack with stones and knifes committed by ‘friendly’ Arab neighbours daily.)

Shamble of International Justice

Former Nazi guard, John Demjanjuk, who was convicted in 2011 for his role in killing 28,000 Jews during World War Two has died, aged 91. Through the years Demjanjuk was sentenced twice to death and then freed, and he was twice stripped of his US citizenship. At the end, Demjanjuk was convicted of 28,060 counts of being an accessory to murder at the Sobibor death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland. Although he was sentenced to serve just five years in prison, he was freed pending an appeal.

“If it Quacks like a Duck…” - it is an Arab Terrorist

The leader of the Hezbollah terror group, Hassan Nasrallah, congratulated the terrorist organisations in Gaza for causing half a million Israelis to spend days in shelters, as Gaza terrorists fired more than 200 rockets over a period of four days.

Israel Developed Its Own Bunker Buster

Israel develops its own bunker buster. The 500-pound MPR-500 is an electro-optical bomb that can penetrate double-reinforced concrete walls or floors without breaking apart. The Israeli Air Force is also reported to be planning to enlarge its Boeing-707 based aerial refueling tanker fleet, another key component in Israel’s ability to carry out an aerial strike against a target as distant as Iran. The expanded tanker fleet, by providing nearly 2 million pounds of fuel, would allow dozens of Israel F-15 and F-16 warplanes to carry more weapons on this mission.

Rocket Attacks is a “Weak Excuse”?

During a surprise visit to Ankara, Mashaal told Erdogan that, "Israel used Gaza as a field experiment for the Iron Dome and the IDF's weapons." Erdogan expressed anger regarding Israel aggression, and warned Mashaal that Israel was trying to drag Gaza into war. Therefore, Israel used weak excuses (200 rockets) as a pretext to attack Gaza. (Why would Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists provide Jewish state with ‘Excuse’ to attack them? Do they all work for Shin Bet?)

Obama's Muslim Adviser: Assad Too Soft on Israel

A Muslim adviser to US President Barack Obama, Egyptian-born Dalia Mohaded, warned in a post on Twitter “To those siding w/Assad: he cannot deliver stability, protection of minorities, or resistance to Israel(?)...”  Mogahed has been a tenacious defender of groups like the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), both of which are tied to the Muslim Brotherhood (One may say - Tell me who is your adviser, and I shall know who you are!)

Arabs Harass Women at Hebrew U. Campus

Female students at Hebrew University's Har Hatzofim (Mount Scopus) campus complain that Arabs routinely harass them and commit various sexual offences. The police appear to be unable or unwilling to help. (Intimidation of Jews in Israel is part of the Arab plan of destruction of the Jewish state. Unfortunately, Israel’s justice system is not dissuading them)

‘Ugly Nothing’ at Its Best

Israel criticized the United Nations for allowing a law maker from the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas to visit the UN's European headquarters in Geneva. Hamas is considered a terrorist group by the United States, the European Union, Israel and others due to its attacks against civilian targets in Israel that have killed hundreds of people. Outrage at the Hamas visit, which was also opposed by Hamas' main rival Fatah, overshadowed the Human Rights Council's regular debate on the situation in the Palestinian controlled territories. (This is further proof that enemies of the Jewish people do not care about “War on Terror” or the “poor Palestinian”, but are in fact only united in their intention to destroy Israel!)

Israel Helps Enemy while Arab Nations Drop Support

The International Monetary Fund reported that the PA economy is in a “difficult phase” due to a drop in aid. Arab nations have failed to meet pledges of billions of dollars in assistance. Israel increased the number of permits for Arab employment in Israel and pushed forward an agreement to build four electricity substations in Judea and Samaria. Israel also increased the number of permits for Arab employment in Israel and pushed forward an agreement to build four electricity substations in Judea and Samaria.

Hypocrisy of the Headlines:

"This is an assassination, an intentional killing of innocent civilians and cannot be forgiven,'' - Afghan President Hamid Karzai - On whose side is this ‘friend’ of US? He is negotiating with and ready to forgive the Taliban, a terror group responsible for many thousands of Afghani lives, but isn't able to forgive a single act perpetrated, most likely, by a PTSD sufferer! Did Afghanis display the same level of outrage when the Taliban or Al Queda committing their endless acts of terror? It is time for the coalition to leave Afghanistan and let Afghanis, deservedly, slaughter each other - “People deserve their rulers!”

A Bigot Leads Nuclear Talks with Iran

In contrast to the universal condemnation of the Toulouse Jewish school murders, the EU’s external executive Catherine Ashton, European Union foreign policy chief in charge of the coming nuclear talks with Iran, paid tribute to children “killed in all sorts of terrible circumstance among them what is happening in Gaza where Palestinian Arab youth continue to…” Israeli Interior Minister Ellie Yishai said her statement further prejudices the EU’s fitness to be an honest broker between Israel and the Palestinians and she should resign.

UN’s Mockery of Human Rights

by Tom Gross, March 20, 2012

I spent a few days last week in Geneva with some of the most remarkably brave people one is ever likely to meet. All have suffered horrendously for calling in their countries for the kind of freedoms that people elsewhere take for granted. But none of them were invited to Geneva by the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), the UN's most prominent body that is supposed to deal with human rights, which is meeting here in annual session.

This is the organisation behind the infamous and now discredited Goldstone report on Gaza. This is the organisation that in 2009 praised Sri Lanka's human rights record shortly after that country's military had killed over 40,000 Tamil civilians.

Last Tuesday, I sat in on this year's UNHRC debate, and listened to the Syrian ambassador with a straight face and with no gasps of disapproval from other delegates tell the chamber that it was really Israelis who were behind the ongoing violence in Syria.

And I heard delegates from Cuba, Syria, Belarus, Zimbabwe, Venezuela and elsewhere praise the Iranian government's human rights record. Last week, the UNHRC also adopted a report praising the Gaddafi regime's human rights record.

The human rights ambassadors engaged in this activity while sitting under the ceiling art of the council chamber - a remarkably unimpressive piece that cost $US23 million - money the UN might have used to, say, feed starving children in Africa. Just outside the entrance to the chamber, two pieces of art from the time before its renovation remain. On one, the plaque reads "A statue of Maat, ancient goddess of truth and justice"; it was donated by Egypt's Mubarak regime. On the other, it says: "A statue of Nemesis, goddess of justice, donated by the Syrian government."

Just down the road from the UN, another human rights summit took place the following day, one where actual human rights heroes were present. That summit was organised by UN Watch, and a coalition of 20 other human rights groups, from Tibet to Uganda.

…US and Canadian embassy staff came to UN Watch's alternative Geneva human rights summit. But where were the other ambassadors? Does the UN care about human rights? (Not really! Most countries, including the great democracies, just use human rights issues as a bargaining chip in their political and economy games)