United We Can Achieve It!

by Steven Shamrak

We write good articles full of facts supporting the rights of Israel to exist and exposing the lies of our enemies, protest anti-Israel media bias, sign an endless stream of petitions, call our political representatives and still wonder why nothing has changed. Meanwhile, the situation in Israel is getting worse!

All of these activities are very important, but in order to defeat our enemies and bring peace to Israel, if we honestly examine the history, we have to admit that these efforts will never change the world’s attitude toward Jews and Israel. It has never really worked! Only a strong Israel and a self-respecting Jewish nation will be able to change the current ugly reality.

We must set our own goals, develop plans of action and execute it. That’s what people do in sports, business and in their personal life to make a difference. The biggest secret is - any goal can be achieved - one just needs to have a burning desire, followed by action, to achieve it!

Our enemies love when we squander our time and resources on a rebuttal of their stupid accusations and anti-Israel smear campaigns. This takes our attention away from the pursuit of our national goals.

Hazborah is an important part of the process of defeating enemy propaganda, but it leads nowhere without action toward reunification of all Jewish land, ending Arab occupation and establishing Eretz-Israel!

Unfortunately we have corrupt and inept current Jewish political leadership in Israel and in the Diaspora at the moment! Therefore, only the network of people dedicated to true Zionist ideals can make a difference at the moment. Idealists who are united by one goal are needed!

Currently, our most important step must be to unite and combine our efforts in order to become a more effective and formidable political force. The goal is much bigger than just promoting support for Israel, because unfortunately for quite a while former Israeli governments have not been representing Zionism - the Jewish independence movement. There is another two-state solution, which may bring peace to Israel. It is the Sinai Option! (see below)

In order to achieve our goal we need less debate and more unity.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

If you really want to know the foundation and motivation of the modern Islamic Jihad movement and what motivates Muslim individuals to perform horrendous act of terror, as well as why the West is losing the “War on Terror” you need to find and watch “The Stone Merchant” movie. This politically incorrect movie says it all!

Has Israel Lost its Sovereignty?

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel delivered a strongly worded message to Israel - do not attack Iran. Hagel informed the Israeli government the Obama administration will not accept any unilateral Israeli attack against Iran and that Israel must not strike Tehran without coordination with the US Hagel further told Israel that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cannot decide alone whether Iran has crossed the nuclear threshold, or the so-called Red Line previously outlined by the Israeli leader. (Did the US Ask Israel for Permission to Attack Iraq? Since when has Israel lost its sovereignty and became another state of the United States? The US will dispute evidence about Iranian nucliar program till the bitter end. History has shown that no ally of the United States can relly on the US unconditional support, but they are expected to provide it to the US. Israel has to take action against Iran itself!)

When will West Learn - We can’t Trust Islamists!

Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were double agents, hired by US and Saudi intelligence to penetrate the Wahhabi jihadist networks which spread across the Russian Caucasian, with the help of certain Saudi financial institutions. Instead, the two former Chechens betrayed their mission and went over secretly to the radical Islamist networks. (If this is true, it is sad to see that US intelligence organizations are not able to learn from there own mistakes. The same happened after Osama bin Laden was recruited by CIA.)

Israel Aims to Replace Piloted Fighter Jets with Drones

Israel’s air force is on track to developing drones that within four to five decades would carry out nearly every battlefield operation executed today by piloted aircraft. (Israel is a pioneer in drone technology)

Luxury Rehab Center for Terrorists

Saudi Arabia is hoping to wean jailed Al-Qaeda terrorists off religious extremism with counselling, spa treatments and plenty of exercise at a luxury rehabilitation center in Riyadh. Another center has already opened in the western port city of Jeddah. "Just under 3,000 (prisoners) will have to go through one of these centers before they can be released," said interior ministry spokesman General Mansur al-Turki. (Will 72 virgins be provided as well?)

App Inspired by Ugly Reality

Only in Israel: a new app for android phones lets drivers know if they are about to drive into a mob of Arabs armed with firebombs and rocks. Such ambushes have killed and maimed many Israelis over the years, including a baby girl, Adelle Biton, who has been barely clinging to life in the Schneider Children’s Hospital since last month.

Iranian Spy Used False Israeli Passport

A captured Iranian is suspected of plotting terrorist attacks against Israeli targets in Nepal. He was caught by embassy security officials hanging about the embassy and handed over to the Nepalese police on April 13. The man was found to be in possession of a false Israeli passport. He had received the false passport in Malaysia and had successfully used it to enter Nepal and Sri Lanka. (Do you hear fake outrage from New Zealand or Australia?)

Israel Downs Hezbollah Drone

The Israeli military said it shot down a drone on Thursday, five nautical miles off the coast of its northern port of Haifa, after tracking it for an hour as it flew south along the Lebanese coast. In October, after Israel shot down a drone that had flown 35 miles across its southern territory, Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, boasted that his fighters had assembled and remotely flown the aircraft.

Hypocritical Peace with Jordan

A Jordanian parliament member, Muhammad Esa al-Doima, was expelled from his party this week after it was published he visited Israel during the Jewish State's 65th Independence Day and shook President Shimon Peres' hand. The Al-Wasat Al-Islamiy party explained that al-Doima was expelled because it opposes any kind of normalization with Israel.

Cozy US Business - Selling Arms to Both Sides

The US Defense Department is expected to finalize a $10 billion arms deal with Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates next week that will provide missiles, warplanes and troop transports. The $29.5 billion sale of F-15 aircraft to Saudi Arabia was announced in 2010. While one goal was to ensure that Israel continues to field the most capable armed forces in the region to deter Iran and counter a range of threats, it was equally important to improve the capabilities of two important Arab military partners. (No wonder that for 60 years Israel is not allowed to end the conflict and reclaim Jewish land currently occupied by Arabs and so-called Palestinians!)

Fake EU Concern

The European Union’s anti-terror chief Giles de Kerchove told the BBC that an estimated 500 Europeans are fighting with rebel forces in Syria. Intelligence agencies are concerned some could join groups linked to al Qaeda and return to Europe primed for terrorist attacks. (Most of them came to Syria because they have already been exposed to Jihadist indoctrination. Fighting in Syria, as it was in Lybia, is just ‘work experience’ and the way to prove that they are worthy to become martyrs for global domination of Islam!)

Scolding Israel First, Admit the Truth Later

In a striking reversal, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in Abu Dhabi on Thursday afternoon, April 25, that US intelligence now believes the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against its own people. He said the White House was about to inform Congress of this determination. Secretary of State John Kerry then said: The Syrian government has launched two chemical attacks. (Just a day before US reprimanded Israel for publicly disclosing information about use of chemical weapons by Syria)

Turkey Deliberately Raises Its Islamic Profile

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is not likely to postpone his trip to the Gaza Strip planned for late May, despite US Secretary of State John Kerry and PA President Mahmoud Abbas having asked him to cancel or delay the visit. (Turkey has never been real friend of Israel and is a saboteur of NATO!)

Quote of the Week:

“I believe the window for a two-state solution is shutting… I think we have some period of time, a year, a year-and-a-half, or two years or it’s over.” - US Secretary of State John Kerry to the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee 17 April 2013 - Let hope he is right and the stupidity of the two-state solution will be clear to all soon. Then, after this fake peace process, Israel will be able to re-unite and rebuild Eretz-Israel.

Israel Slams Iranian Hypocrisy

Addressing the United Nations on Wednesday, Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor highlighted two key Israeli concerns: the Iranian race for nuclear arms and Palestinian intolerance toward Israel.

“Earlier this month, the Iranian delegate stood in front of the General Assembly to share Iran’s so-called concerns with the Arms Trade Treaty... this is like the mafia complaining that the crime rate in New York is high,” Prosor said.

He warned the UN, “Make no mistake - Iran’s ambition for nuclear weapons is the single greatest threat to the Middle East and the entire world.”

No Interfaith - No Reconciliation!

Yousuf al-Qaradawi, one of the most important Sunni clerics in the world, boycotted an interfaith conference hosted by the International Union of Muslim Scholars in Doha, Qatar, because of the presence of Jewish participants.