Has Israel Become an anti-Zionist State?

1. The Israeli police have raided the homes of at least 15 activists in Judea and Samaria ahead of the evacuation of Amona

2. An IDF soldier was sentenced to 10 days in a military prison after he distributed flyers encouraging his fellow soldiers to refuse to participate in the planned destruction of the town of Amona.

3. The six minors were released from the Ariel police station without conditions, because Police were unable to show evidence to their claim the minors threw stones at Arabs’ cars. (Government of Israel and its legal establishment have spent considerable effort and dedication to the intimidation of Jewish Zionists, instead of removing enemies from Jewish land!)

Self-Destructive Insanity Must not be Repeated!

Date was:  01.02.06 - Security forces take over nine homes at illegal West Bank outpost of Amona, following hours of serious clashes with Jewish residents; more than 200 hurt, including 80 members of security forces; MKs Eitam, Eldad also wounded. Acting PM Olmert: Line was crossed. (Yes, the self-hating idiot crossed line indeed! "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein. Who do the Israeli governments represent, by helping our anti-Semitic and genocidal enemies to squash National Zionist aspiration of Jewish people?)

Happy Hanukah!

Hanukah is the commemoration of Jewish national struggle for liberation of the Eretz-Israel, the Land of Israel. May it be free from enemy occupation soon again!

Israel Must not Repeat Gush Katif

The Amona outpost, home to some 40 families, is under a High Court order to be evacuated by December 25 since it was found to have been built on private Palestinian land.

But following a lengthy debate, residents rejected the offer, which they said was in fact to relocate only 12 of the families to nearby plots considered available, the other 28 families would move to temporary housing in the nearby Ofra settlement.

The Amona residents said the state's offer, while initially sounding good, turned out to be full of holes like a "Swiss cheese."

"The state is not committed to anything, and everything depends on multiple legal procedures with no guarantee to their success and the state accepting them," said a statement issued after 24 residents voted in favour of the proposal and 58 rejected it.

"We would have been willing to accept the destruction of our private homes, moving from one place to the other, as long as a Jewish settlement remains on the mountain. But the proposal we received does not afford any certainty or a commitment that we would indeed have new homes," the statement said.

The town of Amona in Samaria is scheduled to be destroyed by December 25, and the residents and their supporters in the Campaign to Save Amona are preparing to resist the evacuation if the town is not legalized by law before then or the courts do not put off the demolition for a later date.

Tens of thousands of supporters are expected to come to Amona to help the residents resist being expelled from their homes by force.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

International anti-Semitic bigots deliberately ignore the fact that Israel has no legitimate negotiation partner. The last PA election was won by Hamas, but Fatah ignored it.  New elections are long overdue. It was Abbas who ended negotiations with Israel by starting international anti-Israel diplomatic assault in the UN and ICC in attempt to exhort an international pressure on Israel!

Searching for a Jerusalem Embassy Site is On!

The incoming Trump administration is reportedly searching Jerusalem for a feasible site in which to locate the US Embassy. Kellyanne Conway, senior aide, told media that moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was a “big priority” for President-elect. Trump “made it very clear during the campaign… and as president-elect I’ve heard him repeat it several times privately, if not publicly.” (We’ll see - after 20.01.2017!)

PA is a Bunch of Corrupt Liars!

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah claimed that his government has received no aid from Washington in 2016, accusing the US of imposing a “financial siege” on the Palestinians. But the State Department has in fact provided Ramallah with over $357 million in financial assistance in the past year.

White House: Defends the Bad Deal

White House downplays Iranian President's directive to Iranian scientists to develop systems for nuclear-powered marine vessels.

IS Complains about Israel’s Airstrikes

According to the IS news agency, Israel carried out three strikes over the course of three days in the area of Sheikh Zuweid in the Northern peninsula last week, as a retaliation to a missile launched in Sinai. (Egypt is unable to control Sinai and secure Israel from ISIS and Hamas attacks. Only the Sinai Option will do it!)


The Gush Etzion Regional Council won a legal victory when a Jerusalem District Judge ruled that land in the center of Gush Etzion belongs to the Himnuta organization, a subsidiary of the Jewish National Fund. Land was purchased in 1944 from the Marcus family, a Christian family who emigrated to South America. (It should not be so hard for Jews to prove ownership of the land in the Jewish state!)

Time for Them to Leave Jewish Land!

A recent survey shows that 65 percent of so-called Palestinians no longer believe that a two-state solution is possible; this is an increase of 9 percentage points since September; meanwhile, 54 percent have no faith whatsoever in the Abbas-led Palestinian Authority.

How Much is still Hidden by European anti-Semites?

Vienna Philharmonic to return Nazi loot to Jewish family - a valuable French Neo-Impressionist painting looted by the Nazis to be returned to relatives of its original Jewish owner; painting estimated to be worth $500,000.

Can't Destroy What does not Exist!

PA chief negotiator Saeb Erekat warned on Friday that US President-elect Donald Trump’s plan to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem could “destroy the peace process” and send the region to a “path of chaos, lawlessness and extremism.”

Quote of the Week:

“Israel needs to change the narrative. No Israeli official should ever use the words ‘West Bank’ or ‘Palestinian.’ They need to use the words "Judea and Samaria" and "illegal immigrants" instead. Anytime anyone uses the words "West Bank" or "Palestinian," the Israeli officials need to correct them. If Israel deports Palestinians from the West Bank then the world will condemn Israel for ethnic cleansing. But if Israel is deporting illegal immigrants from Judea and Samaria, then Israel can say they are simply protecting their national borders.” - a FaceBook comment.

Trump will not Tell Israel what Policies to Adopt

by Eric Cortellessa

David Friedman says the incoming president doesn’t view Israel as ‘a client state you issue directives to’ but as a ‘key partner’ in war against Islamic terrorism, ‘so he wants Israel to be as strong and secure as possible’

...And the first move Friedman made in that official capacity was to indicate that Trump plans to follow through on his campaign pledge to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, breaking decades of precedent under both Republican and Democratic administrations, and underlining an apparent inclination to do what other presidential candidates have promised but declined to deliver once they took office: recognize the holy city as Israel’s capital.

When it comes to the US-Israel relationship, Friedman insisted that Trump would represent a sharp break from his predecessor - including in that there would be “no daylight between Israel and America,”

“Donald Trump wants to be as supportive of Israel as possible,” Friedman told The Times of Israel. “He doesn’t view Israel as a client state that you just kind of issue directives to. He views Israel as a partner, one of America’s key partners in a global war against Islamic terrorism, so he wants Israel … to be as strong and secure as possible.”

Unlike Obama, who made Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank a fundamental issue of criticism throughout his presidency, Trump will not “put his finger on the scale or tell Israel what policies they should adopt,” Friedman said, adding that his new boss “doesn’t see Israel as in need of any particular correction at this point.”

...According to Friedman, Trump was influenced by seeing a video last spring of a stage production put on at a Hamas-affiliated school in Gaza. “Half the kids were dressed up as Israeli soldiers or traditional garb and the other half were dressed up as shahids, and the kids playing terrorists took their fake knives and stabbed all the Jews,” Friedman said of the film. “Fake blood poured on the stage, and the parents all applauded this. In a first grade class.”

Eager to Serve in "Eternal Capital of Israel"

David Friedman, an Orthodox Jew who probably feels more at home in Jerusalem than in Tel Aviv, will be his next Ambassador to Israel. Indeed, the Trump transition team made a note of the fact that Friedman’s bar mitzvah 45 years ago was celebrated at the Western Wall. Friedman, for his part, said he looks forward to serving at his new job at “the US embassy in Israel’s eternal capital, Jerusalem.” (Will true Zionism come to Israel from the White House, instead of from the ‘Galutniks’ of Israeli government?)