Creating Hamastan – Terrorist State of Fake Nation!

As part of its efforts to take over the Palestinian Authority, Hamas unexpectedly decided to run in the West Bank municipal elections...

While Israel's leadership is busy exhausting itself arguing over Hamas's tunnel digging in Gaza in 2014, they are missing - or perhaps ignoring - a major threat the terror organization is preparing in the West Bank. This political threat, which very well might pose obstacles to Israel's operations in the West Bank...

Hamas is about to take over the municipal centers of power in the West Bank in a legal and democratic way in several weeks time as part of its plan to take over the entire Palestinian Authority - but we, as we always do, may have missed the train yet again...

Marking 15 Years Since 9/11

Nineteen Muslims hijacked four US commercial airplanes and crashed them into each tower of New York City’s World Trade Center complex and the Pentagon, plus one crashed when passengers tried to take it over from the terrorists. The attacks caused a total of 2,996 deaths, making it the deadliest foreign attack ever on U.S. soil. Fifteen years after the September 11 strikes on New York and Washington, the staging of terror attacks is dramatically altered, but the essential element is unchanged - whatever weapons are used - instilling fear.

The First Victim

Danny Lewin was the first victim of 9/11. Seated in seat 9B aboard American Airlines flight 11, he saw Mohamed Atta and Abdulaziz al-Omari, sitting just in front of him, rise and make their way to the cockpit. According to calls from flight attendants to air traffic officials, later documented in the 9/11 Commission’s report, Lewin wasted no time in acting. Having served as an officer in Sayeret Matkal, the Israel Defense Forces’ top unit, he moved to tackle the terrorists. The man in 10B, Satam al-Suqami, moved, too, producing a knife and slitting Lewin’s throat. Less than 30 minutes later, at 8:46 a.m., the plane crashed into the World Trade Center’s North Tower.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

The failure to confront the evil enemy – Islamic terror and infiltration of the West - was and is still a deliberate plan to keep people in fear! The Soviet Union is gone, but the current Russian 'threat' is just a game. Therefore, there is a need for the 'formidable' enemy to run military industry and to make people afraid to the point that they ignore the stupidity and arrogance of the Western political elite and their masters! Al Qaeda and ISIS could be easily defeated in no time and at low cost from air, almost immediately after their inception, but were not. The same reasoning and idiotic logic is behind the fact that Israel is not allowed, by international anti-Semites, to defeat its enemies and reclaim/reunite Eretz-Israel!

Why is "Ethnic Cleansing" Rule not Applicable to Jews?

On Friday, Netanyahu said in reference to the removal of Israeli settlements from Judea and Samaria, "The Palestinian leadership actually demands a Palestinian state with one pre-condition: No Jews. There's a phrase for that: It's called ethnic cleansing. And this demand is outrageous." Immediately, the US State Department calls the comments 'inappropriate and unhelpful.' (About 10 years ago 8,500 Jews were ethnically cleansed from Gaza! The result – thousands of missiles and other attacks on Israel - should be well known but is ignored by international Jew-haters. The US government is not a friend of Israel! It has only been hindering progress of the realization of the Jewish Zionist dream – reunification of Eretz-Israel.)

Anti-Semites do not Blame Egypt for Gaza Blockade

Egyptian officers are asking for bribes of up to $10,000 from Palestinians in Gaza desperate to leave the besieged coastal enclave. Typically, an adult in Gaza must pay a bribe of $3,000 to get permission from Egypt to cross the border. (Most residents of Gaza would be happy to leave it. It would be easy for Israel to ‘encourage’ all of them to do so!)

Saving Lives of Solders

The IDF's unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) is creating a safer way for Israel's military to patrol the Gaza border. The IDF first introduced them in December 2012. “The most important aspect of the Guardium is that it saves human lives — and money, too,” said Lt. Avidav, head of the Guardium Division.

Only Hate for Israel Prevents the Islamic Civil War - Genocide!

The Saudi Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh has fanned the flames of a 1300-year dispute between Shiites and Sunnis when he announced that the Iranians are the descendants of the Zoroastrians and of fire worshippers. “We must understand they are not Muslims, for they are the descendants of Majuws, and their enmity toward Muslims, especially the Sunnis, is very old,” the Saudi Grand Mufti said.

Must Muslims have Permits to Pray in Israel?

In a hearing before the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court regarding young women who prayed in the Old City, a police representative declared that Jewish prayer is illegal without police permit in the Muslim quarter and violates public order (not Muslims who opposed it?) Over the past few weeks, young Jewish men and women have been arrested for praying near the gates of the Temple Mount, despite the fact that there is no law, nor “status quo” agreement that prohibits this practice. (Self-hating Israeli legal system creates illegal ‘rules’ to intimidate Jews in their own country!) A Jewish visitor who was on a tour of the Temple Mount committed ‘the crime’ of bowing. The man, in his 60s, was arrested at once.

PA Temporarily Cancels Elections - or Permanently?

In a move that casts doubt on the credibility of Palestinian democratic processes, the decision by the Palestinian high court to temporarily cancel elections has serious implications; Hamas: “We reject the decision and call on everyone else to reject it.” (It is already long overdue!),7340,L-4852129,00.html

Why does an Oil Rich Country Need Nuclear Power?

Iran began building its second nuclear power plant with Russian help. The project will cost more than $8.5 billion. The UN agency monitoring Iran’s nuclear pact with world powers said in a report that Iran has begun to manufacture rotor tubes for centrifuges, machines used to enrich uranium. (Thanks to Obama, Iran has funds to pay Russia now!)

Quote of the Week:

“Arabs and Muslims can murder, rape, starve, maim, torture, deport, honor-kill, abuse, extort, rocket shell, assassinate, suicide bomb, behead, humiliate, jail without due process, occupy, mutilate female genitalia, sex trafficking and enslavement of millions around the world - all in Muslim countries. Where is the Outrage?” – by Henri B, a FaceBook posting - Israel has done nothing of the kind, but is rebuked all the time by international anti-Semites!

Who Started the Conflict?

Arab terrorism existed long before the creation of the Jewish state. Most of the terror attacks against Jews were committed with the silent blessing and obvious encouragement, and even planning and co-ordination, by the British controllers of the Mandate. Attacks against Jews were used as an excuse to remove Jews from Trans-Jordan, Hebron and other parts of Eretz-Israel “for their own protection” of course!

Following is an incomplete list of terror attack perpetrated by Arabs against Jews in the Palestinian Mandate. It does not include ‘minor’ incidents, like road-side robberies, assaults and intimidation.

Battle of Tel Hai          March 1, 1920 started by Arabs  -  8 Jews killed; 5 Arabs killed.

Nebi Musa riots           April 4–7, 1920 started by Arabs  -  5 Jews, 4 Arabs killed; 216 Jews, 18 Arabs, 7 Britons wounded

Jaffa Riots          May 1–7, 1921 started by Arabs  -  47 Jews killed; 140 Jews, 73 Arabs wounded.

Jerusalem                     November 2, 1921 started by Arabs  -  5 Jews killed in stabbing attack. Multiple wounded, including women and children.

Palestine Riots           August 23–29, 1929 started by Arabs  -  133 Jews, 116 Arabs killed; 339 Jews, 232 Arabs wounded

Hebron massacre        August 24, 1929 started by Arabs  -  67 Jews killed; 58 Jews wounded (included in ‘Palestine riots’ above)

Safed massacre           August 29, 1929 started by Arabs  -  18–20 Jews killed; 80 Jews wounded (included in ‘Palestine riots’ above)

1933 Riots                     October 28, 1933          Arabs         

Bloody Day/Jaffa         April 19–20, 1936 started by Arabs  -  9 Jews killed, 40 Jews wounded (11 critically) in Arab attack in Jaffa. Police killed two attackers. Further 7 Jews and 3 Arabs killed the next day.

Note: Most of Arab riots (so-called ‘Palestine riots’) were encouraged and supported by the British authorities, who were supposed to facilitate, in accordance of the League of Nations resolution, the creation of the Jewish state, “Eretz-Israel”, on the Palestinian mandate territory, which included current Israel, trans-Jordan, Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Golan Heights!)