Hamas is Much Worse than IS

by Mark Langfan

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has pronounced that “Hamas is IS (formerly ISIS) and IS is Hamas.” A close look at the two organizations, reveals that:

1. The Palestinian Arabs voted for the terrorist group Hamas as their government. IS, however, are Islamist mass-murdering terrorists for whom no one has ever voted or granted legal legitimacy to rule.

…Who is more evil, terrorists who have the legitimacy of having been voted for by almost 4 million Palestinian people, or a bunch of rag-tag un-legitimized terrorists. 

2. In 2007, Hamas massacred hundreds of Fatah loyalists; the world yawned.

When Hamas took over Gaza in 2007, they machine-gunned dozens of Fatah members while they lay face down, and the world gladly accepted the new Hamas rule over Gaza.  Now, IS machine-guns hundreds of Shiites and moderate-Sunnis, and the world gets upset. 

3. Obama has granted the seal of approval of the United States of America to a government of which Hamas was an integral and controlling part.

Not only did Obama approve of the PA’s “Unity” government of which Hamas was an integral part, Obama has run interference for Hamas every step of the Gaza War, whereas, in Iraq, Obama has been blowing IS to bits.

4. European anti-Semites are violently demonstrating for Hamas, not IS.

Hundreds of European Muslim Islamists are being recruited for IS.  But, nobody is violently demonstrating for them yet like they are for Hamas.  What this means is that Hamas terrorists are looked upon as heroes by millions of Muslims and other virulent anti-Semites in Europe…

5. The EU, the UN, and the United States fund Hamas.

Hamas is funded by the entire world, but IS robs banks, and has tons of money…

6. Hamas is embedded in the Palestinian population, and can’t be destroyed. (Hamas would not exist without support of the terror-infested population!)

The Palestinians love Hamas so much that they have let them embed themselves in the densest civilian populations centers in the world.  But, IS is out in the open desert, and exposed to US F-16’s with Hellfire missiles...

Hamas is protected by the United Nations:

Hamas and its rockets are housed and protected by the United Nations through its UNRWA schools and other facilities. IS, for now, isn’t being protected by the United Nations…

Hamas really tries to massacre only Jews (for now), or anyone who gets in their way; whereas, IS is a non-denominational mass-murderer…

It would appear that Bibi was insulting IS by calling them Hamas.  But then, IS is so perversely sick that they might have taken the insult comparing themselves to Hamas as a compliment.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

The biggest challenge for Jewish people, especially Zionist-minded ones, is not Israel-hating Arab states, nor anti-Semitic bigots of the international press, and in European and US governments but how to remove self-serving, pathetic Israeli politicians and the leadership of Zionist organizations who have forsaken the Zionist aspirations of Jewish people!

‘Peace’ until Next War

The Hamas political chief Khaled Mashaal warned Israel that the terror organization had not finished its fight: "This is not the end. This was not the last campaign to liberate Palestine - it was an important stop on the road to victory." (When they say “Palestine”, they mean all Israel and even Jordan are next!)

African Infiltrators Leaving Israel

A total of 379 illegals voluntarily left Israel in August, more than had left the previous four months altogether. It was also significantly more than had left the country in August the previous year. The infiltrator community was taken by surprise by the intensity of the war - and many of them have apparently decided that Israel isn't necessarily the best place for them. So far this year, 5,388 illegal Africans have left Israel voluntarily.

Hamas Popularity Surges

Hamas's support has surged after its war with Israel and would win Palestinian elections if they were held today. In first large post-Gaza conflict poll, 61 percent of Palestinians say they would vote for Hamas' leader Haniyeh to lead PA. (The problem is not with Hamas or Fatah, but with the population of fake nations which were forged 50 years ago for one reason only - destruction of Jewish state!)

Gutless ‘Ugly Nothing’

A UN peacekeeping commander in the Golan Heights, Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang, advised the 40 Filipino peacekeepers not to lay down their arms. They defied the order, staged a daring escape from the Golan camp over the weekend, ending a tense, days-long standoff and found refuge in Israel. Forty-five Fijian peacekeepers who surrendered their firearms to the rebels two weeks ago are still being held by the al-Qaeda-linked insurgents.

Nearly 600 Terror Suspects Arrested

Israeli security forces detained 597 terror suspects in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem in August. The majority of the arrests took place in eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem and in the Judean city of Hevron - both of which are hotbeds of support for Hamas. (Enemies are not just in Gaza)

Israel is a Safe Heaven for UN Peacekeepers

Dozens of UN peacekeepers from the Philippines who had been holed up in two military positions in the Syrian Golan escaped to Israel. The UN mission, known as UNDOF, has nearly 12,000 troops from six countries - Fiji, India, Ireland, Nepal, Netherlands and the Philippines - who monitor the line between the Israeli-occupied area and Syrian-held area of the Golan Heights. (Inability of UN peacekeepers to repel an attack of an Al Qaeda group just underlined the uselessness of UN presence in conflict zones!)

The World is still anti-Semitic

On Monday September 8th, 2014, at 1:15 p.m., the UN Permanent Mission of Palau, and the Engr Aja Eze Foundation are sponsoring a conference on “Global Anti-Semitism: A Threat to International Peace and Security” at the United Nations Headquarters facility in New York City. (Seventy years after WW2 the bigots are still talking, but not doing anything about combating anti-Semitism!)

Hamas 'Civil Servants' PA's Payroll

PA to pay Hamas civil servants' salaries “as soon as possible”. The Islamist movement has insisted that the PA should pay the salaries of Hamas's 42,000 civil servants. (Funds are generously provided by international anti-Semites!)

PA Must Pay the War Cost

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said that "The direct cost of the operation stands at more than $9 billion." "Today they have about a fifth of that but that's still 2,000 rounds," he said, adding that every interception of an incoming rocket by Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system cost $100,000. The government approved swinging budget cuts to help pay for the campaign in Gaza. Ministers voted to cut two percent from the 2014 budget of every government ministry - other than defense - to raise about two billion shekels. (Funds can be easily withheld from the tax Israel collects for the PA!)

Quote of the Week:

“Our leaders and spokespeople cannot win the information war by devoting themselves to pointing out the West’s hypocrisy and double standards, or the rank mendaciousness and bigotry that stands at the core of their approach to Israel. No one ever won a war by only playing defense.” - Caroline Glick, wrote in “Why Israel is losing the information war”

Action Speak Louder than Words!

President Obama may have no strategy how to deal with the Islamic State, but the hostile attitude of the successive US governments toward Israel, during conflicts and wars, is well defined and always perfectly executed. Contrarily to common beliefs, it is not a friendly one, in spite of the assurances made by the US governments - lead by Obama or by his predecessors!

Obama Sleeps at the Wheel of ‘War on Terror’

President Obama said he has not decided on stepped-up military action against the Islamic State in Iraq or Syria, cautioning that he remains committed to a strategy that protects US interests... Obama said he has consulted congressional leaders and will continue to do so as his administration considers next steps. (Procrastination will not stop Islamic terror. It makes the US look weak and helps poisonous ideology spread!)

Unsupportive ‘Friend’ at Best

The United States has described Israel's announcement of a land appropriation for possible settlement construction in Judea and Samaria as "counterproductive" to peace efforts and urged the Israeli government to reverse the decision. Israel laid claim to nearly a thousand acres (400 hectares) in the Etzion settlement bloc near Bethlehem, the biggest appropriation in 30 years and a PA official said would cause only more friction after the Gaza war. (What would be ‘productive’ in the eyes of the fake friend - ceding more Jewish land to the enemy, whose intention is to destroy Israel? Is this the most urgent and important issue in the world? What about conflict between Russia and Ukraine, ISIS, Somalia, Mali, Nigeria, civil war in Libya and expansionistic preparation of China?)

Obama Uses False Pretence to Help Enemy of Israel

The Obama administration justified releasing more than $192 million in financial aid to the PA with false information. The administration quietly reinstated aid to the PA last month after it was frozen by Congress in the wake of Abbas’s attempt to declare statehood before the United Nations. The administration also secretly attempted to restore funding to a UN cultural agency that unilaterally - and illegally - recognized the “State of Palestine.” In explaining the administration’s rationale for reinstating the funds, White House spokesperson Tommy Vietor claimed, “The PA has recognized Israel’s right to exist, renounced violence, and accepted previous agreements, including the Roadmap…” (The world’s bigots would do anything to undermine the existence of the Jewish state. It would take lesser effort to move the so-called Palestinians to the Sinai and let them live in peace independently or as an autonomy under the friendly Muslim state, Egypt - but such a resolution to Arab-Israel conflict is not is an aim of international anti-Semites!)