Hamas Rejected Recognition of Israel.

Hamas government spokesman Ghazi Hamad said that Hamas didn't accept the Arab peace initiative because it calls for recognizing Israel, asserting they would never recognize the Jewish state. Moreover, Hamad hinted that Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) would never meet any pressure to recognize Israel, and it prefers to give up governing rather than recognize the rights the Jewish state.     

"The issue of sitting on power is not a victory and Hamas has no intention to recognize Israel regardless the results," said Hamad.  "Hamas movement will not comply with interior or exterior pressures to accept the Quartet's conditions," (It is time for Israel to do the same and stop playing foolish games. We must stop recognising the fake claim of Arabs on Jewish land and start the process of reclaiming Eretz-Israel – Land of Israel!)

ONE-THIRD of UJC, United Jewish Communities, Emergency Dollars Spent on ARABS! When will the Stupidity of Political Correctness of Jewish leadership end?

Israel’s Supreme Court has ordered the government to explain within six days the reasons it refused to establish a State commission of inquiry into the handling of the recent war in Lebanon.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The goal of Islam is world domination. Destruction of Israel is just a stepping-stone. What is the Jewish goal? For almost 2,000 years, it used to be Eretz-Israel!

Israel helps build mosque in Nigeria. While Hamas turns synagogues in Gaza into party headquarters and arms depots, and Iraqi Sunnis blow up the Golden Dome mosque, killing hundreds, Israel helps Nigerian Muslims build a mosque. (Why do we always need to bribe so-called friends? How many synagogues are build by Muslims or Christians, in order to secure friendship with Jews?)

What allies? Just a Brick Wall! During talks in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Dr Rice met friendly but firm pressure from eight Arab governments. The effort to foster a bloc of moderate Arab states to stand against growing terrorism in the Middle East has hit a brick wall with so-called close US allies. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was told that they do not want to be pitted against other Arab governments and movements. (But, they happily support and tolerate Muslim terrorism agaist Israel and the West!)

Switched Sides Again. Embattled Kadima MK Tzachi HaNegbi has vocally switched sides yet again, blasting the Disengagement Plan. “I estimate that the Disengagement was a mistake,” HaNegbi told Israel Radio. "The Disengagement was perceived as weakness, and that weakness brought about attacks in Gaza and the North…It did not contribute to security or to peace.

Helping the Enemy. The U.S. is proposing to expand the presidential guard of PA Chairman Abbas to 6,000 men from the current 3,500, as part of a $26 million plan to shore up Abbas' position. (There is no difference between terrorists of Hamas and Fatah, only the color of the flag is different but the goal is the same!)

So Much for Brotherly Love! Head of the Future bloc in Parliament MP Saad Hariri made it clear that Lebanon rejects any attempts to resettle Arab Palestinian refugees in the country. (After 58 years they are still called ‘refugees’. What a joke! Over 850,000 Jews were forced from Muslim countries. None of them has got any help from UN!)

So Much for a Friendship! US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice personally intervened to prevent Congress from passing a bill that would impose further economic sanctions on the Palestinian Authority.

Quote of the Week.

“Right now the Palestinian issue is dead. There is no one to talk to, and therefore all talks of a Palestinian unity government and diplomatic dialogue are off the table." - U.S. Secretary of State Rice. (It was always dead! It is time to face the reality and return to the notion of Eretz-Israel.)

Israel Held off Killing Nasrallah. During the rally in Beirut, Israel had the Lebanese terrorist leader in its sights, but refrained from an air strike because army chiefs were concerned that civilians would be killed as well. (Those ‘civilians’ were supporters and active participants of terror infrastructure. Enemies of Israel consider all Jews as a legitimate target!)

Doing Nothing Produces Ugly Results. North Korea may have produced as many as six nuclear weapons from spent fuel, U.S. officials estimated in 2004, according to a Congressional Research Service report on the country's atomic arms program dated May 25 this year. Last week, North Korea announced plans to test a nuclear weapon. (Re-unification of two Koreas is long overdue, but the world waits. Millions suffer in Sudan, but the world waits. Iran is developing A-bomb and has intention to use it, but the world waits. This stupidity must end!)

No International Help Here. The Israeli cabinet allocated about 650 million U.S. dollars for rehabilitation and reconstruction in the northern of Israel.

We did not Win Lebanon War. Maj.-Gen. Yiftah Ron-Tal, said just days before retiring, that Israel did not emerge victorious from its war with Hizb'allah. The IDF had working plans for a full-scale invasion of Lebanon that would have brought the nation victory, but the political echelon decided against that course of action. He also blasted the government's decision to use the army to uproot thousands of Jews from Gaza last year, saying that it had involved the IDF in the deep rifts that are tearing Israeli society apart. (Too little, too late, general! Is this a show of bravery before retirement or is it another ploy to promote the general as a new political elite?) Israel's army chief fired outgoing OC Ground Forces Maj.-Gen. Yiftah Ron-Tal for his criticizism of the government. (So much for freedom of speech in surpassingly, democratic country!)

Shooting Breaks Out In Gaza Hospital. Fighting has erupted inside Gaza's main hospital between Hamas-led police and the family of a dead fighter loyal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah. At least three people were injured in the fire fight inside Shifa hospital. (Why do humanitarian considerations and International conventions apply only to Israel? This is an opportunity for the UN Human Rights Watch-dog to condemn Hamas, will it?)

When Enough is Enough. Hamas terrorists who are holding IDF Cpl Gilad Shalit hostage have rejected a deal to swap the Israeli soldier for hundreds of Palestinian Authority Arab prisoners. Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abu Gheit said that terrorists rejected a deal “to free women, children, elders and those who have been serving long prison terms” in exchange for Shalit. (It is time to break them down and throw all of them out! Otherwise, Israel will never see the day of peace.)

Squabble for Power. Hamas took advantage of angry Fatah protests for unpaid wages to assert its domination of the Gaza Strip and pursued a standing plan to smash Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement in the Gaza Strip. Dozen of Arabs were killed in clashes between Fatah and Hamas thugs in Gaza, and more than 100 injured. (It seems that they hate each other as much as they hate the Jews.)

Spineless Leadership.

Author Unknown.

Ehud Olmert and Amir Peretz folded under the pressure, without the UN, Lebanon or Hezbollah meeting any of Israel’s conditions for ending the embargo of Lebanon. Olmert reneges on his war commitments and responsibility for kidnapped soldiers:

1. No sign of life was elicited from Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, who were abducted by Hezbollah July 11.

2. Hezbollah will not leave Southern Lebanon or disarmed.

3. The deployment of UNIFIL-2 and Europeans forces is just a ploy to pull Israel’s troops out of Lebanon without achieving any of their avowed goals.

4. The European contingents have made it abundantly clear that they have no intention of disarming Hezbollah.

5. The “peacekeepers” do not lift a finger to halt Iranian and Syrian weapons consignments to Hezbollah, making a mockery of UN Resolution 1701.

Ehud Olmert said that he was ready to meet Mahmoud Abbas without preconditions. Olmert also expressed support for efforts to restart the 'road map' towards a two-state peace deal. (The leaders of Israel have no self-respect. Unfortunately, Jewish self-haters are in control of Israel and Jewish destiny at the moment!)

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