Hamas Blames Israel for Arab-on-Arab Murders

by World Israel News Staff

As the murder rate in Israel’s Arab communities reaches a record high, the Hamas terror group is blaming the Jewish State for the spike in slayings.

Since the beginning of 2023, at least 166 Arab-Israelis have been killed. Nearly all of those murders took place within the context of (Arab) organized crime, rivalries, or political disputes.

A handful of the slayings were “honor killings,” in which women are murdered by their male relatives for allegedly bringing shame upon their families.

But despite the fact that the murders are taking place within Arab communities and are carried out exclusively by Arab perpetrators, a Hamas statement placed the onus of responsibility for the increase in violence on the Israeli government.

During May 2021 Israel-Gaza clash, Arab citizens of Israel engaged in widespread rioting, arson, and unprovoked attacks over a span of several days. At least three Jewish Israelis were killed as a result of that Arab rioting.

Israeli police have identified reticence on the part of Arab-Israelis to speak with investigators or testify in court against criminals as a major factor for the continued violence, as refusal to cooperate with authorities makes it nearly impossible to secure arrests or successful prosecutions. (Jews are always blamed for the failure of others!)

Deadly Violence in Arab Sector in Israel

Shiekh Sami Abed al-Latif, the imam of Kfar Kara's central Quba Mosque, northern Israeli city, was shot dead. The 60-year-old is at least the 159th murder in the Arab sector since the start of the year. This was the second shooting incident in Kfar Kara in under 24 hours, after a man was shot dead on Friday while driving in his car. (If so-called Palestinians did not hate Israel and Jews, violence and the death toll among the Arab population would be much higher in Israel and in the PA controlled areas.)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Some people say, in an attempt to shift blame on Israel, “There's a deep-rooted problem on both sides”. I agree, the difference is that Jews want to live in peace with their neighbours on ancestral Jewish land, Eretz-Israel. On the other hand, Arabs and Muslim states are using their proxy, the so-called Palestinians, to destroy the only Jewish state! Yes, there is a problem on both sides – Jews/Israel must become bold in achieving their objective, that will leave the ‘neighbours’ no choice but recognise and normalise relationship with Israel. Nothing else will work!

Papua New Guinean to Open Embassy in Jerusalem

Papua New Guinean Prime Minister James Marape arrived at a state visit in Israel to participate in an inauguration ceremony of the country’s embassy in Jerusalem. Papua New Guinea will be the fourth country to open an embassy in Jerusalem after the US, Guatemala, and Kosovo.

Time to Return Illegal Migrants Home

At least 145 people were injured, including 11 from gunfire, as asylum seekers from Eritrea protesting against the Asmara government clashed with police and regime supporters in Tel Aviv at the Eritrean embassy, which planned to hold a “festival”. Dozens of businesses and vehicles were damaged during the riots. (Finally, after so many years, Prime Minister Netanyahu orders deportation of Eritrean migrants after violent riots in Tel Aviv, but only those who were involved in riots. Why not all illegal migrants?)

Stockpile of 60% Enriched Uranium Grows in Iran

Nuclear watchdog says ‘no progress’ has been made by Tehran on outstanding issues, including installing more cameras to monitor nuclear program. The stockpile of uranium enriched up to 60 percent is now at 121.6 kilos, up from 114.1 kilos in May. Iran also has 535.8 kilos of uranium enriched up to 20 percent, up from 470.9 kilos in the last May report.

UNIFIL Mandate Renewal Postponed

The United Nations Security Council postponed a vote on renewing the mandate of the UNIFIL peacekeeping force along the Israel-Lebanon border. Would it be adopted, UNIFIL will continue to face restrictions to its freedom of movement and delays in access to locations of interest. UNIFIL was originally established in 1978 to confirm Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon. After the 2006 war between Hezbollah and Israel, the United Nations expanded the interim force’s mandate under Security Council Resolution 1701 to monitor the cessation of hostilities. (‘Useless Nothing’ against Israel.)

Gathering of the Enemies

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian and the Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon, Mujtaba Amani, met with Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah in Lebanon. Abdollahian also met with the leaders of the Hamas and the Islamic Jihad terror organizations. The sides emphasized the need for the "liberation of Palestine from Israeli occupation."

Israel Unveils the Most Advanced Surveillance Plane

The Israeli Defense Ministry has unveiled a new surveillance aircraft that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) installed the advanced systems on a Gulfstream G550 jet. It’s not just AI itself but the "big data" that serves as the most significant "game-changer" for operations – the ability to connect AI to both large databases and a vast array of sensors and other hardware "leads to amazing results and great savings in resources."

Terrorist had a Work Permit

The terrorist who ran over three 20-year-old young men with a truck in an attack at the Maccabim checkpoint on Thursday morning was a 41-year-old Palestinian Arab, a resident of the village of Deir Amar near Ramallah, who held a valid work permit for Israel. (Israel needs to rethink its policy of providing job opportunities to enemy population. Current system endangers Jewish lives and finances enemies.)

Biden's Spitefulness for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Opposition Leader Yair Lapid travel to Washington for high-level meetings with White House and State Department officials, while Netanyahu still awaits a date for meeting with Biden. The visit will take place against the backdrop of evident tension between US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has yet to be invited to the White House since returning to office late last year. Netanyahu received an invitation from Biden to meet in the US during a recent phone call, but it remains unclear whether the two will meet at the White House and when. (By declining meeting with Biden, the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will demonstrate self-respect and respect for his own country, Israel!)

Saudi Arabia Offered 'Normalisation' Bribe to the PA

Saudi Arabia is considering resuming aid to the Palestinian Authority as part of the Saudi effort to lay the groundwork for a future recognition agreement with Israel. A stamp of approval from Ramallah on a normalization deal with Israel could help mitigate public blowback in Saudi Arabia and in the Muslim world more broadly. The aid was frozen completely in 2016.

Quotes of the Week:

"No country is as ethical as Israel, and no military is as ethical as the IDF. Anyone in the world who criticizes us is a hypocrite. No nation has been fighting an existential war against terror for decades more cleanly and carefully than the Jewish nation. I'm not even talking about the Americans and how they acted in Afghanistan and Iraq. They won't preach to us about human rights, not to the IDF, and not to us on a government level." - Bezalel Smotrich, Israel Finance Minister, responded to the US criticism against the Israeli government.

Back to Basics of Reality

by Steven Shamrak

In 1948, UN resolution 242 had a map maze of 6 triangles, Jewish and Arabs, with Jerusalem as an independent city. It was the separation plan for the remaining Palestinian mandate (after Jordan received 77% of the land). Immediately, an embargo on arms trade to the region was imposed; and population transfer, as a tool for conflict resolution, was forbidden.

Arabs rejected the UN resolution, but Jews, like nice little boys, agreed to accept the left-over crumbs, half of the remaining 18% of Palestinian Mandate, allocated for creation of the Jewish state by the international community in 1920.

Considering that Arab countries were created several years before and already had weaponized armies, the plan was to complete the Holocaust, using blood-thirsty Arab states and produce a stillborn baby – Israel!

Only the SINAI OPTION or any complete transfer of the Arabs from all Jewish land to 21 Arab states can resolve the Arab-Israel conflict.

Next time when someone talks about ‘poor Palestinians’ and their rights, ask them: "Let’s suppose Israel gives up all the West Bank, Gaza, Golan Heights and even all Jerusalem, will it really bring peace?" The only border acceptable to fake Palestinians is the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, without Jewish population!

Why is the Population Transfer good, and has been often used even now, for resolving conflicts of many countries, but not for the Jewish state?

In 1922, 1.8 million citizens were transferred between Greece and Turkey.

In 1947, 12 million people were transferred when the Indian peninsula was divided.

During last 15+ years, more than 4 million refugees were created by Sudan.

There are many more examples when millions of people were transferred in order to resolve conflicts since 1948.

In order to end endless terrorist attacks and to obtain international respect, Israel must remove the enemy population, poisoned by hate for Jews, from Jewish land!