Grand Traitor of Israel's Left

by Dov Lieber

Opposition leader Isaac Herzog held secret talks with PA President Mahmoud Abbas during the 2014-2015 election cycle, and agreed to cede the entire West Bank and East Jerusalem to the Palestinians as part of a future peace deal.

Herzog’s negotiator, former minister Efraim Sneh, and a Palestinian Authority representative who remained unnamed reached an agreement under which Palestinian refugees would receive financial compensation, the Western Wall would remain under Israeli control, and Israel would retain a “symbolic” military presence in the Jordan Valley, alongside Palestinian and Jordanian soldiers, Channel 10 reported...

According to the report, Herzog was willing to withdraw to the 1967 lines in full, with the exception of mutual land swaps on four percent of the territory...

Herzog confirmed the talks with Abbas, and asserted that had they come to fruition they would have forestalled the wave of violence that swept across Israel and the West Bank in late 2015 and early 2016...

Zionist Union MK Tzipi Livni (another well-known self-hating Jew and anti-Zionist) called for a national referendum, to determine the progression of the Arab-Israeli conflict.


The components of the political SURRENDER to Turkey are:

1. Israel will pay Turkey some $20 million, presumably going to the families of the dead crew members.

2. Turkey will not launch lawsuits against the IDF officers and soldiers who took part in the operation.

3. Israel will ease some of the blockade on the Gaza Strip.

4. Turkey will limit Hamas activities inside its borders. Turkey will not permit Hamas to conduct, plan or direct any military activity against Israel while in Turkish territory. However, the Hamas offices will stay open and can continue to operate as diplomatic agencies.

When someone apologizes and expresses their willingness to compensate the other party, it is only because they have acted inappropriately, unlawfully, or unjustly. Israel did nothing wrong! Even the UN concluded that it was Israel’s right to block the sea passage to Gaza. So what part of that do we regret? What is our sin here?

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Fighting anti-Semitism and anti-Israel prejudice in media is a noble task. But no war has been won by defensive action only - Israel/Jews must set a clear national objective and pursue it, disregarding objections and opinions of enemies and so-called friends!

Anti-Semites of Europe Applaud Israel-hating Blood-libeler!

It was no surprise, then, when he stood up at the European Parliament on Thursday and regurgitated a claim made this week that rabbinical figures in the Jewish state had urged the government to poison Palestinian wells. Abbas knew that this classically anti-Semitic blood libel was as false as a similar one, spread last week, that claimed Israel forced Palestinians from a certain village to flee by drying up their water supply during Ramadan. In fact, a pipe had burst, and it was immediately repaired. But the “water apartheid” lie, first “reported” by Al Jazeera, and happily was picked up by The Independent, the International Business Times, Radio New Zealand and The Times of London…

Normalization – ‘My Foot’!

Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan met with Khaled Meshaal, leader of PA militant group Hamas. A source from Erdoğan's office said Meshaal "briefed Erdoğan on the latest developments in the region". Israeli officials said late that a deal with Turkey was struck to normalize ties following high-level bilateral talks in Switzerland. (It is the smell of ‘Jewish’ gas makes Turkey play a ‘nice-fellow’ game, keeping Hamas happy!)

Need for NATO Israel Cooperation – Not a Revelation!

The head of NATO called for ramped up ties with Israel Tuesday, as President Rueven Rivlin visited the alliance’s headquarters ahead of the creation of a mission for the Jewish state there. Opening of the mission had been stymied by Turkey, a key regional ally of Israel until 2010 when Israeli commandos stormed a Turkish aid ship participating in a flotilla bound for Gaza.

Enemy Within - Arab Mayors Ignore Law of the Land

The Arab leadership in Israel has rejected the decision giving local Arab authorities the power to demolish illegally-build houses. The Higher Arab Monitoring Committee warned against the decision, which it calls a "criminal plan" and Arab mayors agreed not to follow the new policy because of "the great danger involved." Authorities have marked out about 50,000 homes that were built without licenses in the Arab sector.

BDS Supporters are Anti-Semitic Peaceniks

Senior officials from the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) and Palestinian members of the Israeli Knesset have come under fire by groups advocating the boycott of Israel for their participation in the annual Herzliya conference, a key Israeli security and national policy meeting. Activists from several local and international boycott groups criticised the Palestinian officials' participation, describing it as a form of "normalisation" with Israel.

‘Peace-Loving’ Abbas is Israel and Jew Hater!

PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas refused to meet with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin while the two were in Brussels, after European Parliament President offered to mediate the meeting! At the same time, Abbas strongly criticized Israel during his speech but stressed that his hands were outstretched for peace. Abbas hauled out the old myth about Jews poisoning the wells on Thursday and tried to feed it to his audience at the European Union Parliament. Abbas went further, saying in his speech that it was a special Israeli rabbinical council in Judea and Samaria who had issued the decree. (And willing European anti-Semites believe this hypocrite! Europeans have conveniently forgotten that his PhD was about Holocaust denial.)

Quote of the Week:

“Neither Napoleon, nor Hitler were interested in peace with their neighbors and therefore attempts to appease them was counterproductive. During World War II, Chamberlain was as guilty as Hitler! He announced to his fellow citizens, after Munich, that he brought peace to Britain and believed in it. This has created Hitler's belief that Britain refuses to fight... Pacifism leads to war, as the country where it becomes an ideology begins to play by the rules of the aggressor. This is what happens with Israel.” - Robert John Aumann, an Israeli-American mathematician - received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2005 – Enemies of Israel use “Media War” to destroy the Jewish state.

US Military Aid to Israel is a Bargain

by Tuvia Brodie

The US needs Israel as much as Israel needs the US. You can’t say that about most countries which receive US aid. Israel serves as a military proxy for American interests in the Middle East. The US needs that proxy. Without Israel, the US is blind.

The US money goes into intelligence and disappears. Iran is a ‘blind spot’ for US intelligence services, same are much of Syria, Iraq and the Palestinian Authority.

That’s where Israel comes in. In a dangerous hotspot, Israel provides the intelligence the US can’t get. As one former US Air Force intelligence chief says, “America’s military defense capability owes more to the Israeli intelligence input than it does to any other single source of intelligence . . . its value is worth more than five CIAs.”

In addition to giving the US otherwise inaccessible intelligence, Israel uses US aid to develop ways to help the US fight terror. It even serves as an actual base for a sophisticated missile-defense system used exclusively for the benefit of the US.

The only alternative the US has for replacing Israel’s intelligence gathering and electronic systems base in the Middle East is to station a US aircraft carrier battle group permanently in the Eastern Mediterranean. In fact, former US Secretary of State Alexander Haig once used a carrier analogy to describe Israel’s importance to the US: “Israel is the largest American aircraft carrier in the world that cannot be sunk, does not carry even one American soldier, and is located in a critical region for American national security”...

One aircraft carrier costs 14 billion dollars to build; and to create a complete battle group, you need more than one ship. In addition to the carrier, you also need at least one cruiser (probably two), at least two destroyers (or three), a frigate, and 65-80 very expensive aircraft. Then, you need logistics ships, a supply ship and, typically, a nuclear attack submarine (often, two).

That’s expensive, even if you amortize the required construction costs over an assumed 40-50-year life-span. On top of that amortization schedule, you’ll need another 2.4 billion a year just to maintain your battle group...

When the US gives military aid to Israel, few American lives are on the line. But when the US puts a carrier battle group on station, almost 8,000 US military personnel put their lives on the line to serve on those ships. That’s a lot of Americans. Hundreds of those Americans are injured (or killed) each year in ship-board work-place accidents, training exercises, missions and other ‘incidents’.  

Military aid to Israel helps the US on many levels. It also keeps American military personal away from danger. Those anti-Israel articles are wrong. US aid to Israel isn’t a waste. It’s a bargain, especially when you add the cost of Americans’ lives to the equation. (The benefit from Israel’s technological research and development to the US is another story!)