Message to Concerned Readers.

Dear readers, seven years have passed since I started publishing an editorial letter with the intention of disseminating the factual truth about the Arab-Israel conflict. Currently this letter is sent every week to tens of thousands of people world-wide.

This editorial is not anti-anything (Muslim, Christian or Arab or even so-called Palestinians). It is not even against Fascists and anti-Semitisms in the various ugly forms that they assume. It is about Zionism, the Jewish Independence Movement, and the right of Jewish people to live in peace on the land of their ancestors!

The main goal is to build support among both the Jewish and non-Jewish communities, regardless of their political and belief affiliation, in order to help them become active defenders and propagators of the Jewish National Goal – Eretz-Israel – the Land of Israel. With the knowledge of facts it is easier to challenge and make life difficult for unscrupulous journalists, lying politicians, and haters or manipulators of any kind!

We must understand that Israel is the front-line of defence in the global war between Wahabism, the philosophy of Islamic expansionism and world domination, and Western democracy! Any one can and must participate in this world struggle. Apathy is not an option!

Israeli Arabs have Instigated Riots and Pogroms! Clashes between Arabs and Jews erupted in the northern city of Akko (symbol of fake Arab-Israeli co-existence) last Thursday, after an Arab resident drove through a predominantly Jewish area during the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, disrespectfully blareing music from his car stereo. About 100 cars and 40 shops were damaged by Arab youths who heeded a call from mosques to go out on to the streets. (Jews are subjected to total disrespect and even pogroms in their own country during the holiest day of Jewish calendar!)

Food for Thought: Strangely, no one in the world of democracy is concerned that after Hamas won the last PA elections the role of the Abas government has been undemocratic and illegal. Any agreements with it actually have no legitimacy and can be easily erased at any time by Hamas or any 'Palestinian' terror organization. This situation is designed to squeeze concessions from Israel only, with no real prospects for peace! -  Steven Shamrak

Circus of Fake Negotiations and Abuse of Democracy! Hamas will cease to recognize Mahmoud Abbas as Palestinian president after Jan. 8 and replace him with one of its own leaders. The Hamas resolution demands that Abbas issue a decree by Wednesday to hold new presidential elections within three months, to coincide with what Hamas says is the end of his term. (The non-elected PM of Israel, Olmert, has been negotiating with illegitimate President of the PA. What kind of fake peace do they negotiate?)

Remove the Traitors from the Government Now. After saying that Israel must withdraw from the West Bank for the illusion of peace and calling for the Division of Jerusalem, Olmert and his Cabinet agreed to hand over part of Jerusalem, known as Sergei's Courtyard, ignoring the fact that it was bought by Israel in 1964 from the USSR. (No one has the right to give up Jewish land!  Russia is the official supplier of the weapons and nuclear technology to the enemies of Israel!)

Where is Media Frenzy Now? Egyptian police blocked an opposition convoy carrying medical supplies to the Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip and arrested at least 30 activists last Monday. (The international press is quiet now, but was quite anti-Israel vocal about useless stunt of ‘aid’ boat not long ago.)

Next Generation of Terrorists in Training. More than 150 Arab children in Gaza were wounded by plastic bullets shot from "toy guns" during Eid Al-Fitr celebrations marking the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Israeli Police is Helping Enemy. Border Police officers were recently captured on video as they uprooted trees planted by Jewish activists in Sha'ar HaMizrach, Jerusalem. After pulling the trees out of the ground, the officers threw them downhill in an attempt to hide the evidence.

Unrestricted Aid to Enemy of Israel. United States President George W. Bush wrote the State Department last Monday advising that American security demands the government waive Congressional restrictions against direct financial aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA). (At the same time, Iran ‘unrestrictedly’ assists Fatah, Hamas and Hezbolah. Two sides, the same game!)

Quote of the Week: "[Israel] has weakened day by day. Today, officials of the Zionist regime acknowledge that they are moving towards weakness, destruction and defeat,'' - supreme leader of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ali Khamanei - Corrupt traitor, Olmert, boosts the confidence of Israel’s enemies during the last days of his political life.

Islamization of Israel. Hamas ‘charities’ funnelled money to Israeli Arab non-profit organizations for projects in Israel. The projects in Israel involved tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars for mosques and community centers.

Whom Does the Radar Serve First? Not Israel! Israeli officials are worried that the advanced X-Band radar system that U.S. military forces have deployed in the Negev recently will expose Israeli secrets to American eyes. Israel will have no direct access to the data collected by the radar and will only be fed intelligence second-hand, on a need-to-know basis, unless the radar picks up an immediate, direct attack on Israel, Israeli sources said. "This is and will remain a U.S. radar system," Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said. (The US will have direct access to Israel’s secrets. At the same time, Jonathan Jay Pollard is still serving a life sentence imposed in 1986 for providing information he believed was vital to Israel’s security, which the US agreed and should have provided. The US is quite selective about the “need-to-know basis”! Isn’t it a heavily one-sided ‘friendship?)

Problem is Global. Muslim prisoners are the majority in many French jails (‘they’ can’t blame Jews for this). A French anti-terrorism unit, Christophe Chaboud, has advised prisoner officials to look for signs of growing Muslim extremism in the prisons: "It is not a question of religion but of confrontation with the West".

Food for Thought: Jews have never been praised for the economic growth and prosperity that people experience around the world, but we are always blamed when the economic circle goes down. The “Blame the Greedy Jews” game is an old game in the anti-Semitic arsenal. It is part of the “Blame Jews for everything” policy! - Steven Shamrak

Politics of Deceit and Delusion. Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem met with US Secretary of State Condeleezza Rice last week. "[Rice] expressed her satisfaction with the situation moving forward in Lebanon, also about the indirect talks between Syria and Israel," the Syrian foreign minister told press. (According to DEBKAfile, during the meeting Washington warned Damascus with its first explicit threat of military intervention to aid Lebanon should Syria go through with its planned incursion of the North, as concentration of 10,000 Syrian troops was detected on the Lebanese border.)

Enemies Celebrate "Victory" in Yom Kippur War. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak called on the people of Egypt to demonstrate the victorious spirit that supposedly prevailed in Cairo during the war. Meanwhile, the Syrian newspaper Tishrin called on the Arab nations to unite “just as they did 35 years ago.” Within a decade of the 1973 war, Israel indeed gave away the entire Sinai peninsula (getting nothing, even peace, in return) and Olmert is currently considering the return of the Golan Heights to Syria. (Therefore, thanks to the chain of self-destructive governments in Israel, the Arab nations can indeed claim victory.)

Fake Educational Pluralism. Education Minister cancelled the Journey Time program of reinforced Judaism and heritage, in 60 secular elementary schools across Israel, claiming that it did not present a pluralistic approach. (“Pluralistic” means a leftist self-hateful attitude with which Jewish kids in Israel have been brainwashed since the Oslo agreement! There is no room for true pluralism in Jewish schools now as ideas of Zionism, Jewish national integrity and pride are systematically squashed by a politically gutless and self-serving Jewish leadership, not only in Israel.)

Shas: Will not Negotiate Jerusalem? At a coalition negotiating session between representatives of the Shas and Kadima parties on Monday, the Shas representatives repeated the party's approach not to negotiate Jerusalem in any way, shape or form. It was emphasized that Shas will not be a member of a government that puts Jerusalem on the diplomatic agenda. (Shas is still shamelessly part of the Kadima-led coalition, which gave up Gaza, offered the Golan Heights to Syria and prepared to surrender Judea and Samaria!)

Golan We Want, not Peace.

Several months ago Syria clarified why it was willing to sit down and talk - albeit indirectly - with Israel. It's not a state of peace and normalization Syria wants, said Syrian Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Faisal al-Mikdad. It's the Israel’s Golan Heights. And the Syrians are willing to go to war to grab them. “Syria has several courses of action if Israel refuses to return" the heights. "The victory achieved by the Lebanese resistance [Hizb'allah] in July 2006 changed everything in the region."

(As part of the Ottoman province of Palestine the Golan Heights were set aside for the creation of a Jewish homeland. The same Mandate system allowed for the creation of Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Jordan was illegally created on Jewish land, just as Lebanon was probably illegally ceded from the Syria Mandate in order to create a Christian state!)