Good Will Gestures Lead to Terror.

The recent suicide bombing in Dimona, that left one dead and more than 20 wounded, and the increase in terror attacks on the roads perpetrated by ‘moderate’ PA terrorists has brought a sudden surge of understanding of the underlying problem amongst Israel’s politicians. Is it just a political survival instinct or genuine concern about the country and the people that they represent that will materialise in action?

Likud Knesset Member and former Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said “we must understand that all the good will gestures to Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) help terrorists.”

The director of the Almagor terror victims’ association said, following Monday’s attack “we shouldn’t be surprised if the perpetrators had previous criminal-terrorist records.”

“Perhaps after Olmert releases prisoners with blood on their hands and enjoys his photo-op with Gilad Shalit, he will also find the time to visit the bereaved families and promise them that Israel will arrest the terrorists yet again,” Meir Indoor said bitterly. Indoor was referring to the prime minister’s decision to relax the criteria that determine which prisoners with “blood on their hands” are eligible for freedom in a prisoner swap deal with Hamas terrorists in exchange for kidnapped IDF Cpl. Gilad Shalit.

Shas Chairman Eli Yishai declared that: “The government’s previous decision to abandon the Philadelphia Route without supervising forces was a serious mistake”. Terrorists have used the route for years to smuggle weapons and explosives into Gaza and Israel.

Kadima Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit said bluntly, “We have to guard our own border, without worrying about what anyone else thinks or does about it. Whether the Egyptians guard or don’t guard the border is not our problem. Our problem is our border and we have to protect it – sometimes by force if necessary.”

Left-wing Meretz party Knesset Member Ran Cohen claimed that the blast proved the need for the government to negotiate with Hamas. (It is hard to change the belief system of a self-hating Jew, especially a politician. May be by moving them all to live in Sherod for a while, under the shower of Quassam rockets, would change their mind!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

It is time to face the truth: Hamas is Islamic terrorist organisation, which was legitimately elected by residents of the PA controlled territories. As a result, so-called Palestinians have made quite a clear declaration that they have no interest in recognising Israel or letting Jews live in peace. Israel can easily rectify the problem by removing all of this hostile population from Jewish ancestral land. A Jewish national government, with vision and integrity, is urgently needed! Self-serving politicians must go!

Winograd Panellist Admits a Whitewash. Professor Yehezkel Dror, a member of the Winograd Commission investigating the Second Lebanon War, admitted in an interview that he was influenced by the desire to keep Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in power so that Israel would continue making concessions to the Palestinians and opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu would not have a chance to be elected. (Time to get rid of this politicly sickening, self-serving elite!)

Hamas: We’re Allowed to Lie. “A Muslim is permitted to say things that oppose his beliefs in order to prevent damages or to be saved from death.” Hamas leaders told the Arabic language Ash-Sharq il-Awsat newspaper. This approach, known in Arabic as “taqiyya” was behind several Hamas leaders’ recent public expression of support for PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. (This is old news! Arafat used “taqiyya” regularly, as does his comrade, Mahmoud Abbas. Their teacher prophet Mohammed invented the concept! At least, Hamas honestly admits it.)

Government of Self-hating Idiots. This year's Israel Prize in political science will be awarded to Prof. Ze'ev Sternhell of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Education Minister Yuli Tamir announced on Thursday. Sternhell has called for use of IDF tanks against Jews living in Judea and Samaria and encouraged Arab terror attacks on the Jews living outside Israel's pre-1967 borders.

Forged Dollars in Sinai. More than a million dollars in forged United States currency have been found in Sinai in the past two weeks.  The authorities continue to find fake money in towns near Gaza where Gaza Arabs shopped two weeks ago. The fake currency was allegedly produced in Gaza. ‘Poor’ Gaza Arabs spent well over $300 million during the several days that they were allowed to enter Egyptian territory.

Quote of the Week:

“I would support moving the Palestinians to Egypt temporarily, in order to bomb Israel into the stone-age. Then, after some environmental cleanup, bring the Palestinians back to their land. That would be just.”A response from a ‘friend’ of Israel to my article “Sinai Option”. Unfortunately, there are too many responses like this from Muslims, anti-Semites of all sorts and self-hating Jews! During the six and a half years that I have been publishing my editorial letter, not once have I called for killing of our enemies!

Brotherly Love. President Mubarak decided to crack down on the Hamas-led mass Palestinian invasion of Sinai after Saudi King Abdullah, a former Hamas patron, warned that the Palestinian fundamentalists were on a rampage which could provoke destabilizing radical violence against Arab regimes. An angry Egyptian foreign minister Ahmed Abul Gheit said: “Anyone who breaches the border will have their legs broken.” (Muslim leaders, unlike Israeli ones, say what they mean. They do not care about international opinion or fake political correctness.)

Ultimate Betrayal. The Olmert government has agreed to transfer JNF land in Karmiel to the ownership of Arabs. Minister of Construction and Housing Ze'ev Boim has instructed the Israel Lands Authority to register apartments built on JNF land in the Jewish Galilean town in the name of Arabs. (Jews around the world collected fund to secure the future of the Jewish state by buying land in Palestine. Is spite of all of the difficulties caused by the British mandate administration and Arab leadership, most of the land in Israel was bought by JNF at high cost. Now, the traitors are betraying the memory and inspirations of the Jewish pioneers by giving away Jewish land to the enemies, which is not theirs to give!)

Politicly Correct Stupidity. The digital remake of the children's classic  story based on the Three Little Pigs has been rejected  by by Becta, a UK government  education technology agency,  in case it offends Muslims. Tahir Alam, the head of education at the Muslim Council of Britain, said: "We are not offended by that at all." (It is not kosher to eat pork, but one can read about pigs!)

Olmert is Unable to Learn. Israel Security Service director Yuval Diskin has warned that the plan by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to free terrorists involved in murders of Israelis will endanger the security of the country.

Saudi Arabia to Receive Eurofighters. Saudi Arabia will receive 72 Eurofighters in 2009. The deal provides for a transfer of technology. The deal is unrelated to the proposal by American President George W. Bush to sell Saudi Arabia $20 billion in advanced weapons.

Israel and NASDAQ. Israel has become a Goliath in the fields of medicine and technology and is the third ranking countries with NASDAQ listings. Israel is ahead of economic powerhouses like Germany, England and China. Among Israeli innovations are instant messaging on the Internet, wireless computer chips and medicines. American troops use Israeli portable digital X-ray machines in Iraq and Afghanistan that don’t require film for developing and are used in battlefield situations.