Killing Their Own Arab Children.

by Ze'ev Schiff, (Ha'aretz).

In recent Hamas-Fatah clashes, children have been deliberately killed. Last month, the three small children of Fatah General Intelligence officer Baha Balusha were murdered while traveling to school in their father's car. Last week, Hamas attacked the home of a senior official in Fatah's Preventive Security Service, Mohammed Gharib. The officer begged the assailants to spare him and his young daughters; however, they killed him and four of his bodyguards, and seriously wounded his daughters.

A few months ago, the earth shook when Palestinian civilians were killed by the IDF's misguided artillery fire on Beit Hanun. Tempers ran high in the UN, and some in Israel demanded that an international commission of inquiry be established. When Palestinians kill Arab Palestinian children – deliberately, not by accident - no criticism is heard. Perhaps the professional critics consider such incidents too minor.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Many of my critics have been demanding ‘academic’ references that would support and prove the ideas I present. None of them offer and withstand the same scrutiny!

Zionist Spirit is Alive. According to the Interior Ministry, there were 268,379 Israelis living in the West Bank at the end of 2006, compared with 253,748 in 2005, a 5.8% increase.

Why is Israel not Allowed the Same Freedom of Action? Five helicopters carried US forces to pre-dawn a raid of the Iranian mission (diplomatically protected territory) in the N.Iraqi town of Irbil. They were dropped on the roof, while armored vehicles encircled the building. Five Iranian diplomatic staff members were detained and documents and computers impounded. (Israel is always restrained and criticized by the International community for any defensive actions against her enemies. Anyone else is allowed to do anything they like!)

Mubarak, Rockets Shouldn't Stop Peace. Mubarak has shown no respect for Israeli suffering by saying: "These Kassam rockets, they'll fire them every other day," "Shall we stop the peace process because one or two individuals fire rockets? We must proceed with the peace process," Egypt is considered by Washington to be a moderate Arab State and a U.S. ally in the region. (What a hideous statement!)

Unstoppable Idiocy. Minister Avigdor Lieberman says the Arabs agree tacitly to trade Arab-populated areas inside Israel for Jewish-populated ones in Judea and Samaria. Israeli-Arabs are not included in this consensus. ('Silent' agreement? Liberman is another camouflaged traitor. Trading Jewish land for Jewish land in Judea and Samaria is not an option. Arabs still 'silently' support the "Step Plan" for the destruction of Israel!)

Jerusalem Churches Call. In a message to all the ‘Palestinian people’, Jerusalem church leaders alarmed at worsening relations between two main political parties are calling for an end to violence and an urgent return to the “real priorities” of Palestinians. “The time has come for an all-out effort to unite our people and so concentrate on working for independence together,” leaders of 13 different churches in Jerusalem said. (The hidden messages: Stop fighting among yourself, focus on killing Jews!)

Quote of the Week:

"Do to Bush whatever you want, and we wish you success... We are fighting the Americans and hate the Americans more than you!" - Fatah leader Abu Ali Shahin, responded to a statement by al-Qaeda's deputy leader, Ayman al-Zawahri, criticizing Fatah leaders for contacts with the U.S.

Carter's One-sidedness. Fourteen members of a Carter Center advisory board quit in protest of Jimmy Carter's latest book. They wrote that the former president had "clearly abandoned your historic role of broker, in favor of becoming an advocate for one side", citing his stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as his statements since its publication. The center has an annual operating budget of $36 million, from donations by individuals, foundations and corporations. (Donations must be stopped!)

War Between Clans. The clash that erupted in the Sabra district of Gaza Saturday, Jan. 6, had all the hallmarks of clan combat between the pro-Hamas Deri and the pro-Fatah Durmush families. Three Deiri gunmen were killed, two of them members of the Hamas special force. The Durmush clan commands the Army of Islam, the operational arm of al Qaeda in the Gaza Strip. (In order to remove this rubbish from Jewish land we need the effort of only one army. IDF can perform this task easily. However, the political will to do so is essential!)

We are All in the Same Boat. A leading mosque in London is selling DVDs that proclaim the coming mass extermination of Jews around the world on a "day of judgment." It also attacks Christian groups and the United Nations.

The Cost of Cease-fire. Twenty-eight houses belonging to the founders of Kibbutz Nir-Am have been damaged by Palestinian rocket fire from Gaza during the cease-fire. The rockets shattered windows and doors on the kibbutz, compelling elderly people of eighty years old and up, those who founded the state, to leave their homes in the freezing cold. More than anything, the rockets shattered their faith.

Hamas Government in Kidnapping Business. The Hamas terrorist organization, the ruling faction of the Palestinian Authority, proposed trading a video of a kidnapped IDF soldier for imprisoned Arab terrorists. (When a government is officially involved in kidnapping and terror, like all previous PA governments, it became the government of the terror state. It is time to find an alternative solution to ‘Road to Nowhere’!)

Jewish Contribution to Humanity.

Sir Ernst Boris Chain (June, 1906 – Augest, 1970) was a 1945 co-recipient of the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for his work on penicilin. He was born in Berlin. After the Nazis came to power, he left Germany in 1933 and moved to England.

Israel Government is still Playing Stupid. Arab family reunification has allowed 38 suicide bombers to enter Israel, resulting in 14 of suicide bombings. A Shin Bet official called on the Knesset Internal Affairs and Environment Committee to extend a ban on family reunification, which allows PA Arabs to become Israeli citizens through marriage. (Why not move them all out of Israel?)

Arab’s ‘Good-Will’ Effort. Bahrain, the Gulf state, revoked the citizenship of Kenyan-born Mushir Salem Jawwar after he won last week’s Tiberias Marathon in Israel.

When Police Become the Enemy of the People. Some 150 Jews marched towards the hostile Arab village of Tzurif. "If the police and army won't protect us, we'll have to do it ourselves," they said. The police arrested two people, including Nadia Matar, co-head of the Women in Green organization. Many witnesses said that they dragged her roughly over the ground and beat her.

From Democracy to Paranoid Dictatorship.

Israel's parliament has approved draconian measures against Jewish opponents of the government's withdrawal policy without being allowed to read the document. The government measures were approved by a special Knesset committee in late 2005 in a closed session. Attorney General Menachem Mazuz, who helped draft the proposals allowed only one parliamentarian to review the document, which enabled the detention of thousands of people, many of them without formal charges.

"A fight that is ideologically-motivated causes all parties involved to become more radical," Mazuz told the Israel Bar Association in May 2005.

"I received a complaint that the police have issued draconian guidelines to act in a certain way against demonstrators," Michael Eitan, then chairman of the Constitution and Law Committee, said. "And there is a prosecution policy that was especially tailored to repress the demonstrators and to harm their rights."

"They arrested people collectively," attorney Gadi Tal said. "No judge checked to see the evidence up front. The worst cases were during the Disengagement: A minor sat a week in jail with no indictment issued against him.

The State Prosecutor has acknowledged that authorities have operated in accordance to the secret guidelines. A spokeswoman said the guidelines remain classified nearly 18 months after the withdrawal.

"The judges do not throw out cases on the basis of 'de minimus'" attorney Eytan Lehman, referring to the principle that the judicial system does not prosecute trivial charges, said. "They rely on the authority of the prosecutor and his judgement. There is no supervision in the attorney general's office as to whether they abided by the guidelines or not." (Intellectual and psychological problems of leadership results in the inability to make right decisions, paranoia and eventually will result in tyrannic dictatorship.)