Forgotten Jewish Refugees.

by Steven Shamrak

It is estimated that almost 900,000 Jews were forced from their homes in Arab and Muslim countries in the course of the 20th century. Even the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has twice affirmed that Jews who fled the persecution of Arab countries were indeed refugees in every legal sense of the word.

It is estimated that Jews were robbed of more than $100 billion in personal and communal assets by Arab and Muslim governments. The Israeli governments ignored and refuse to use those facts to neutralize fictitious claims of the Arab propaganda war machine against Israel. As a result, unfortunately, the world only knows about so-called Arab refugees and their well-advertised fictitious claim on Jewish land.

Based on population poll information at the time (not Arab emotional propaganda) around 460,000 Arabs left currently controlled land by Israel, during the war of Independence in 1948. They left after the order from Arab political and religious leaders. The plan was to expose Jews, who were facing the might of Arab armies, to complete annihilation. It would make it easier to kill every Jew, without bothering about identification of Arabs. Another genocide of Jewish people was planned!

When Israel won the war of Independence, the number of so-called Arab refugees almost doubled over night at the end of 1948, after the UN announced that they are entitled to refugee status and international assistance! For several more years after the war, the  world was still betting that the  tiny Jewish state would disappear. International anti-Semites were hoping that Arabs would finish what they started in Europe!

Since then the Arab Palestinians have been ‘milking’ the international community for almost 60 years. This is the longest running UN ‘humanitarian’ program, designed to perpetuate Middle East conflict and keep the international anti-Semitic flame running. It has been assisting the mob of professional refugees in their 3rd or even 4th generation.

The World War 2 in Europe created almost 50 million refugees. Many of them received assistance and/or had been resettled. Now they and their children are living productive and independent lives in their own countries or somewhere else! This approach has never been applied to Arabs who left Jewish land. They are still not absorbed by the Arab countries, that most of them had actually come from in the first place. The United Nations has never respected the state of Israel as an independent and equal state. Not according to the record of the adopted resolutions, nor by attitude. The need of Jewish people to live in peace in their independent state, on the land of their ancestors is completely ignored! Jews must realize this international hypocrisy, and start to be creators of their own destiny!

Tens of thousands of Arab Palestinians converged on Yasser Arafat's gravesite Saturday to mark the second anniversary of his death in a rally meant to reinvigorate his faltering Fatah Party. – In spite of promisees given, the official cause of death of re-known homosexual is still not released. Uncharacteristically for modern medical practice, no autopsy was conducted? AIDS is still a viable front-runner as the cause of Arafat’s death!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

It is amazing how many vigorous emails I received criticizing the opinion I expressed against the gay parade in Jerusalem. If only we had the same vigour and dedication in support of Jewish national unity and the right of Jews to live in peace on all Jewish land! At the end, the parade was scaled down to a stadium rally. It was done, not due to respect from the Israeli government, or by gay people toward the holiest Jewish place – Jerusalem, only after strong messages of objection from the Christian leaders, including the Vatican. Plea from Jewish religious leaders were ignored!

Israel: Democracy or Charade? A week ago, the Olmert administration cancelled a ministerial vote that did not support the Prime Minister for Knesset Members vote on a new President next year: The government thought it had a majority. However, Kadima Minister Ronnie Bar-On did not arrive in time for the vote, which ended in a tie, automatically defeating the bill. Government secretary Yisrael Maimon, infuriated by the incident, told the panel to void the decision, and it will come up for a vote at a later date.

No Sign of Life. The Vatican informed that Hezbollah captors of the IDF soldiers, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, refused to show some sign that they are still among the living. (All demands and pressure on Israel only. None, what so ever, on perpetrators of terror, their violations of agreement and bloody work!)

Hamas Ends Truce. Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal says that a truce, Hudna, with Israel is finished and is appealing to all Arab Palestinian factions to resume attacks. The military wing of the Hamas called on Muslims around the world to attack U.S. targets. (With all those Hassam rockets flying around, suicide bombers trying to kill Israelis I must have missed the truce, Hamas is referring to.)

Target Ashkelon. Kassam rockets were launched from Gaza over the last week, striking the western Negev and the city of Ashkelon for the second day straight. (The Hamas version of truce: Arabs kill Jews, Jews do not retaliate!)

Quote of the Week:

"We are able to give our missile systems to friendly and neighbouring countries," - Revolutionary Guards commander-in-chief Yahya Rahim Safavi told Iran's Arabic-language Al-Alam TV on Sunday. – Oh Yes, it is all with intention of peace! Like Pakistan ‘shared’ nuclear bomb secrets with “friendly countries”.

No Mistake Here. PA Spokesman Dr. Ghazi Hamad said "this country (Israel) must be wiped off the face of the earth." The remarks were made by so-called moderate Hamas leader, after Beit Hanoun incident. One mother lost four of her children in the explosion and what was her reaction?: “I am proud to be the mother of the shahids, it is a great honour and we pray to Allah to compensate us” she boldly told reporters. (Beit Hanoun was an accident, caused by technical error. The statements made by Hamas leaders and Arabs were deliberate and a deeply imbedded hateful act! Mournful mothers do not think or ask for the compensation, immediately after the death of their children!)

Jewish Contribution to Humanity.

Scientists of Ben-Gurion University in southern Israel hope to use highly concentrated light from commercial light bulbs to fight tumours. Laser systems currently used to treat tumours can cost up to $100,000. The new light bulb systems may eventually be sold for about $1,000.

Desertification Forum. Ben-Gurion University in Beersheba hosted a major UN forum in Israel on desertification. Prof. Alon Tal said that desertification currently affects some 400 million people around the world. "Israel has much to offer the international community on desertification, which is an international scourge, and developing countries look to us for leadership."

Permanent Artificial Heart. An artificial heart that serves as a permanent pump was inserted successfully into an Israeli patient at Carmel Medical Center in Haifa. The pump is designed to keep elderly people who are unsuited for organ transplant alive and functioning.

Saving Lives of American Soldiers. The Israeli Armament Development Authority (Rafael) has developed a laser system, which is called Thor, to destroy roadside bombs, which have killed hundreds of US soldiers in Iraq. The Thor system includes sensors that work either in day or night time conditions to detect the hidden explosive charge. The developers report that the Thor system has already been deployed in combat operations.

International Hypocrisy is still a Live.

Case-1: 18 Arab civilians accidentally killed, due to technical error, last Thursday during the IDF operation against Arab terrorists, responsible for the launching of the Hassam rocket into Israel.

Result: Israel had apologised for the incident. The UN Security Council held a special public session of condemnation of Israel. Incident received wide international press coverage.

Case-2: 68 civilians were killed when a camp Sri Lankan army shelled a camp of 2,000 people, during the operation against Tamil rebels last Thursday.

Result: NO apology from Sri Lankan government. NO ‘special’ UN Security Council session. Almost, no international press coverage.

Same date, similar actions, different international response!