Falsifications of Demographic War.

Demographer Yoram Ettinger pointed out that PA data about its growth spurt are distorted, untrue, and wildly contradict World Bank figures. There are 2.6 million Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, not the 3.8 million reported by the PA. “Within the Green Line [pre-1967 Israel], there are currently 1.4 million Arabs, compared with almost 6 million Jews.  In Judea and Samaria, there are 1.5 million Arabs, and not 2.3 million, as they claim.  In Gaza, there are 1.1 million and not 1.5 million.” Ettinger said.

The war in Iraq created more than 4 million refugees, the same number of refugees created by Sudan in Darfur as well as during current war in Congo. The same number of Arabs could be easily transferred from Israel to Sinai under international supervision. This would put an end to Arab terror inside Israel and give them an opportunity for self-determination!

Schizophrenic Behaviour of our Enemy. PA Arabs set fire to Joseph’s Tomb in Shechem (Nablus) on Tuesday. The burial site of the Biblical Joseph is supposed to be protected under all agreements with the PA. 16 burning tires had been thrown inside the tomb, which had already been smashed and torched in 2000. After the fire, Fatah issued a statement referring to the tomb as the “burial site of the holy Muslim Joseph” and promising to guard “this holy Muslim site.” When Israel handed Shechem over to PA control following the 1993 Oslo Accords, a stipulation was freedom of access to the site for Jews. (The same ‘respect’ Arabs have shown to the holiest ‘Muslim’ sites such as the Temple Mount and the burial site of the biblical Ruth! Enemies are methodically destroying the Jewish heritage and the Israeli government does nothing about it!)

Israel's GDP per head is around four times bigger, at purchasing-power parity, than the Arab world's, even including the oil-rich Gulf states.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

It is understandable that after years of living with terror, not only Jews in Israel but also those in the Diaspora are tired and exhausted. But it does not justify the sacrifice of the future of all Jewish people for the sake of an illusion of the possibility of life without terror in Israel.

Brotherly Love.

Egyptian officials warned Hamas that security personnel will shoot anyone who again tries to force open the border with Gaza.

Expanded Rocket Range. The enemy in Gaza increased the range of rockets it fires at Israel, setting a new milestone Monday night. For the first time since the "Kassam" rocket fire started seven years ago, a rocket has exploded 12 km. (7.5 miles) away from the Gaza border. The rocket turned out to be a Russian "Grad" Katyusha rocket. (Most countries would conceder any rocket attack as a declaration of war, but not psychologically damaged and paralysed leadership of Israel!)

Betrayal is in Progress. Hatem Abdel Qader, the Jerusalem affairs adviser to PA Prime Minister Salaam Fayad, told the Jerusalem Post that Jerusalem is under negotiation, despite the fact that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said last Tuesday that the Palestinians have agreed to delay talks on Jerusalem until the end of the negotiations. (Will the Shas Party honour its promise that it will leave the government when negotiations over Jerusalem begin? The madness of the Olmert government must be stopped!)

Arab States are Betting on Israel. Gulf states believe Israel will destroy Iran's nuclear program rather than allow it to acquire an atomic bomb. Sami Alfaraj, president of the Kuwait Centre for Strategic Studies, said that the Jewish state might be one of the countries -- along with the United States and Pakistan -- Gulf Arab nations would ask to provide a "nuclear umbrella" to guarantee their security. “I believe in something on the same Iraqi model...We are assuming in the Gulf that Israel will take it out…”

Child Play… A girl asks the Hamas rabbit: "Why is your name 'Assud' ["lion"], since you are a rabbit?" Assud, the rabbit:  "A rabbit is a [term] for a bad person and coward. And I, Assud, will finish off the Jews and eat them." The girl hostess agrees: "Allah Willing!" This was part of a children's broadcast on Hamas Television last week. (…or the terrorist propaganda, subsidised by the still deeply anti-Semitic International community, in order to facilitate the destruction of the Jewish state, by raising a new generation of Jew-haters!)

Druze Leader: Clean Out Gaza Village by Village. The chairman of the Druze for Israel Forum, Mandi Safdi, said that the solution for the residents of Sderot must be "to enter Gaza and clean it up, village by village… The politicians have been drilling into the minds of the senior IDF commanders that there is no military solution and now they actually believe it… Any senior commander who says there is no military solution should be told to go home...”

Quote of the Week:

“No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it. We need to see the world anew.” - Albert Einstein - “Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting the different results.”

Eternal Hate. Professor Bogoslav Wolniewicz ranted a rousing speech to an overflow standing room only crowd of approximately 1,000 people at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Warsaw, Poland: “The Jews are attacking us! We need to defend ourselves.”  The anti-Semitic professor was joined by 91-year-old Bishop Albin Malysiak. (Who is attacking whom? The Jews left Poland a long time ago, but the anti-Semitic milk of their mothers is still boiling in the veins of those xenophobic idiots!)

Still Living in Dark Ages. Saudi Arabia's religious police, or Mutaween, enforce Islamic law in accord with the government's Committee for the Propagation of Virtue. Fawza Falih is sentenced to death by a Saudi Arabian court for witchcraft. Among her accusers is a man who alleged she made him impotent. (This is the country that President Bush regards as a best friend of the United States; the country which refuses to co-operate in capturing Imad Moughniyah, a top Hizbollah commander, who was among the United States’ most wanted men for killing hundreds of Americans!)

Egypt Rounds up ‘Palestinians’ to Deport to Gaza. Egyptian police have rounded up some 500 Palestinians in north Sinai in the past four days and plan to deport them back into Gaza shortly. At least 3,000 left inside Egypt after hundreds of thousands of Gaza residents crossed the border in January

Undermining the Principle of the Jewish State.

A former Jewish Agency representative in Venezuela has been arrested and charged. He is suspected of having brought some 200 people into Israel as new olim [immigrants] under the Automatic Citizenship for Jews law. Likud party MK Yuli Edelstein, who himself immigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union, criticized the Jewish Agency's policies for encouraging the sham: "without encouraging a certain 'quota' in finding and bringing Jews to Israel.  Aliyah is critical for Israel, but only inasmuch as it contributes to the strengthening of Zionism - and that is why we cannot rely just on numbers and quotas." Edelstein says the Jewish Agency must find ways to encourage Aliyah and support its emissaries other than the "quota" system that currently exists.

Approximately, 300,000 recent immigrants to Israel, most of them from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia, who are not Jewish came to Israel during last 20 years. Some hypocritical politicians and organizations are calling for their mass conversion. It does not make any sense! In accordance with Jewish laws, a marriage is not a legitimate reason for conversion to Judaism. The same principle must be applied to the fraudulent, mainly economic, migration of non-Jews to Israel. Fake conversion will not change a nature of a person!

The ugly side of non-Jewish migration to Israel had become apparent when the Israeli government deliberately used many of them during “Disengagement” - forceful deportation of 8,500 Jews form Gaza. At the same time, fascist groups are appearing in Israel; swastikas are painted on synagogues and graves; Nazi cretins are committing acts of violence and hate against Jews in the Jewish state.

For many generations Jews hoped to return to Palestine and re-create the Jewish state, being free of traditional Jew-haters. Many lost their lives to make this dream come true. This is another idiocy that brainless, self-hating, apathetic and self-serving corrupt Israeli politicians have created and are trying to hide. It must be rectified!