Fake Issue - the Haredi Draft Battle

by Judah Ari Gross

Israel may be heading to snap elections over the enlistment of a few hundred more ultra-Orthodox recruits, which would do little to address the army’s manpower woes!

Yisrael Beytenu chief Avigdor Liberman is demanding an increase in the level of ultra-Orthodox, or Haredi, enlistment in the Israel Defense Forces, with the threat of economic sanctions on ultra-Orthodox institutions if they do not meet these goals. The Haredi parties, United Torah Judaism and Shas, are demanding precisely the opposite: more exemptions for their communities’ yeshiva students. And Netanyahu needs both Liberman and the ultra-Orthodox parties for a majority coalition.

The IDF is indeed grappling with the potential threat of significant troop shortages following a 2015 amendment to the country’s draft law that cut the mandatory service for men from three years to two years and eight months, and plans to further reduce males’ service to 30 months beginning in 2020...

The enlistment of these few hundred more Haredi recruits each year is not likely to have a significant effect on the military’s manpower shortages, nor is it trumpeted by IDF officials as a potential game-changer on this front, especially as ultra-Orthodox servicemen require on average more investment per soldier by the IDF...

For the military, an end to the proposed two-month service reduction in 2020 and a larger budget - both to offer soldiers with much-needed skill sets career positions and to outsource basic services on IDF bases to civilian companies instead of relying on troops to perform them - are far more pressing concerns than a few hundred more troops. (Meanwhile, as usual, this issue is used by Israeli politicians to manipulate voters. Like it is said - “Divide and conquer”!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The issue of the enlistment of a few hundred more Orthodox Jewish recruits to IDF is inflammatory and divisive one! It is being artificially kept alive for a while, and is used to detract attention from real problems, divide and control Israeli voters by unscrupulous politicians on all sides of the politics, gaining support from secular or Orthodox voters. IDF has many non-combat positions – from computer support to weapons maintenance and storage. It would be prudent to use Orthodox seminary students in these positions, and it is easy to accommodate their Halachic requirements. But there is no political pay-off in it to self-serving, idiotic politicians to do it!

Where is Self-Respect?

Israel has decided to block two US Democratic lawmakers from visiting after US President Donald Trump urged the country to ban them. Last month Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer said the two Democrats would be permitted to visit "out of respect for the US Congress and the great alliance between Israel and America". (Where is self-respect? Why is Israel always 'looking over its shoulder' what others would think or say? Have dignity and do what good for Israel and Jews! Other countries look after their own interests. Time is for Israel to become truly sovereign and self-confidence nation!)

Hamas Instigates 'Independent' Terror

The Hamas terror group has sent a message to Israel warning of the danger in retaliating to the rocket attacks from Gaza. Hamas is threatening to escalate the violent weekly border riots it calls the "March of Return" and to work together with other organizations to actively fight the Israeli "attacks" - the expansion of "independent" terror attacks and a wide-scale military conflict. (What else is new? Israel must remove hostile, terror supporting, population from Jewish land, starting with Gaza!)

Anti-Israel 'Setup' has Failed

In what US Rep. Rashida Tlaib called a "heart-wrenching decision," she said she won't travel to visit her grandmother in the West Bank after all, rebuffing a decision by Israel to admit her on humanitarian grounds under certain restrictions. Tlaib had signed a letter to Israel's interior minister on Thursday pledging she would respect any restrictions. By Friday, she had changed her mind. (She does not care about her grandmother, but had hoped to receive the rejection to her application to inflame even more anti-Israel sentiments of the Democratic party!)

Jewish ‘Chameleons’ Appeasing Israel/Jew-Haters!

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) criticised Israel’s decision to bar Democratic Reps. Ilhan Omar (Minn.) and Rashida Tlaib (Mich.) from visiting the country, saying “every member of Congress should be able to visit.”

Mad Dogs are still Barking!

1. Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander Hossein Salami declared that the Hezbollah terrorist organization "has acquired capabilities in Syria that allow it to destroy Israel alone." Salami’s declaration seems to affirm Israel's concerns over Iranian-backed activity in Syria.

2. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned against Israeli involvement in a US-led coalition in the Persian Gulf. The Iranian President claimed that Israel is the main source of terrorism and war in the region.

Even 'Ugly Nazi' Had Enough!

United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination questioned the PA representative with tough questions about promotion of anti-Jewish hate and incitement to terrorism in its official statements and in its textbooks during the government first ever review by the United Nations Committee.

Divisiveness of the Courts Must be Stopped!

The High Court on Wednesday overturned a local court decision allowing a gender-segregated concert. The concert was the only one of over 300 events put on by the city over the summer that had segregated seating, as hundreds of ultra-Orthodox revelers came to hear pop-hassidic singer Motty Steinmetz. However, shortly after the ruling was handed down, Afula mayor Avi Alkabetz announced that the concert would be held with full gender segregation.

Archaeological Denial of Jewish History by Arabs

Jordan halts filming of movie that suggests Jews had a historical presence there. Film ‘Jaber’ is showing a boy who discovers Hebrew writing on rock in Petra; they fear this will lead Israel to stake claim to ancient city. (International archaeologists are systematically denied the right to study historic sites by the governments of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Lebanon in fear that the truth about Jewish ownership of the land will be exposed!)

Gender Equality - The Worst 10 Nations on Earth

1. Yemen

2. Pakistan

3. Syria

4. Saudi Arabia

5. Chad

6. Iran

7. Mali

8. Morocco

9. Côte d’Ivoire

10. Lebanon

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index (2016), the 10 worst countries for gender equality are those in which Islam is the dominant religious demographic. (Israel is not on list - NO International outcry! Although, the ‘Ugly Nazi’ has condemned Israel recently for its “lack” of women’s rights!)

Quote of the Week:

“The most important thing is to prepare the military, and at the right time deal Hamas the biggest blow. The culture of this organization is one of bringing death to the region... Sderot residents are, on one hand, trying to keep to their normal routines. But on the other hand, there’s no choice in our current situation but to go to a ground operation in the Gaza Strip.”  Alon Davidi, Sderot mayor, said after barrage of three rockets from Gaza. - Population of Gaza supporting Hamas, therefore is complicit in terror attacks against Israel!

One-State Solution is Needed.

by Steven Shamrak.

Some ‘well intentioned’ people suggest a one-state solution, which proposes the transfer of control of the West Bank and Gaza to Jordan. Let me remind you that King of Jordan, in order to stop armed revolt by so-called Palestinians, killed tens of thousands of them during “Black September”. For forty years, Israel, due to Jewish morality, has been restraining herself from such a barbaric solution. But Arab terror in Israel must end! A new solution to international conflicts must be implemented by Israel. Actually, it is quite an old one: 1.8 million were transferred between Greece and Turkey in 1922; over 12 million were resettled during the partition of the Indian subcontinent. In the recent conflict in former Yugoslavia, people were moved or transferred to other countries as refugees. Only Israel is not allowed by international hypocrisy to use population transfer to facilitate an end of the conflict!

There is another one-state alternative. Due to the recent action of the Israeli government and inaction of the international community it became viable again: Almost two years ago, Jews were forcefully deported from Gaza by Olmert’s government. Nobody cried out “poor Jews” or “you can’t do it to people”! Neither the UN, US, EU nor the World Bank condemned this action, ignoring the cruelty of forceful deportation of Jews from the land of their ancestors. Therefore, the population transfer has again become an acceptable conflict resolution tool.

Consequently, I would like to suggest the transfer of the Arab population from the Jewish lands as the only effective way to bring peace and end Arab terror in Israel permanently. We have tried education, negotiations, economic stimulation, political and territorial sacrifice. Nothing has worked so far!

Peace in Israel and the two-state solution are mutually exclusive for two reasons: 1. Judea, Samaria and Gaza are Jewish lands. 2. After so many concessions made by Israel, including transferring control of the West bank and Gaza to the PA after the Oslo agreement, Arab terrorism has only increased.