Fake Friends are Common Bigots!

The private conversation was inadvertently carried by open microphones before an Obama-Sarkozy news conference on the sidelines of the Group of 20 economic summit in the French resort of Cannes. Its contents were first reported by the French website Arret Sur Images, which said reporters heard Sarkozy's comments in French and Obama's reply through a translator.

"I can't stand him. He's a liar," Sarkozy said of Netanyahu.

Obama replied: "You're tired of him; what about me? I have to deal with him every day".

Interestingly, Sarkozy came to power as the most pro-Israel French president in decades. It seems that so-called friends of Israel only keep pretences as long as Israel does what they want and when they need Jewish support during elections.

Media was quick to release text of conversation related to Israel showing no sensitivity, but press has shown great sensitivity by withholding quotes when Obama had chastised Sarkozy for not having informed the United States of France's plans to vote in favour of Palestinian membership in UN cultural agency UNESCO.

Republican Senator on the Foreign Relations Committee continued “I happen to be a great admirer of Prime Minister Netanyahu”. “I’ve known him for years, and Israel is under more pressure and probably in more danger than they’ve been since the ’67 war and that kind of comment is not only not helpful, but indicative of some of the policies towards Israel that this administration has been part of.” These attitudes and policies, McCain believes, are responsible for the total failure of the Israel-Palestinian peace talks. The Obama administration has refused comment on the Obama-Sarkozy exchange.

Just imagine the world ‘outrage’ if the same comments, which would be quite justifiable, were made about any of Arab/Muslim leader, like President of Pakistan. Obama was eager to visit Israel during his election campaign in order to obtain Jewish votes and financial support. But deep imbedded anti-Jewish bigotry is hard to shake off!

They say “offence is the best defense”. In this case, two of the world’s biggest liars accusing others of their own sins!

Another Nuclear Threat from Iran

For the second time in a week, Iran has threatened to annihilate Israel. Sunday, Nov. 6, Tehran said four missiles would be enough to kill a million Israelis.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

If al-Aqsa mosque is truly the third holy place of Islam, why is there no mass Muslim international pilgrimage of Muslims even from the ‘moderate’ Muslim countries? Even moderate Muslims from the US, Europe, Ausralia or Russia do not visit the so-called the 3rd holy place of Islam, Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. They all know, but are silent about its fake politically motivated status. International anti-Semitic hypocrites do not care that the mosque is built on and has been desecrating the Jewish Temple, the holiest Jewish site.

Muslim Burials are Desecration of Jewish Temple Mount

A total of several dozen people have been buried along the Temple Mount walls in recent years. In addition, local Arabs have created fake graves in the area in order to establish a Muslim presence. Despite calls to protect the holy site, Jerusalem Muslims continue to bury their dead along the walls of the Temple Mount. The burials took place despite a government promise, made in response to a Supreme Court appeal, to prevent a takeover of the important area. The land is part of a national park area in which burial is prohibited. The burials are not only illegal, but prevent archaeologists from accessing places with tremendous historic value.

In Fear of Israel’s Strike IAEA Released Report

The IAEA circulated its Iran report on Tuesday, Nov. 8. It establishes that Iran is clearly working on developing atomic weapons. It disclosed Iranian clandestine computer-simulated and practical tests on nuclear detonators, uranium enrichment at hidden sites and tests for adapting nuclear warheads to missiles that have no explanation other than work on nuclear weapon components. The report is based on information from 10 countries, including from Iran. (This report confirms what has been known for many years and is only released to prevent Israel’s strike again by the fourth round of useless sanctions.)

No Religious Freedom of in PA

A group of Jews who sought to pray at the tomb of Joshua (Kever Yehoshua) on Thursday night became the victims of an attempted terrorist killing when local Palestinian Authority Arabs noticed their presence. A group of PA men pelted them with heavy stones. (It is time for Israel to remove the Islamic desecration of the Jewish holiest site from the Temple Mount)

Hezbollah on the Path of War

The Lebanese Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has briefed his unit commanders on updated operational plans for firing 10,000 rockets at Tel Aviv and Israel's air force and reserve mobilization bases in a surprise attack. "The Zionist enemy cannot stand up to a salvo on that scale," he said and assured them that Hezbollah is capable of fighting Israel without Iranian or Syrian help. To boost morale, Nasrallah disclosed the arrival of advanced weapons from Libya and unveiled plans to capture parts of Galilee.

Will SLA Exiles Return to Lebanon

Lebanon’s parliament passed a draft law on Wednesday to allow the return of Lebanese who fled to Israel in the wake of the IDF’s 2000 withdrawal from the country. Of the 6,500 SLA soldiers and their families who fled across the southern border, 2,500 remain in Israel.

Truce with Israel will not Last

The PA terrorist group Islamic Jihad, which traded deadly fire with Israel over the weekend in Gaza, does not expect a subsequent truce to last long and has at least 8,000 fighters ready for war, a spokesman said. Islamic Jihad is the second largest armed group in Gaza, after Hamas, which rules the tiny Mediterranean enclave. The two share a commitment to the destruction of Israel and both are classified as terrorist groups by most Western governments.

Beduin Smugglers Stealing Organs from Refugees

Beduin smugglers involved in helping Africans infiltrate Israel from Egypt are believed to be stealing organs from those unable to pay them large sums for their services. The organs are not useful if they’re dead. They drug them first and remove their organs, then leave them to die and dump them in a deep dry well along with hundreds of bodies,” CNN quoted Hamdy al-Azazy, head of the New Generation Foundation. (No Jews involved – No International outrage!)

Tax Freeze is Declaration of War?

Fayiz Abu Aita, a spokesman for the party headed by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, said that Israel has declared war on the Palestinian Authority by freezing tax revenues after the PA joined UNESCO. (But terrorising Jews in Israel with random rocket attacks, ignoring all agreements made with Israel, and seeking recognition of statehood outside of negotiation is not a declaration of war?)

Quote of the Week:

“The last hour will not come before the Muslims fight the Jews, and the Muslims kill them.” - Mohammed, Prophet of Islam.

Is the US a Friend or Enemy of Israel?

by Ted Belman

This question always elicits different opinions.  Obviously, in part, the answers depend on one’s definition of “friend” or of “enemy.”

The most famous articulation of U.S. policy vis-à-vis Israel was made by Henry Kissinger in 1975 when talking to an Iraqi diplomat.  To wit:

"We don’t need Israel for influence in the Arab world. On the contrary, Israel does us more harm than good in the Arab world …

"We can’t negotiate about the existence of Israel but we can reduce its size to historical proportions "

Before the ’67 War, U.S. policy was mostly hostile in that the U.S. imposed an embargo on arms to Israel for 20 years, from ’47 to ’67; was passive during the War of Independence, expecting Israel to be defeated in short order; and ordered Israel out of Sinai after Israel conquered it in the Sinai Campaign.

This policy was ameliorated in the aftermath of the ’67 War as reflected in Res. 242 of the UNSC, which established the principle that Israel was entitled to secure and recognised borders before withdrawing from the conquered territories. By that resolution, the U.S. recognised that an agreement on borders had to be negotiated and that of necessity, Israel would be retaining some of the land.  Of course, a friend should have taken the position that Israel was entitled to keep all the land it had acquired in the defensive war.  But the U.S. was committed to being friends with the Arabs, particularly Saudi Arabia, and this commitment excluded it.  That has always been U.S. policy, right up until today.

The Arabs totally objected to this resolution and set out their rejection at the Khartoum Conference in 1968, which reiterated the three “nos”: no negotiations, no recognition, and no peace.  President Nixon, who subsequently hired Kissinger, assumed office shortly thereafter and tried to move the U.S. position closer to that of the Arabs. He presented the Rogers Plan, which required full withdrawal.  This plan never got traction but always reflected the opinion of the Arabists in the State Department.

Kissinger’s statement, above quoted, begged the issue and merely referred to the reduction of Israel’s size to “historic proportions.”

When Israel negotiated the Oslo Accords without the knowledge of the U.S., the reference point was Res. 242, and nothing was said about the creation of a state, settlement construction, or Jerusalem except that it would be a final status issue.

Shortly thereafter, the U.S. quietly negotiated an agreement with Israel limiting Israeli construction in Judea and Samaria to infilling for natural growth. I am sure Israel didn’t ask for such an agreement.

During the intifada II, Sen. Mitchell was sent to study the Arab violence.  On April 30, 2001, he submitted the Mitchell Report, which rewarded the violence by demanding that settlement construction cease.