Exodus of Jews from Islamic Europe

by David J. Rusin

Do Jews have a future in an increasingly Muslim Europe? Former EU commissioner, Dutch politician Frits Bolkestein, said there is no future for this group in the Netherlands because of "the anti-Semitism among Dutchmen of Moroccan descent, whose numbers keep growing." He feels that this group of Jews should encourage their children to emigrate to either the United States or Israel, because he has little confidence in the effectiveness of the government's proposals for fighting anti-Semitism.

Bolkestein's remarks echo those of Benjamin Jacobs, the country's chief rabbi: "It's not that you can't leave the house, but you need to constantly hide, to be careful". He related his own cautionary measures, which include avoiding certain neighbourhoods, and hiding his kippah (yalmulke) when walking through areas with a high number of Muslim immigrants.

Next consider Sweden. Last month, the Simon Wiesenthal Center urged traveling Jews to exercise "extreme caution" due to "harassment of Jewish citizens in the southern city of Malmö." An estimated 60,000 Muslims comprise a fifth of Malmö's population and hate crimes regularly impact the lives of its 700 remaining Jews.

Also in recent years increasing numbers of Jews moving to Israel from France and the UK. Will this soon be the case for Jews of other European countries as well? Given the list of worrying tales from 2010 alone - Muslims assaulting Jews in Norway and Denmark, stone-tossing Arabs driving Jewish dancers from a stage in Germany, and a poll finding that 38% of Muslim youth in Austria agree that "Hitler had done a lot of good for the people" - the future does not look happy.

It has become fashionable to equate the plight of today's Muslim population in Europe with that of the continent's oppressed Jews during the 1930s. However, one can tell which group faces the real threat in modern Europe by watching migratory trends. While European governments are planning fences to keep Muslims from entering illegally, Jews are exiting in droves. People vote with their feet. The results - Muslims in, Jews out - offer critical lessons and warnings. (Throughout history, Jews were a catalyst for cultural, economic, scientific and spiritual renaissance in Europe, America and even in the Muslim world. After Jews were forced out from these places, stagnation and the darkness of tyranny took over!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Extreme political views usually blind weak and people with distorted ideas. Judaism and other advanced philosophies advise people to focus on a “middle path”. Sixty years of Israel’s survival and endless attempts to make peace with Arab neighbours have proven the impossibility of peaceful co-existence. That is why the Sinai option is the only way left to establish viable peace. But international anti-Semitic bigots do not want to leave Jews alone and accept Israel as an equal nation!

Cracks Between the Leftist Nuts

Hilik Bar, Israel's Labor Secretary, said that the Labor movement is (originally) ideologically close to the settlement enterprise. Peace Now Director, Yariv Oppenheimer, responded by saying that this expression shows the Labor party had lost its way. Hilik Bar later shot back, "I don’t feel the need to apologise to Oppenheimer and his colleagues who apparently prefer to build a wall between themselves and their brothers. Peace Now is the crazy left".

Denial of Truth Destroys Freedom

Eric Zemmour, 52, who has made his name breaching taboos on television and radio, is on trial after a complaint from five anti-discrimination groupsfor saying "most drug dealers are black and Arab". Zemmour has seized on the case to highlight what he sees as a refusal to face reality: "I am not a provocateur. I say what I believe and what I see. Sometimes the reality is unbearable and brutal. This is about freedom of expression. When you describe reality, you are treated as a criminal."

Removing Enemies from Israel is Overdue

The Knesset's Internal Affairs Committee has voted to approve a bill revoking the citizenship of citizens convicted of terrorism or espionage. (The bill should also include those who obtained Israeli citizenship fraudulently under the law of return)

Why is Israel the Main Focus of International Attention?

1. Lebanon is bracing for a new round of violence after militant Shia group Hezbollah forced the collapse of the government after resigning from cabinet.

2. A CURFEW has been set in the capital of Tunisia as rioting spreads from the south of the country in what is being called the Jasmine Revolt.

3. Sophisticated warships, submarines, jets and missiles will make China more willing to use force to protect its interests in the Asia-Pacific. Increased investment in hardware and training by Beijing is designed to dissuade the US from interfering in problems such as the dispute over Taiwan.

4. Mexico's drug violence left 15,273 dead in 2010. More than 30,000 people have been killed by organised crime since President Felipe Calderon took office since in 2006.

5. Security forces loyal to Ivory Coast's incumbent leader, Laurent Gbagbo, who refuses to cede power despite losing the recent election, clashed with crowds in Abidjan. Six UN vehicles were attacked, with two people injured.

Quote of the Week:

“The current ‘Peace Process’ actually started when that British court Jew, Herbert Samuel, restricted Jewish immigration in response to the Arab riots of 1929, riots set in motion by newly arrived Imams trained in Saudi Arabia with the anti-Semitism that they got from the British.   So the Peace Process is really a new Colonialism, a new Imperialism, and certainly a Help-Terrorism-World-Wide process.” - Klepper David-Lloyd, student, Yeshivat Beit Orot, Jerusalem

In Fear of Truth

Political parties and local organizations funded by foreign governments are marching in Tel Aviv under the banner "The Democratic Camp" Saturday night to "wage war" against what they claim is "the government's attack on Israeli democracy." The protest follows a recent initiative by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman (Yisrael Beiteinu) to establish a Knesset committee to investigate funding for several Non-Government Organizations functioning in Israel. (Self-hating Jewish groups are fast to condemn Jewish support for Zionist ideals, but unwilling to admit that their anti-Israel efforts are sponsored by international anti-Semites)

From 'Palestine' with 'Love'

By the second week of 2011, more than 20 rockets, missiles and mortar shells have been fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel’s southern communities. Some recent attacks include the following:

- On Saturday night (Jan. 8), 3 Qassam rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip hitting Sdot Negev Regional Council, home to approx 8,000 residents and Eshkol Regional Council, home to approximately 10,000 residents

- On Monday (Jan. 10), 3 Qassam rockets were fired from Gaza Strip hitting Hof Ashkelon Regional Council, home to 13,000 residents

- Also on Monday (Jan. 10), another militarily-used projectile was launched and hit Eshkol Regional Council

- On Tuesday (Jan. 11), a Qassam rocket was launched from Gaza hitting the Ashkelon Shore Regional Council, home to approximately 14,000 residents.

Passports Hysteria was an Orchestrated anti-Israel Campaign!

Australian identities have being stolen on a grand scale by spies and dealers in drugs, migrants and dirty money launders. The nation was ‘shocked’ a year ago when (should be “alleged” – Why would Mossad risk lives and expose the identities of 26 operatives to kill one terrorist in a hostile to Israel country? Most likely, it was a joint CIA and MI6 operation with local knowledge and cooperation!) Israeli spies used forged passports of real Australians to assassinate a Hamas leader (terrorist and weapon smuggler).

But government documents reveal the illegal practice is widespread. Few details were released, in some cases, this would have been to prevent damage to international relations or protect information provided by foreign governments or police. (No such sensitivity was in consideration in order to protect good relationships with Israel!)

Passports were used in 525 frauds in the last financial year and many people were caught lying to get a passport (A few years ago New Zealand made a big fuss about Israelis who were trying to obtain its passports. It was done in order to boost New Zealand lamb sale to Arab countries). Faked passports were detected at ports including in Britain, Dubai, Ghana, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt and Turkey.