European Aggression Against Israel!

by Jake Wallis Simons

-         The EU has built more than 1,000 buildings on the West Bank without planning permission, as well as roads and other infrastructure

-         They are at 40 locations in Area C, which was placed under Israeli jurisdiction by international law

-         The buildings are given to Palestinians and paid for using aid money from European countries, including Britain

-         But the EU is claiming diplomatic immunity to avoid being taken to court, MailOnline has learnt

-         An EU spokesperson said its actions were not illegal because they were ‘humanitarian’

The EU is claiming diplomatic immunity after using taxpayers' money to build unauthorised settlements and roads on Israeli parts of the West Bank, MailOnline can reveal.

An Israeli NGO launched legal action after photographing EU flags flying above buildings on land placed under Israeli jurisdiction by the Oslo Accords, to which the EU is a signatory. EU bureaucrats are avoiding court by citing diplomatic rules.

The buildings, which are given to Palestinians, are intended to 'pave the way' for more land to be brought under Palestinian control, according to EU official papers. Many are bulldozed by Israel only for the EU to repeatedly rebuild them, generating more costs for the taxpayer.

Leaked documents obtained by MailOnline show that the EU – which receives £350million per week from Britain – is using diplomatic rules to place officials above the law, foiling attempts to hold bureaucrats accountable.

“It is deeply concerning that the EU falls back on diplomatic immunity after breaking planning regulations,” Jacob Rees-Mogg MP told MailOnline. “The UK Government would take a very dim view of a friendly state doing that to us.”

“Diplomatic immunity is there to protect envoys from unjust treatment, not to protect the high-handed behaviour of arrogant (anti-Semitic) bureaucracies.”

...This month, the EU approved a further £193million of aid to the Palestinian Authority.

Professor Eugene Kontorovich, an international lawyer from the Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago, said: ‘There’s no question, the EU is openly in violation of international law.'

The Oslo Accords are a series of agreements between Israel and the Palestinians, made in the Nineties, which divided the West Bank into Areas A, B and C.

Area C was placed under Israeli control, while Areas A and B were Palestinian. The agreements were ratified by the international community, including the EU, and intended as a step towards the two-state solution.

More than 1,000 EU-funded Palestinian homes, as well as roads and other infrastructure, have been erected in the Israeli Area C of the West Bank, without permits from Israel...


May all Haman be Expelled from Eretz-Israel Soon!

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

By insisting on the two-state solution, US Presidents, most of the recent ones, have been violating Resolution 322 of the Joint House of Representatives (of the American People), which have clearly stated “That the United States of America favors the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people” and the other one that calls for the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem. It seems that the will of the American people is disregarded to accommodate anti-Semitic drive of most US presidents and their handlers, shadowy puppet-masters in Saudi Arabia!

Netanyahu is non-Zionist Wimp, at Best!

Seniors politicians on the right Likud party have been furious, following report that Israel has been conducting secret negotiations with the PA to return security control of Judea and Samaria Arab cities to the Arabs and pull the IDF out of Areas A and B. Israel proposed so far to start the pullout in two cities — Jericho and Ramallah. (Likud needs to return to its true Zionist roots - It is long overdue!)

EU and US-funded Movement to Destroy Israel

Radical anti-Israeli organization Zochrot hosting a conference in Tel Aviv this week, to discuss how to end Israel as a Jewish state, thanks to funding from European governments and US organizations. (Many ‘friendly’ governments and foreign organizations still freely finance anti-Israel organizations in the Jewish state and the PA controlled areas!)

Racist Jews Won’t Even Rape Arab Women!

The humiliation of Arab-Palestinians will finally transform the world’s outrage into action: those Israeli soldiers are so racist they won’t even rape Palestinian women. This entire phenomenon would be heinous enough on its own, but you also have to realize that those Israelis don’t even deem our children worthy of being killed intentionally – while we have no such compunctions about targeting theirs. It comes to this: either the Israel Defense Forces leave our land and cease the humiliations, or start treating us the way we would treat them if the tables were reversed. (Sarcasm - Sometimes we need to laugh)

Illegal Arabs Carried Out 44% of Attacks in Israel

Since the latest wave of terror began last September, 73 terror attacks occurred within the “green line” out of a total of 223 attacks. Of the attacks inside the “green line,” 27 — 44% were carried out by illegal Arab residents. A proposed new bill seeks to significantly stiffen punishments for employing or housing Arabs who reside in Israel illegally. (They come to Israel to kill Jews not to provide for their families!)

It Must be Done to All Visiting Bigots!

Israel authorities have prevented Indonesian Foreign Minister, Retno Marsudi, from going to Ramallah to meet Mahmoud Abbas, after she refused to visit Jerusalem to meet with members of the Israeli Government. (Israel needs to conduct more assertive international policy and stop visiting international bigots from paying ‘pilgrimage’ to the PA, even if they do meet Israeli officials!)

Predictable ‘Support’ from Traditional ‘Friends’ of Jews

After condemnation from the US the previous day, Germany and France on Wednesday also criticized Israel's decision to appropriate large tracts of land in the West Bank, saying the move violated international law and contradicts a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (The Oslo Accords meant facilitation of limited autonomy only and it expired a long time ago! What international laws are these anti-Semiteic bigots talking about? Israel won Judea and Samaria in a defensive war – check the law!)


Morocco demands UN pull out troops after Ban condemns 'occupation' of the Western Sahara. Sahrawi independence groups warn doing so spells return of war. They warn that if the UN pulls out its troops from the region in a concession to the Moroccan government, war will likely follow.

Too Much Talk - Little Action

Shocking figures show how government isn't planning to take deterrent steps on homes of half the Arabs who tried to murder Jews. Since last September, 230 Arab terrorists have tried to murder Jews - but the homes of only ten of them have been demolished.

STEP in the RIGHT DIRECTION - Let the 'Ugly Nazi' Fume

Israel reclassified as state land 2,342 dunams (578 acres) in the Jordan Valley near city of Jericho. The reclassification concludes a study by the Civil Administration into the ownership of the property, much of which was already assumed to be state land. The property in Area C of the West Bank is located within the boundaries of the Megilot Regional Council and borders both sides of Route 1 as it heads down to the Dead Sea. (As usual, ‘Ugly Nothing’ immediately objected!)

Arabs are Building Illegal Mosque in Jerusalem

Scouts of the Regavim movement this week discovered an illegal mosque construction site near the neighborhood of Kidmat Zion. The letter, titled, “Construction of illegal mosque next to Kidmat Zion neighborhood — demand for inspection and enforcement” was written by attorney Boaz Arazi and sent to Mayor Barkat, and to the Head of the National Building Inspection office. (Israeli legal system is quick to remove Jewish ‘illegal’ synagogues but not Arab intrusions into the Jewish land!)

Self-Hating Jews are Major Enemies of Israel!

PM and Defense minister order investigation into Breaking the Silence after TV airs undercover footage of activists probing for info on troop deployments, operational procedures.

Breaking the Silence, the leftist anti-Israel NGO, received 78% of its budget between 2012 and 2015 from European governments. Additional amounts came from the New Israel Fund. Breaking the Silence's budget amounted to some 6.8 million shekels, or $1.8 million. "All of Breaking the Silence's activities, including false campaigns regarding alleged war crimes and revelations regarding potential espionage, are enabled by the financial support of foreign governments..." said Professor Gerald Steinberg of NGO Monitor.

Quote of the Week:

“Our brothers in Palestine tell us that the Jews do not attack anyone who does not attack them. Nobody should think that by saying this, I am defending the accursed Jews, but this is the reality. If they killed any Muslim they saw, nobody would be left in Palestine.” - Ali Hassan Al-Halabi, Jordanian Muslim cleric, said that it is theologically not permissible to kill Jews, referring to: Qur’an 2:63-66, and “So when they were insolent about that which they had been forbidden, We said to them, “Be apes, despised.” Qur’an 7:166 and “‘Be apes, despised.’ And we made it a deterrent punishment for those who were present and those who succeeded (them) and a lesson for those who fear Allah.” (Qur’an 2:63-66) - Muslims call Jews and other infidels by any name possible, “pigs” and “apes”, quoting Qur’an, but they are greatly offended when others call them names which they well deserve!

Sovereignty to the Tigris and the Euphrates

(Words only - no Action!)

Jewish Home MK protests government and slams Herzog for his 'policy of withdrawal,' calls for annexation of Judea-Samaria. Smotrich, a member of the coalition government, criticized Herzog for his comments made during a tour of the area around eastern Jerusalem, in which he said Israel must "separate" from PA controlled villages in the area in a unilateral withdrawal leading to the creation of a Palestinian state.

In a reference to the Biblical boundaries of Israel, he added, "you know my opinions, we have much greater aspirations, to the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers." Smotrich has previously called to annex Judea and Samaria and pay Arab residents to emigrate.

It also remains to be seen whether his Jewish Home party would be willing to press for his annexation plans of the entire region, particularly given recent statements by Jewish Home's Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked who ruled out adopting the 2012 Levy Report that defines Israel's presence in Judea and Samaria as legal.