Escalation by Fake Ceasefires!

Just five weeks after they announced previous fake cease-fire, which followed by more rockets, mortars shells and fire-balloons, Hamas and Islamist militants announced the agreement late on Saturday, after Egyptian and international efforts, to secure a truce, but it did not take long for doubts to emerge over whether it would hold. Islamic Jihad said that ceasefire with Israel doesn't include launching of terror kites, considered an act of 'freedom of expression.' (Removal of enemies from Gaza should be Israel’s freedom of expression!)

Four rockets were fired from Gaza almost immediately after the unilateral declaration of Hamas-Jihad truce.

The previous cease-fire was followed by more than 100 rockets fired at southern Israel from the Gaza Strip. The rocket attacks injured four Israeli civilians and hit a home and a synagogue. The Israeli army had retaliated with targeting more than 40 targets in Gaza, the largest wave of daytime strikes since Israel’s Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014.

“There is no intention to contain rockets or kites and anything,” Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said. “I hope that Hamas will draw conclusions, and if they do not, they will have to pay a heavy price.” Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman denied that Israel had agreed to any Gaza ceasefire – certainly not for the continuation of Hamas kite-cum-balloon terror, but according to a senior Israeli Air Force officer, the IAF received instructions from the political level to not attack any Hamas personnel.


Hamas and Islamic Jihad launched over 190 rockets and mortar shells at Israel in the last 48 hours. In retaliation, the Israel military struck more than 40 Hamas targets throughout the Strip, including a battalion headquarters in Beit Lahia, a training camp located in a high-rise building in the al-Shati refugee camp in northern Gaza, weapons storage facilities and rocket launchers. Hamas said a ceasefire had been agreed. Then, a few hours later, Hamas violated the ceasefire and launched more rockets into Israel. Only by removing the enemy population will terror attacks from Gaza will end. Israel Must Create New Reality – by Removing Enemies from Jewish Land!

"Sinai Option – The Road to Permanent Peace!"

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FOOD for THOUGHT. by Steven Shamrak

Since their inception Islam and Christianity have been claiming that their spiritual roots are in Judaism, but their members aren't really interested, and their leaders actually discourage them from studying the source – Torah! Many Jewish spiritual books, like Kabbalah, were forbidden by the Church! Leaders of both religions and political elite of the Western and Muslim countries are still using Jew-hate as a tool of control. No wonder, anti-Semitism is prevalent among Muslims and Christians. Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto, and other religions do not have this problem.

Bad Habit of Striking 'Empty' Targets

Israel attacked at least three empty Syrian military posts after a drone infiltrated Israeli airspace. The Israel Air Force shot the drone down with a Patriot missile.

Irish Can't Shake Anti-Semitic Nature

The Irish Senate approved a bill calling for the boycott of Israeli products originating beyond the so-called 'Green Line'. (Anti-Semitism has been always part of Irish make up. There was a strong support of Nazi Germany during WW2 there!)

Fake Palestinians Fleeing Gaza, Judea, and Samaria

More than 18,000 Gazans have rushed to join an exodus from the enclave since its border crossing with Egypt opened in mid-May. Most Gazans who make it out are necessarily Gaza’s most resourceful, highly-educated, promising, accomplished, and sometimes wealthiest people. At the same time, the PA is trying to conceal the fact that 20,000 Arabs emigrate from Judea and Samaria every year, and inflating the number of Arabs in Judea and Samaria from 1.8 to 3 million. (They have no real attachment to non-existent land of their forefathers here! There is a will among so-called Palestinians to leave Jewish land - Israel just needs to provide a little 'push'.)

BDS is about Destruction of Israel

Supporters of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement claim that BDS is about a two-state solution and bettering the lives of the Palestinian people. But BDS founder Omar Barghouti (Born in Qatar moved to Israel in 1993), peaceful coexistence is the last thing BDS is about. He said: “Most definitely we oppose a Jewish state in any part of Palestine,” adding that “Palestinians and Arabs in general have never, and will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state.”

Self-Hate is not Tolerated Anymore

The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court convicted Jerusalem police officer Ido Katzir of attacking haredi demonstrators on several occasions. (We, Jews, are belong to the same nation - our enemies love when we fight and hate each other!)

Syria is Testing Israel's Determination and Patience

Israel fired a Patriot missile at an unmanned aircraft that approached the country’s border from Syria for the second time last week. Last month, Israel fired a missile at a drone that approached its airspace near the Syrian frontier, and in February it shot down what it said was an Iranian drone that entered its airspace.

Israel has no Clear Plan for Gaza

Immediately after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Israel was closing the Kerem Shalom crossing into Gaza, but it is still active. Hamas accused Israel of “crimes against humanity,” while Islamic Jihad went further and claimed that the new sanctions were “a declaration of war” against the Palestinians... The main reason for the status quo which currently holds between Israel and Gaza is the clear lack of desire by either side for war. Israel and Hamas do not want to see the collapse of the other: Hamas needs Israel to preserve its rule in Gaza, and Israel needs Hamas to keep the quiet. (Both sides are playing the same game - resolution will come only by removing all enemy population from Gaza!)

Must 'Re-examine' Legal Political Blackmail

PM's attorneys call on AG to re-examine investigations against Netanyahu and his wife in light of reports of bias by lead investigator. Binyamin Netanyahu has already been questioned for 11th time by police. (There is systematic legal 'harassment' of Likud leadership and Zionists in Israel! We still remember how Sharon was put on his knees, because he and his son were endlessly 'investigated'. They did it to Liberman to and to a grandson of rabbi Kahane.)

Hamas Invested $45 Million in Border Riots

Hamas has invested USD $45 million, over the past 100 days, in their riots along the Gaza-Israel border. The Hamas investment were 678 fires, which burned down 2250 acres of Israeli forests, 1500 acres of Israeli agricultural land, and hundreds of acres of open spaces in Israel. (No environmental organization has condemned the attacks, and international anti-Semites will continue their financial support for Israel-hating Hamas and the PA!)

Settlement Activity has Nosedived

The number of construction starts for housing in the settlements has been in a “downward spiral” ever since US President Donald Trump took office in January 2017 and hit a six-year low in the first quarter of 2018. Israel’s government regularly approves plans for thousands of new settlement homes. But it rarely authorizes their actual construction. Moreover, even these “new approvals” are often just recycled plans that were previously approved but never built. (Netanyahu is playing his usual appeasement game, the only tool of international diplomacy he knows! When will he learn that self-respect is the better and more effective one?)

Anti-Orthodox Hate Propaganda - Faked News

El Al said a flight last month on which haredi Orthodox men refused to take their assigned seats next to women was delayed by only minutes, not over an hour as was reported. (Why did it take so long to repel this hateful lie?)

Attacking Iran is Justifiable!

Hossein Salami, the deputy commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), boasted that the “Islamic army in Syria” in the Golan Heights was awaiting orders to eradicate the “evil regime” of Israel. “We are creating might in Lebanon because we want to fight our enemy from there with all our strength,” he stated. Israel has for years warned of Iran’s ongoing attempts to entrench itself in Syria, and has been waging a quiet campaign to prevent Tehran from establishing a new front on its border. (So much for Iranian ‘retaliation only’ policy! Destruction of Israel is always their aim.)

Israel Mission to the Moon

Israel’s SpaceIL with Israeli Aerospace Industries plan to launch Israel’s first unmanned moon mission in December via SpaceX rocket. The craft is scheduled to land next February, which would make Israel the fourth country to land a spacecraft on the moon. The overall cost of the project is estimated to be around $95 million.

Israel to Expand Personal Gun Licensing

Israeli Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan (Likud) is expected to expand the criteria for getting a personal gun permit in Israel. Unlike the US, Israeli law views personal gun ownership not as a right but as a highly regulated privilege, reserved to very few non-military citizens. There are only around 145,000 Israelis with personal gun licenses, unconnected to employment in the police, army or as security guards. It is estimated 35-40,000 people will take advantage of the offer.

QUOTE of the WEEK:

“Restraint creates escalation. Those who refrain to respond to the violation of our sovereignty and refrain from fundamental actions impose on us an ongoing war of attrition. The IDF must be ordered to act with force, sophistication and thoroughness.” - Naftali Bennett, Chairman of Jewish Home party – And, it must be fast and decisive!

Altalena Victims were True Patriots

by Havatzelet Damari

Seventy years after the Altalena Affair, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that "not only were the Etzel fallen not traitors, they were patriots of the first degree and acted in the benefit of the State of Israel, with immense effort and great sacrifice."

The Altalena Affair was a violent confrontation between the newly-created IDF (controlled by leftist Avoda party) and the Etzel (Irgun), one of the Jewish paramilitary groups, in June 1948.

The Altalena cargo ship was loaded with weapons for the Etzel during the time it was in the process of being absorbed into the IDF. The boat also carried medical equipment and some 940 new immigrants.

The boat arrived at Israel's shores during the first truce during the War of Independence. While the Etzel leadership, headed by Menachem Begin, insisted that 20 percent of the military equipment on board would go to Etzel units fighting as part of the IDF as well as independent Etzel units in the Jerusalem area, the Israeli government demanded the military equipment will first be given to the IDF... (In fear of losing political control over IDF, in the middle of the war of Independence, Ben Gurion ordered the attack - Shimon Perez - who signed the Oslo accords with Arafat, knowing that it was fake and a scam - was one of the executing commanders!)