Enemies Love Death - Jews Love Life

by Hana Levi Julian

The following is a conversation in between an IDF officer, Ramy, and Gaza civilian “Abu Younes,” who was unwilling to evacuate to the nearby humanitarian safe zone regardless of the risk to his family.

IDF Officer:          The blast radius will be immense and it will put your life at risk. You need to evacuate the building with your family and move away half a kilometre. Alright?

Abu Younes:        Strike us then, do as you please. Do whatever you want.

IDF Officer:          We must do everything within our means to prevent any fatalities.

Abu Younes:        We want to die.

IDF Officer:          You are responsible for ensuring the safety of the children.

Abu Younes:        And our children also must die.”

Both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority governments have carefully nurtured a death cult mentality in their populations over several generations, brainwashing their people from the cradle to the grave to believe that death is preferable to life in the fight to destroy Israel.

In the current Israel-Hamas war, the IDF has achieved the lowest combatant-civilian casualty ratio in modern history, according to John Spencer, chair of Urban Warfare Studies at the Warfare Institute of West Point.

“Israel has done more to prevent civilian casualties in war than any military in history - above and beyond what international law requires and more than the US did in its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. “The IDF 1 to 1.5, if not 1 to 1 combatant to civilian ratio (something uniquely focused on by the world and people who do not know the history of war or urban warfare) is better than any battles, past or modern." The average civilian casualty ratio in modern warfare is around 9:1 – that is, nine civilians killed for every combatant. (Our ‘best friend’ in the White house does not care!)

Hag Yom Ha'atzmaut!

From victimhood to statehood - from the Holocaust to Israel.

The State of Israel was not born because of the Holocaust.

It guarantees Jewish people a lifeline – our survival and our destiny.

May the next year we celebrate it in re-united Eretz-Israel!

Since the last Memorial Day - Yom HaZikaron (April 25, 2023),

1,594 Israeli soldiers and civilians have died

This includes 760 Israel Defense Forces soldiers and 834 civilians.

(822 were killed on or after the Oct. 7 by Hamas terrorists)

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Just a few days before Yom HaZikaron and Yom Ha'atzmaut, members of the UN voted to recognise the enemy state of Israel. International Antisemites have been preoccupied with the existence of the Jewish state. Occupation of Tibet by China is forgotten. The question of independence of Kashmir does not exist anymore. Nobody cares about the self-determination of Kurdish people, up to 45 million of them. The members of the 'Ugly Nazi' are only preoccupied with promoting independence of the fake people of a never existing country or kingdom on the Jewish land!

Biden Withheld Info on Sinwar’s Location

The Biden administration, in a concerted effort to prevent a complete Israeli incursion into Rafah, is extending significant aid to Israel on condition of its military restraint. This assistance includes providing sensitive intelligence to assist the Israeli military in locating Hamas leaders and uncovering the group’s concealed tunnels. The Biden administration refuses to accept that most of Gaza’s residents are Hamas supporters, as are most residents of the Palestinian Authority. (So much for the best friend!)

Hamas has Returned to Northern Gaza

The Israeli military ordered the evacuation of Jabaliya, in northern Gaza, on Saturday as it stepped up attacks there because, it said in a statement, Hamas was trying “to reassemble its terrorist infrastructure and operatives in the area.” Hours before stepping up attacks, Israel urged Palestinian civilians to evacuate the area around Jabaliya.

Antisemites of the 'Ugly Nazi' United

The UN General Assembly voted by a wide margin to grant new “rights and privileges” to Palestine and called on the Security Council to favourably reconsider its request to become the 194th member of the United Nations. The 193-member world body approved the Arab and Palestinian-sponsored resolution by a vote of 143-9 with 25 abstentions. (Until 1964 there were no Palestinian people. Palestine has never existed as a country or kingdom - Israel did!)

Hamas Refused to Release 33 Aliva Hostages

The Hamas terrorist organization demanded a potential ceasefire but refused to commit to release hostages who were still alive. Hamas also demanded that Israel agree to a 12-week ceasefire instead of six weeks during the hostage negotiations. The Israeli delegation in Cairo demanded that Hamas release 33 living hostages in the first stage - as opposed to Hamas's proposal that the hostages would be released "alive or dead." 

Israel Reopened Kerem Shalom Gaza Crossing

The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) and IDF announced the re-opening of the Kerem Shalom Crossing for the entry of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip. Trucks from Egypt immediately began carrying humanitarian aid, including food, water, shelter equipment, medicine, and medical equipment donated by the international community began arriving at the crossing. The crossing was closed due to rocket fire by the Hamas terror organization, which killed four IDF soldiers and left ten others injured. (What country would do this during a war with its mortal blood-thirsty enemy?)

The US is Changing Tune about the Rafah Operation

The Biden administration appeared to signal its initial approval of the operation launched by Israel in Gaza to take over the Rafah border crossing with Egypt. State Department said that it is legitimate for Israel to prevent Hamas from collecting revenue at the border gate with Egypt. (Quite often the US administration forget that Israel is an independent, democratic country surrounded by its enemies, whose goal is destruction of the only Jewish state.)

Quote of the Week:

"If it is possible to receive the assistance of the nations of the world, I am always for it. However, in the greatest Holocaust, great leaders like Roosevelt, who was told what was happening at Auschwitz and Birkenau, and in the (other) death camps, they told him and he knew, his answer was that he would not lose a single pilot and refused to accept the Jews. If we need to stand alone – we will stand alone!"  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Fake Mortality Statistics in Gaza

by Abraham Wyner

("How the Gaza Ministry of Health Fakes Casualty Numbers")

Media and politicians have consistently (and deliberately) misled people about the number of deaths in Gaza. There are other obvious red flags. The Gaza Health Ministry has consistently claimed that about 70% of the casualties are women or children and 25% of the population is adult male, then either Israel is not successfully eliminating Hamas fighters or adult male casualty counts are extremely low.

Hamas admitted to losing 6,000 of its fighters, which represents more than 20% of the total number of casualties reported.

Not only do official Palestinian death counts fail to differentiate soldiers from children, but Hamas also blames all deaths on Israel even if caused by Hamas’ own misfired rockets, accidental explosions, deliberate killings, or internal battles.

The argument that UNRWA workers are not disproportionately more likely to be killed than the general population exploded when it was uncovered that a sizable fraction of UNRWA workers is affiliated with Hamas.

The truth can’t yet be known and probably never will be. The total civilian casualty count is likely to be extremely overstated. Israel estimates that at least 12,000 fighters have been killed.

If that number proves to be even reasonably accurate, then the ratio of noncombatant casualties to combatants is remarkably low: at most 1.4 to 1 and perhaps as low as 1 to 1.

By historical standards of urban warfare, where combatants are embedded above and below into civilian population centers, this is a remarkable and successful effort by Israel to prevent unnecessary loss of life while fighting an implacable enemy that protects itself with civilians.