End anti-Israel Discrimination at UN


In an unprecedented transatlantic initiative, 313 cross-party lawmakers from Europe, North America, and Israel urged EU countries and democracies worldwide to help end the discrimination against Israel at the United Nations.

The signatories are overwhelmingly European legislators and include government ministers, party leaders, parliamentary vice-presidents, and chairs of key committees.

The lawmakers underline in the declaration that the UN bias not only damages Israel but also the UN’s own reputation and its effectiveness to tackle global problems:

 “Within the context of rising global antisemitism, the relentless, disproportionate, and ritualistic condemnation of the world’s only Jewish state at the UN is particularly dangerous and must finally end. Israel deserves attention and scrutiny, as does every other nation. But it also merits equal treatment – nothing more, nothing less,” the text reads in part.

The statement goes on: “By violating its own Purposes and Principles, which commit the organization to ‘develop friendly relations among nations’ and to the ‘principle of the sovereign equality of all its Members,’ the UN is undermining its credibility and losing public support.”

The inter-parliamentary declaration concludes with three concrete demands:

EU members and fellow democracies ought to reject the excessive number of anti-Israel resolutions.

Reform the Human Rights Council to eliminate its permanent anti-Israel agenda Item 7.

Abolish discriminatory committees and programs within the UN system that single out Israel.

They pointed to the fact that in 2020, the UN General Assembly adopted 17 one-sided resolutions singling out Israel for human rights violations, and only adopted six others, one each for a further six member states of the 192 member states in total. Currently, more than one-in-five of the resolutions adopted by the Human Rights Council focused solely on Israel.

The signatories have called upon EU member states and fellow democracies to do three things: vote against the anti-Israel resolutions brought to the General Assembly and other UN committees to deny the resolutions legitimacy; reform the UN Human Rights Council including abolishing the discriminatory Agenda Item 7; and to put an end to UN committees and programs, which only serve to single out and attack Israel, undermining any prospect of a two-state solution.

The signatories noted: “As the late UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said, both Israel and the United Nations “rose from the ashes of the Holocaust.” The transatlantic community of democracies has thus a sacred duty to ensure that the UN system is no longer misused to constantly vilify the Jewish state and, in so doing, damage the world body itself and its universal values.”

Chag Sukkot Sameach

United we are strong!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

When will the Israeli government and politicians, as well as Jewish communities in Israel and the diaspora realize that we were robbed of our rightful inheritance, the land of Israel - Eretz-Israel? Israel is still being discriminated against by Islamo-Christian international anti-Semitic bigots! The “Two-state solution” - giving enemies more Jewish land in a desperate attempt to create an illusion of peace - will not work. Removing the enemy population from Jewish land will.

Must Israel Wait for "Elimination" by Iran?

Iranian Armed Forces Spokesman Brigadier-General Abolfazl Shekarchi referred to Israel as “the dog guarding America.” Explaining Iran’s strategy “formulated” by former Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini, the General Staff spokesman reiterated the need for Israel’s elimination. “Our strategy towards the Zionist entity never changes: the removal of the Zionist entity,” he said. “Israel must be eliminated.”

Reject Next Joe Biden’s Blunder

Biden has set his sights on Jerusalem so far as his next blunder following Afghanistan. He seems determined to reopen the US special consulate in Jerusalem. The return of the US consulate would let the PA pretend that they share the capital. Trump had the consulate shut down, largely because he was clear-eyed and knew that it was designated to do business with the PA terrorists. From day one, Biden has been on a spree to savage all of Trump’s accomplishments.

Old and New Enemies of Jews are United

Germany and the Palestinian Authority have signed a 100-million-euro ($117 million) cooperation agreement for German investment in areas under the PA control. “We hope our friends in Germany, the European Union and the international community will help put pressure on Israel to allow elections to be held in all the Palestinian territories, including Jerusalem,” said PA Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh.

One Month Away from Nuclear Iran

Experts monitoring development of Iran's nuclear program say Tehran is now just a month away from breakout capacity for a single bomb, according to recent reports by the International Atomic Energy Agency. The US officials acknowledged that Iran is close to achieving nuclear weapons capabilities, though they estimated it would take Tehran several months to produce an atomic weapon. (The main point is that Iran has been deliberately developing an atomic bomb and Iran clearly declared that it will be used against Israel. Israel must not wait any longer!)

Let Them be Outraged - Temple Mount is Jewish

Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, issued a warning Monday against what he called Jewish attempts to "damage" the Al Aqsa Mosque by blowing the shofar on the Temple Mount during Jewish High Holydays. Hussein said the Temple Mount organizations are demanding that the authorities allow them to bring chairs and Torah scrolls to the Temple Mount to conduct Torah study at the Temple Mount and to open all gates to Jews and not just the Mughrabi Gate. (It is the Jewish Temple on Jewish land. Israel must end the residue of indecisive politics of the past!)

Bennett, Sissi Discussed Iran, Hamas

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met with Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi at the Red Sea resort city of Sharm El-Sheikh in southern Egypt, with the two leaders discussing the Iranian nuclear threat, Turkey’s role in Libya, and expanding trade and tourism agreements between Israel and Egypt.

The meeting comes on the heels of rising tensions between Israel and various Palestinian groups, including the Gaza-based terror group Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

Quote of the Week:

“Dark storm clouds are gathering. The Iranian nuclear threat has not diminished; the tide of hostile public opinion throughout the world continues to mount; our military leaders speak openly of an impending war, and warn that the long-range rockets provided to Hezbollah and Hamas may cause unprecedented civilian casualties. Yet despite these chilling developments, in the political arena business proceeds as usual. The politicians continue behaving as if their only concerns are to score points against their opponents, and fail to focus on the looming dangers. The government is already displaying signs of dysfunctionality …the coalition is heading towards dissolution.” - Isi Leibler – This was written 11 years ago – still a valid warning to the dysfunctional political leadership of Israel!

The Real Cost of US Aid to Israel

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Israel is paying through the nose for US aid and would be better off without it, says a researcher for the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies (JIMS). American aid to Israel to the tune of $3 billion a year has been maligned by many U.S. conservatives and by the Arab world, but Israel actually loses more than it receives, according to JIMS analyst Yarden Gazit.

"U.S. aid is a net loss for Israel and Israel would be better off without it," he concluded in his report. Gazit explained that the conditions for military assistance are designed to help the American military-industrial complex at the expense of the Israeli defence industry.

One condition of American aid to Israel is that three-quarters of the grant be spent in the United States. "The 'buy US' requirement causes Israel to buy defence products at a high price, sometimes even products Israel may not need," Gazit wrote. He calculated the loss to the Israeli defence industry at $600-750 million per year.

The use of American materials instead of those from Israel also hurts competitiveness in Israel and on the world market, according to JIMS. Not using domestic materials for the IDF "hurts Israeli industry's reputation on the international market and may cause a loss of sales," the report added.

JIMS forecasts that if Israel does not forfeit the American aid, it risks losing out on the growing Chinese and Indian market for Israeli products. Those countries will be under pressure to shop in the United States in light of American economic problems and its bloated federal budget.