The Embassy Must be Moved to Jerusalem

by Kenneth Lasson

If President Donald Trump is as much a man of his word as he says he is, as he vowed during his campaign that he would relocate the mission “fairly quickly” after taking office. There are good diplomatic and constitutional reasons for him to do so. (Mainly because his credibility is on line - if he wants to be remembered as one of the greatest Presidents of the United States, he must do it!)

Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act in 1995, which firmly asserted that “Jerusalem should be recognized as the capital of the State of Israel” and that our embassy should be established there “no later than May 31, 1999.” (The vote was 93-5 in the Senate and 374-37 in the House.) But the law was never implemented – because presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama all came to view it as a congressional infringement on the executive branch’s constitutional authority over foreign policy, and consistently exercised a built-in presidential-waiver clause based on their perception of national security interests. (or because they have been influenced by Arab money and anti-Semitic feelings!)

These waivers, which must be and have been signed every six months, have always been defended in terms of protecting the bedrock constitutional principal separating the executive and legislative powers. Despite the fact that two of the past three presidents (Clinton and Bush) had vowed during their campaigns to move the embassy... (Objective was to get Jewish financial contributions to their election campaign and votes, but they had no intention to do so!)

The Jerusalem Embassy Act noted that every country in the world has had the right to designate the capital of its choice, with Israel the lone exception. It noted that “Jerusalem is the seat of Israel’s President, Parliament, and Supreme Court, and most of its ministries and cultural institutions...”

The root of the State Department’s long-standing heavy-handed reluctance to offend Arab populations in the region is a wilful ignorance of history and reality. In 1948, President Harry Truman ignored its strong objections and enabled the US to become one of the first countries to recognize Israel...

There has long been bipartisan support for the Jerusalem Embassy Act. “Non-fulfilment of the law does no good to the US-Israeli relationship or to prospects for Arab-Israel peace,” said senators from both aisles to Clinton...

Meanwhile, the presidential veto of the Act has been ritually repeated every six months for the past 22 years... (In a way, this is fault of Israel governments. They were not be able to show international anti-Semitic bigots that Israel is self-respectful sovereign state and insist that all foreign embassies should be opened in Jerusalem!)

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Zionism is Jewish national liberation movement! Liberal anti-Semites and self-hating Jews support any 'liberation' movement, even Islamic ones that present clear threat to our democratic values, but not the Jewish one! With the President Trump in the White House Israeli government must be ready to take decisive steps to realise Zion dream of Jewish people and free Jewish land, Eretz-Israel, from enemy occupation!

Where is Israel Heading - Nowhere?

With Trump’s inauguration, Israel has a one-time opportunity to change the rules of the game, to present a vision and to set in motion a Zionist initiative. But this is precisely where Israel stuck! It’s easy to undermine the foundations of the Left’s old thesis, but it’s harder to present an alternative. (Especially if nobody, neither opposition nor most members of government coalition, want to hear any ‘radical’ alternative!)

Is UK Becoming Friend of Israel?

Britain prevented the European Union Foreign Affairs Council from adopting the closing statement from the Paris peace conference. Britain’s action came a day after Britain refused to sign the closing statement at the peace conference in Paris. The move to approve the statement in the Foreign Affairs Council was brought by France.

Defence Systems in Place

Israel is now officially capable of shooting down ballistic missiles in space. Arrow-3 is capable of shooting down intercontinental ballistic missiles fired from thousands of miles away, neutralizing the threat outside of Earth’s atmosphere where it will harm no one. The Iron Dome missile defense system, which intercepts short-range rockets and missiles such as the Qassams and Grad Katyushas, has been in place and functioning since Israel’s 2014.

Another Short-Lived Unity?

After a three-day negotiation in the Russian capital Moscow, the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority has agreed to form a unity government with rival organisation Hamas. The two organisations will form a new National Council, which will include Palestinians in exile, and hold elections. (We heard this before, but so far Abbas has been ruling PA unelected for 15 years!)

Iran Nuclear Deal is 'on Life Support'

Reince Priebus, Trump Chief of Staff, said that it is not clear how the Iran nuclear agreement will continue under Trump. “We all know that President-elect Trump doesn’t like the Iran deal, thinks it’s a terrible document, thinks it will create a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, which it already is beginning to do,” Priebus said. Reince Priebus says Trump believes Iran nuclear deal is 'terrible' and 'on life support', will decide whether to renegotiate or scrap deal.

Life is Lost Due to Fear of Legal Prosecution!

First Sgt. Erez Levy, 34, an officer in the operations branch of the Israel Police, was crushed to death Wednesday morning, Jan. 18, in a car-ramming attack at the Bedouin village of Umm-al-Hiran in the southern Negev region... It also shows how the officers hesitated to open fire, deterred by the recent case of IDF Sgt. Elor Azaria who was convicted by a military court of manslaughter for killing an injured terrorist. At Umm Al-Hiran, police fired in the air rather than the killer-driver’s head as he raced towards them. Only after two police officers were down was he shot and killed.

Remove Enemy Population from Jewish Land

Fadi Qunbar, who murdered an IDF officer and three cadets in the East Talpiot vehicular attack, lived not far from the two cousins who murdered five worshippers and a policeman at a Jerusalem synagogue in 2014.  About 30,000 people live in Jabel Mukaber, originally a Bedouin village. Green Hamas flags were raised over electric wires, and the police prevented anyone who is not a neighborhood resident from entering. (Israel can’t help hostile enemies within with education and other services! Jews are not allowed to came to Arab villages in Israel!)

Lame Duck 'Quakes'

Outgoing US Secretary of State John Kerry defended last-ditch Obama administration action against Israeli settlements, saying that it “really was important for us to make a statement and frankly ignite a debate. And I think that debate is now on.” Netanyahu had unleashed a furious attack on the Obama administration after Resolution 2334 cleared the council. The prime minister has accused Washington of drafting and advancing the resolution.

Quote of the Week:

“Arabs can murder, rape, starve, maim, torture, deport, excommunicate, honor-kill, abuse, extort, rocket shell, assassinate, suicide bomb, behead, humiliate, jail without due process, occupy, mutilate female genitalia, Sex Traffic, honor kill, and enslaving of 90 Million people around the world all in Muslim countries. Where Is The UN Outrage?” - FaceBook comment – It is time for Israel to reunite Jewish land! Do we have the government which has a conviction and national pride to do so? If not, step aside and let others lead the nation!

Scolding and the Biblical Law.

by Steven Shamrak (Jan 2005).

Real Zionists are often criticized for their strong, uncompromising points of view. Israel is criticized for not doing enough for peace, too. But the same people are able to find any inconceivable justification for the horrendous actions of Jewish enemies. Many critics are Jewish and, in their strange way, they do care about the Jewish state. Regrettably, a well designed and executed propaganda campaign, supported by terror acts does affect people on a deep psychological level. Therefore even decent members of the public, who have been exposed to and brainwashed by anti-Israel propaganda for a long time, are unable to evaluate the reality and the facts behind the news.

Even committed Zionists have become indifferent and cynical, due to self-destructive policies and inaction by successive Israel governments. There is an atmosphere of despair among many staunch Zionists and supporters of the state of Israel. Even they began to use ‘politically correct’ terminology and self-limiting ideas. This creates the perception of hopelessness and facilitates an inability to follow through the realisation of the Jewish national goal. I would like to address the most commonly expressed scoldings:

“We can’t have everything” – We do not want ‘everything’! It is ‘others’ have been ‘acquiring’ all they could for centuries. And now, they are imposing limitations on Jews, so we wouldn’t even try to return what is rightfully ours!

“One must be pragmatic and realistic” – The reality is perceived illusion. It is created by action. Why should we accept ‘sh***y’ reality imposed on us by our ‘friends’ and enemies? Only by setting the ‘Big’ goals can anything great can be achieved!

“What about 3 millions Arabs living in Israel and territories” – What about them? Most of them came to Palestine after Zionists started reclaiming Jewish land. The goal of their masters, Arab and British, was to prevent the creation of the state of Israel. There are 22 Arab countries. It is time for them to return home. The message must be clear: Their sinister plan has failed!

“They will not allow us…” – Those mysterious ‘They’ again: ‘They’ were silent and did not want Jews to survive the Holocaust, ‘They’ did everything possible to prevent creation of the only Jewish state. ‘They’ have been doing nothing to stop Arab terror against Israel. Must we care what ‘They’ think? We must do what is right for us. Nobody else will. This is the only way!

It is written in Torah that if a thief is trying to tunnel into your house at night, you are allowed to kill him (The reasoning is that your life is without a doubt endangered). Arabs have continually said that they want to remove all Jews from Palestine. Only recently, they actually spent 4 months digging a 730 meter long tunnel and killed 5 Israelis. For two thousand years Jews let robbery and killings go unpunished. We closed our eyes on too many ‘tunnels’. The time has come to invoke the biblical law! (NOTE: Eleven years passed since I wrote this article – Nothing has changed!)