Election and Disillusionment with Peace!

by Josef Federman, Associated Press.

In a charged election campaign that has been heavy on insults and short on substance, Israel's conflict with the Palestinians has been notably absent from the discourse.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's ruling Likud Party has offered no plan for what many believe is the country's most existential problem. His main challenger in the April 9 vote speaks vaguely of "separation," while Netanyahu's hard-line partners speak openly of the once unthinkable idea of annexing all or parts of the West Bank. Talk of a Palestinian state, the international community's preferred solution for the past two decades, is non-existent.

It is a far cry from past elections, when peace with the Palestinians was the central issue for voters. This apparent lack of interest reflects widespread disillusionment in Israel over years of failed peace efforts...

"The peace track is currently in a coma," said Shmuel Rosner, a senior fellow at the Jewish People Policy Institute. "There's not much hope for a viable solution to be revived in the near future, so people can just keep pushing it aside until someday it comes back to haunt them."

...With the peace process in a deep freeze, it is perhaps no surprise that none of the major Israeli parties are talking about the Palestinians.

"The Palestinian cause is totally absent in the Israeli elections, and when it comes, it comes only in a negative context," said Ahmed Majdalani, a senior Palestinian official.

...Netanyahu's main challenger, former military chief Benny Gantz, has given Israel's "peace camp" some dim hope.

His Blue and White (faking a Zionist name to fool voters) party's platform devotes just a few sentences to the Palestinians, promising "an open horizon for political settlement" and pledging to work with Arab neighbours to find a way to "deepen the separation." It makes no mention of Palestinian statehood, and says Israel will continue to maintain control of parts of the West Bank and never divide Jerusalem... (Not a single party, participating in the election, is prepared to spell out the plan which would end occupation of the Jewish land from enemies and bring peace to Jews in Israel!)

6,339,729 Israeli Voters - Democracy in Action!

Around 10,000 polling stations around the country will open at 7:00 a.m. and will remain open until 10:00 p.m. 6,339,729 eligible voters will be able to visit the polling stations and drop into the ballot the note bearing the name of their preferred party. The right to vote is given to every Israeli citizen who on the day of elections to the Knesset is 18 years of age or older.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

For those who lack understanding of history and reality, Nazis are part of the left! People who pro-democracy, pro-free speech, and pro-free enterprise are not Nazis! It is even in the name: "The National Socialist German Workers” Party (German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei). We must also remember that anti-Semitism was an integral part of the political system in the Soviet Union – the first and major Communist state!

Sinai Option - Road to Permanent Peace!

Please, read and forward this article!

Arabs Loot Ancient Tombs and Desecrate Graves

In Jericho area, Second Temple era burial tomb discovered exposed with graves looted and human remains scattered throughout area. (There is no ‘Palestinian’ history, which only began in 1964, that is why enemies of Israel do not care about Jewish history and do whatever they can to destroy it!)

‘Mission Impossible’ is Achieved

Israel’s delegation to the United Nations achieved the impossible dream, as the UN General Assembly convened a special session to adopt a draft resolution condemning hate crimes and a condemnation of anti-Semitism. In its original version, the proposal had only referred to Islamophobia.

Rewarding Hamas Terror

Gaza fishermen's committee say they've received Israel's approval through Egyptian mediators to extend the permitted zone from 22km to 28km, range unseen since the second intifada. (Where is self-respect? Israel needs true Zionist leadership!)

Nobody Forgotten!

The remains of Zachary Baumel, repatriated after 37 years he went missing during the First Lebanon War, were just one of 20 sets of remains that arrived in Israel as part of Operation Bittersweet Song. Sgt. First Class Zachary Baumel, a 21-year-old tank driver who was born in Brooklyn, emigrated to Israel with his family in 1970. The operation was made possible by Israel’s close cooperation with Russia, a close ally of Damascus, and took two years to complete.

Neglected Animals Removed from Zoo in Gaza

Approximately 40 neglected zoo animals were evacuated from a dilapidated zoo in the Gaza Strip. Veterinarians and volunteers from Four Paws International evacuated five lions, five monkeys, four ostriches, three peacocks, two wolves, foxes, porcupines, 10 squirrels and a hyena to be resituated in Jordan and South Africa. (No, as usual, international condemnation!)

Proselytism is not for Muslims – Jews and Others OK!

Pope Francis warned Catholics in Morocco against trying to convert others to boost their small numbers. (The Catholic Church is scared of Islamic backlash and terror, appeasing Islamic leaders and facilitating advance of Islam! The Church has never had consideration for the feelings of Jewish people and others, or afraid of Jewish anger, spending millions of dollars deliberately targeting Jews for conversion!)

Give Hamas a Finger, Lose Entire Hand

Over the past few months, as Hamas was negotiating an “understanding” (less than a ceasefire, more than open warfare) with Israel. Hamas wants Israel to release all the terrorists, who have been recaptured since the Shalit deal, in exchange for two mentally challenged Israeli civilians who wandered into the Gaza Strip and the bodies of two Israeli soldiers who have been kept in Gaza since the summer of 2014. Apparently, the Israeli willingness to do anything in order to prevent an all out war with Hamas, including ignoring minor provocations like the occasional rocket and mortar fire into Israeli settlements – has increased the terror group’s appetite.

Quote of the Week:

“Some of us imagined that a misunderstanding had occurred, that because the Arabs did not understand our intentions, they opposed us, but, if we were to make clear to them how modest and limited our aspirations are, they would then stretch out their arms in peace. This too is a fallacy that has been proved so time and again... But an agreement with Arabs outside the Land of Israel is also a delusion...  Thus we conclude that we cannot promise anything to the Arabs of the Land of Israel or the Arab countries. Their voluntary agreement is out of the question...” - Vladimir Jabotinsky, "The Iron Wall"  He came to this conclusion in spite of his deep desire to live in peace with Arabs!

Inability to Face the Truth

by Steven Shamrak

(I wrote it on 18 Mar 2005 – the problem has become even worse since!)

Last Sunday night I attended a session of an International conference dedicated to discussion of the present phenomena of the rise of anti-Semitism. Three prominent members of a panel, including Daniel Pipes, shared with an audience of several hundred people their stories and views.

During question time I asked the panel: “How do you think the abandoning of the Jewish National goal (Zionists ideals) and defeatist policies conducted by successive Israeli governments contribute to the rise of anti-Semitism?” In spite of the moment of surprise, silence and anticipation shown by the audience, none of the panelists wanted to address my question. By admitting Israel’s contribution to the rise of anti-Semitism they would be forced to confess the stupidity of Israel's policy. They did not want to acknowledge and face the reality that an alternative is needed. That why they kept their silence! The Chair ignored my protest and dismissed the question as a rhetorical one.

This is a typical example of the Jewish leadership’s conduct – Inability to face and deal with real issues and dismissal of any dissent! They used to be called ‘Court Jews’ – Jewish leaders who did and said almost anything to please their lords and kings. The motivation was: the protection of Jewish communities and, most importantly, their own ‘prestigious’ positions! Even the establishment of the Jewish state did not change their Galut mentality and behavior. They are still habitually appeasing their ‘Masters’ and are leading Jewish people nowhere, but to self-destruction!

All over the world Jewish communities are, pre-dominantly, involved in politically correct activities that, at best, do not lead to any accomplishment. We must stop repeating our past mistakes and take charge of our destiny. It is not too late to become involved in meaningful acts of restoring self-respect and Jewish unity!

Predictable behavior of ‘Official Jews’ have not surprised me, but the fact that no one from the audience of hundreds openly supported my question was an alarming sign of the high level of apathy that infected Jewish community!