Not an Israel-Friendly President!

by Jacob Magid

In the first public remarks on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by an official from the Biden administration, the acting US ambassador to the United Nations told the Security Council that Washington plans on reopening the diplomatic offices serving the Palestinians.

Former US president Donald Trump closed the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s diplomatic mission in Washington in 2018, against the backdrop of the Palestinian Authority’s boycott of his administration following the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. In 2019, the Trump administration shuttered its consulate in Jerusalem, which served as the de-facto embassy to the Palestinians in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza...

In his remarks at the Security Council’s monthly meeting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Acting Ambassador Richard Mills said the Biden administration’s policy “will be to support a mutually agreed, two-state solution, in which Israel lives in peace and security, alongside a viable Palestinian state.” (There will be no mutual agreement on creating another enemy state on Jewish land, as its only goal the destruction!)

In addition to reopening diplomatic missions, Mills said the US will restore millions of dollars in aid to the PA... (as well as funding to UNRWA!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Arab states have never really cared about fake Palestinians, who were used as a pawn in global political game by all parties, including Israel! So-called Palestinian refugees, living in Arab countries, have been treated as dirt for over 70 years, even many of them or their ancestors originated from Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Egypt or the Saudi peninsula! Meanwhile, Israel has welcomed millions of genuine Jewish refugees from Europe, Arab/Muslim countries and even the USSR!


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Biden Administration Restores Aid To PA

Just six days after taking office, the Biden administration took a sharp turn in US policy in the Middle East, announcing that it is re-opening Illegal PLO Mission and restoring US contributions to the UN agency which provides aid to Palestinians. This is a rejection of then-President Donald Trump's policy of the past four years, which overwhelmingly favoured the interests of Israel's right-wing government. The Trump administration closed the Washington, DC, office of the Palestine Liberation Organization; halted contributions to the UN Relief and Works Agency, which provides aid to Palestinian refugees and their descendants; moved the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, recognizing the city as Israel's capital; recognized Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights; and presented a peace proposal which left all Israeli West Bank settlements in place.

When an Enemy is Happy - it is Time for Israel to Worry!

PA gloats as Biden team returns to the old peace formula approach to the Arab-Israeli conflict. “There are channels of communication between the Palestinian Authority and Biden’s staff, and it’s now possible to get relations with the U.S. back on track after important indications were received regarding the removal of the Deal of the Century off the table,” said PA Minister of Social Development Ahmed Majdalani. The minister said that the PA had received assurances that the “Deal of the Century” has been taken off the table.

IDF is Getting Ready to Deal with Iran

Military chief Kochavi said to have prepared accurate, destructive military option that would allow Israel to thwart a possible Iranian nuclear breakthrough as Islamic Republic makes strides towards bomb. IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi requested an additional NIS 3 billion in order to finance a possible attack on Iran to thwart its nuclear aspirations. In the passing year, the IDF already received an additional NIS 2.5 billion to field its budgetary requirements.

Anti-Israel Activist as National Security Council Director

President Joe Biden has appointed former anti-Israel activist Maher Bitar, who was also heavily involved in the first impeachment of former President Donald Trump, to the role of senior director for intelligence programs at the National Security Council.

Arabs have Enough - Let Biden Support Fake Palestinians!

Funding from Arab countries of the PA nosedives and now amounts to less than 1% of their $4.5 billion annual budget. That’s a huge drop from the $211 million dollars in grants and financial aid Arab countries provided in 2019 and less than 1% of the annual $4.5 billion budget - to mere $38.93 million dollars. Palestinian infighting, corruption and inability to engage in the peace process is costing them more than just moral support from Arab countries. Indeed, Arab states have not only started to normalize ties with Israel, they are also slashing the hundreds of millions of dollars in support of the PA!

Kosovo - Trump Factor still Works!

Israel and Kosovo formally established mutual diplomatic relations. At the same time, Kosovo's Minister of Foreign Relations Meliza Haradinaj-Stublla thanked the US and called Israel's recognition of the Balkan state "one of the greatest achievements of the Republic of Kosovo." Kosovo assured Israel it means to open an embassy in Jerusalem. If this happens, Kosovo will be the first Muslim country to open its embassy in the Israeli capital. To date, only the US and Guatemala have embassies in Jerusalem. Most (hypocritical, if not anti-Semitic) countries have chosen to place their embassies in the Tel Aviv area. (By the IHRA definition of Antisemitism, locating an embassy to Israel anywhere other than Jerusalem is Antisemitic, as it treats Israel differently than other countries!)

Quote of the Week:

“Going back to the Iran deal from 2015, or even to a similar deal with a few improvements, is a bad, wrong thing. It is bad operationally and strategically. It would enable Iran to enrich large quantities of uranium and to develop centrifuges and weapons capabilities, and then race toward a bomb. I have directed the IDF to prepare a few operative plans, in addition to what they have already, and we are working on those plans and developing them.” -  Lt-Gen. Aviv Kochavi, the Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces - It is time to do what is right and necessary for the Jewish state (and its new Arab friends). Israel does not have a friend in the White House now!

Educating Jewish Children to Surrender!

by Lauren Marcus

European states and the American government are funding millions of dollars’ worth of educational programming and teacher training in Israel each year...

The curriculum and courses funded by foreign sources often promote liberal, left-wing causes that are likely at odds with the values publicly stated by Israel’s Education Ministry...

The Jewish Israeli learns about Israel’s War of Independence from the perspective of an Arab, and at the end of the experiment, decides to forgo serving in a combat unit in the army.

(Foreign sponsored) organizations, the report says, promote educational programs that describe the Holocaust as a universal genocide, rather than a uniquely Jewish tragedy, and suggest that the suffering of Gazans and Israeli residents of Sderot are comparable.

Germany, Canada, and the Netherlands also donated millions of shekels to NGOs dedicated to promoting left-wing causes in Israel’s educational system, according to the report.

At the same time, a May 2020 report by Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs warned that funds donated to Palestinian aid organizations, from both state sources and private donors, are used to support terrorism.

The report came on the heels of an announcement by the European Union that it will continue funding Palestinian non-profits, even if they have links to terrorist organizations.