Drone Strikes are “Legal”!

White House official John Brennan credited what he called the "surgical" and "laser-like precision" of drone strikes in helping to remove the "cancerous tumour" of terrorism without harming the "civilian tissue" around it.

Brennan maintained that despite instances of civilian casualties, never before has there been a weapon that allows the US government to carefully identify an al-Qaida leader and then target that person while minimising collateral damage.

He said the Obama administration uses the "highest possible standards" in determining whether to use lethal force. He said authorities pick targets, in part, by weighing how much of a threat the person is to US interests and whether there is a way to capture the individual…

Brennan said he was describing in great detail the process behind targeted killings because President Obama wants his administration to be more open about it a year after a covert raid by U.S. special forces killed Osama bin Laden deep inside Pakistan.

PS: The Obama administration has carried out close to 300 drone strikes, killing thousands of people including two Americans in Yemen: Anwar al-Awlaki and his 16-year-old son, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki. (Why was “Targeting Killing” of Hamas terrorists by Israel illegal? Why has an international pack of mad anti-Semitic dogs condemned Israel for performing its duty, as would any sovereign country, by defending its citizens from Arab terror?)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Leftist and self-hating Jews, especially Israelis, are affiliated with the enemies of Jewish people, due to the PTSD and/or Stockholm syndrome. Jews of the Diaspora have been suffering from prolonged expose to anti-Semitism for many generations. They are, often subconsciously, eager to please anti-Semites and prove to them that they are "good Jews", unlike others.

Unity is Needed, not just at Kaddish

Among the numerous people who came to offer condolences to the grieving Netanyahu family was the Prime Minister's challenger for leadership of the Likud, Moshe Feiglin. The Netanyahus are sitting shiva for the Prime Minister's father, Prof. Benzion Netanyahu. Feiglin found himself leading the Mincha prayer during the visit to the Prime Minister's shiva. "To my surprise," he recounted, "the Prime Minister joined me at the end of the prayer to say Kaddish. We both stood and said 'yitgadal veyitkadash shme Rabba' - may the name of the Great Name of G-d be exalted and sanctified' - ed. (Likud party needs unity and a change in direction in order to achieve Zionist dreams of a Jewish people)

Revolving Door is Opened Again

For the first time since 2006, the Palestinian Authority’s security services on the West Bank have stopped cooperating with the IDF in operations and intelligence-sharing for countering terrorism.  Arrests and interrogations of suspects, the most effective way to thwart terrorist plots, have been discontinued and replaced with the old “revolving door” tactic practiced by Yasser Arafat.

Is Obama a Friend of Israel?

President Barack Obama has bypassed a Congress block and signed a waiver declaring that aid to the Palestinian Authority is “important to the security interests of the United States”. A $192 million aid package was frozen by Congress after the PA submitted its unilateral bid for United Nations membership last September, in violation of the Oslo Agreement. (At the same time the National Endowment for the Arts made sweeping cuts: The Metropolitan Opera received $100,000 less than in 2011, the PBS programs receiving significantly less financing under the 2012 Arts in Media grants. Who does Obama care most for?)

Why UN Blames Syrian Government Only?

Syrian rebels launched three commando style attacks in inflatable boats and got into a firefight with soldiers while landing at Latakia. Both sides suffered fatalities. The boats were most likely dropped from a Turkish ship. Syrian state media said that Ban Ki-moon pushes rebels to "commit more crimes and terrorist acts" by not discussing their attacks. (Both sides have violated an UN imposed ceasefire. It is a civil war and should be treated as an internal matter of a sovereign country, Syria!)

Internal Fight of anti-Zionist Left

Shaul Mofaz defeated former foreign minister Tzipi Livni in the recent Kadima party primary and has taken over as leader of the opposition. Livni suggested she might join another party or form a new one, but after losing Kadima, it is not clear whether she can raise a following inside or outside that party. Finally, she has resigned from Knesset. (It would be good for Israel if the Kadima party would “rest in peace”!)

Turkey is an Islamic Bully NATO Needs to Get Rid off

Turkey said it will block EU participation in an upcoming NATO summit unless the Organisation of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is also allowed to participate. (EU membership of Turkey must also be taken off the table)

Nuclear Iran is not an Option for Israel

Nearly half of Israelis favour an independent strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Three-quarters of the Israeli public regard a nuclear Iran an existential threat to the Jewish state and support a strike with US backing. A majority hopes Netanyahu has prepared the IDF to attack just in case no one else stops Iran.

Islamic Democracy in Action

Clashes have erupted between assailants and supporters of Egypt's Islamist political parties who had gathered near the defence ministry in Cairo, leaving 20 people dead and and hundreds injured. The violence on Wednesday is the latest episode in more than a year of turmoil in Egypt following the toppling of long time ruler Hosni Mubarak and will likely fuel more tensions just three weeks ahead of presidential elections. (Egypt is a better representation of the “Islamic Spring”. The worst of them are coming in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq!)

Al Qaeda in Control of Rebels in Syria

The suicide bombings hitting Damascus and Idlib were the work of Al Qaeda in Iraq, whose operatives have been pouring into Syria in the last two weeks. Several thousand operatives have arrived in Syria to fight the Assad regime, most entering the country from the north. They come fully armed with quantities of explosives. Among them are hundreds of Saudis, Egyptians, Lebanese, Palestinians, Iraqis and Sudanese. (Strangely, the UN did not condemned anti-Assad ‘rebels’ for violation of the ceasefire. Conflict in Syria is an internal matter of a sovereign country - it is used as a distraction from Iran’s nuclear program!)

Quote of the Week:

“I commend you on your last week's lead article.  I, too, refused to attend any official Yom Ha'atzma'ut celebrations, not only this year, but ever since the expulsion of 2005 from Gush Katif and Northern Shomron.  It seems that the moral compass of this country has been lost.  My grandfather, Rav Ze'ev Gold, ZT"L, was one of the signatures of the Declaration of Independence of Israel, and if he were alive today he would be outraged at observing how low we have sunk;  seeing how our government could callously force their fellow Jews from their homes and businesses.  Most of these settlements were planned, and financed by our government.  And now they're planning on doing the very same thing which would effectively destroy the lives of thousands more citizens -- those who reside in Yehuda and the Shomron -- all for some elusive "peace" with an uncivilised people who work toward our very destruction!  We certainly live in precarious times, and we need leaders with true Zionist vision.  With Hashem's help, may we be zocheh to attain this goal.” - Ruth Siegman

US Muslim Population Nearly Triples

A census of American religions showed that the Muslim community in the United States has grown in the past decade. The number of Muslims in America rose to 2.6 million in 2010 from 1 million in 2000, fuelled by immigration and conversions.

Fighting Islamaphobia, but not Islamisation?

by Jerry Gordon

Read this latest on the activities of Jewish Dhimmis engaged in fruitless dialogue with Muslim leaders in the Americas under sponsorship of the Foundation  for Ethnic Understanding (FFEU) under the leadership of Rabbi Marc Schneier, Vice President of the American section of the World Jewish Congress and hip hop fashion mogul Richard Simmons.

Note in particular a sold out presentation at the  Manhattan JCC in March, a gathering of Western Hemisphere rabbis and imams from the Muslim Brotherhood front, the Islamic Society of North America, and a private meeting with Israeli President Shimon Peres.

Note that the Manhattan JCC event  “Combating Islamophobia” was  moderated by  none other than Chelsea Clinton who has taken on the role of espousing outreach to Muslims that both her parents, former President Bill Clinton and Madame Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have aggressively pursued both independently and from within the Obama Administration. Her father was in the JCC audience as a ‘special guest’.  Bill Clinton has been a fixture copping tens of millions of dollars in speaking fees  including major engagements in the UAE, a notorious supporter of Salafist Jew hatred. Madame Secretary Clinton provided a venue for the 57 member Organisation of Islamic Cooperation at the State Department last December in furtherance of the Istanbul process combating religious intolerance, a code word for Western adoption of Sharia blasphemy rules against any criticism of Islam.

There are Rabbi Schneier’s synagogue mosque twinning programs that in several instances have led to dalliances with Islamic anti Semites as documented by  Dr. Charles Jacobs and Ilya  Feoktistov of Americans for Peace and Tolerance. 

Are Jews clueless or are they victims of an Islamic Stockholm Syndrome?  Will they be redeemed from their ignorance and moral blindness?  That is the question of this decade for Jewish survival post-Holocaust given the looming threat of a Jew hating Shia theocracy seeking a “second holocaust’   by perfecting  development of nuclear weapons  aided by  the West’s appeasement. Ironic on the eve of Yom Ha Shoah ”Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day”.

Note the comments of Israeli PM Netanyahu tonight in Jerusalem at the national Yad Vashem:

Israel began the observance of Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day with the national ceremony Wednesday night at the Yad Vashem memorial. Yom Hashoah continues through sundown on Thursday.

“I believe in our ability to defend ourselves,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during the ceremony. “People who dismiss the Iranian threat as a whim or an exaggeration have learned nothing from the Holocaust. To cower from speaking the uncomfortable truth - that today like then, there are those who want to destroy millions of Jewish people - that is to belittle the Holocaust, that is to offend its victims and that is to ignore the lessons.”