Doctrine of Quran is Clear!

by Gaye, a Christian subscriber of this editorial.

Those who say that Israel (Jews) should get out of Palestine because it is not Jewish land, you are nuts! It was the Muslims who occupied Jewish land in the first place, and there were many other enemies that also forced Jews to leave their land before them.

The Qur’an shows very clearly the pride taken by Mohammad and his merry men at killing Jewish men and chasing the Jews from their land. They were pirates on land! It is very clear from the verses of the Qur’an:

Qur'an 33:26 - “Allah made the Jews to leave their homes by terrorizing them so that you killed some and made many captive. And He made you inherit their lands, their homes, and their wealth. He gave you a country you had not traversed before.” - This land had not belonged to Muslims!

Qur'an 59:2 - “It was Allah who drove the People of the Book (Jews) from their homes and into exile. They refused to believe and imagined that their strongholds would protect them against Allah…”

Islam also has warned all infidels:

Bukhari: V5B59N516 - "When Allah's Apostle fought or raided people we raised our voices saying, 'Allahu-Akbar! Allahu-Akbar! None has the right to be worshipped but Allah.'"

Mohammad went on 23 RAIDS himself and ordered over 70 others to rid the world of evil. Hence, his modern followers-terrorists are willing to fulfill their esteemed leader's commands. Now they have suicide bombers, rockets and are attempting to build a nuclear bomb. They feel that time is right to implement this prophecy:

Qur'an 8:59 - "The infidels should not think that they can escape. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them. They are your enemy and Allah's enemy."

Notice the words: that infidels are "Allah's enemy".  Allah also said that Muslims were to kill all their enemies. This of course means endless war against all non-Muslims.

When people start saying that Jews should leave Israel, just ask them when they are going to leave America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or any other country where people have taken over. But Jews didn't! (We took some of our land back!)

I do not think we can convince people, who do not believe in the Torah or the Bible, that G-d promised the land to the Jews. They do not have the knowledge of God and his promises, but it is a different matter when we are dealing with the idiots and hypocrites who claim that they are acting in the name of G-d, acknowledge that Jews are indeed the "People of the Book" but simultaneously have been brazen and fierce try to destroy them. Self-protection is the only reason for little Israel to fight the billions of Muslims!

When will it be Enough - 22 Rockets Fired at Israel!

Israeli Air Force retaliates after terrorists launch 22 rockets at Israel from Gaza on Sunday, targeting dozens of the terrorist bases in the Gaza Strip and Palestinian Islamic Jihad sites south of the Syrian capital of Damascus.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

There are many genuine peoples/nations around the world, who are still suffering from occupation by others - Kurds, Armenians, Tibetans, Chechens, Western Saharans, Basques and many others. The so-called Palestinians are a mix of people from various lands; most of who have arrived to Palestine after Jews began rebuilding it, are not one of them. This fake nation was forged by Soviet Union/KGB and Arab countries in 1964 to destroy Israel! Actually, they and other Arabs of the Hashemite tribe in Jordan, who were expelled from Saudi Arabia in 1922, are true occupiers of Jewish land – Eretz-Israel!

Netherlands Tells the EU to Shove it!

Dutch parliament approved decision calls on government to object to EU court’s ruling as discriminatory, unless similar standards are applied to all disputed territories around the world. Recently, the European Court of Justice has ruled that any product manufactured by Jews in Jewish communities of Judea, Samaria, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights must be marked just like the Jews who were forced to wear yellow badges in Europe during the Holocaust.

Secret Qatar Trip

Mossad chief Yossi Cohen and commander of the Southern Command Herzi Halevi paid a secret visit to Qatar to discuss situation in Gaza. Qatar has played a major role in mediation attempts between Israel and Hamas, providing tens of millions of dollars in aid money. (Hopefully, they discussed the Sinai Option - removal of the hostile population from Gaza to Sinai!)

Egypt is Building Wall Along Gaza Border

Egypt has begun building a concrete wall along its border with the Gaza Strip. The wall is being built along the lines of an old, lower barrier that includes an underground structure designed to curb smuggling tunnels between Gaza and Egypt. (No 'outcry' from international anti-Semites!)

Why do They Care?

France and Germany both condemned Israel on Friday following Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s announcement of new construction in Jerusalem. “We are deeply concerned about the Israeli announcement to build 5,000 housing units in Israeli settlements in occupied East Jerusalem. This would further separate occupied East Jerusalem from the West Bank and undermine possibility of a Palestinian state,” the German Foreign Ministry said. (He is not "deeply concerned about" about rise of Nazi inspired violence in Germany or increase of anti-Semitism in Europe - perpetrated by Left, Right and Muslim Jew-haters!)

PA Planning Invasion of Area-C

Majdi Al-Saleh, PA “minister of local government”, threatens to approve construction plans for Area-C in Judea and Samaria next month. Under the Oslo Accords, Area C is under full Israeli control.

Left Planning to Revive Oslo!

The left-wing Labor-Gesher-Meretz political alliance says it will relaunch the Oslo peace process and “renew the partnership” between Jews and Arabs if it’s part of a future government led by Blue and White leader Benny Gantz. (Why are so many Israeli voters still supporting those traitors?)

Equal Right to Terrorism Only

A woman, resident of East Jerusalem, was shouting 'Allahu Akbar' meaning God is great, as she attempted to stab a passer-by before being overpowered by people at the scene. Earlier this month a resident of East Jerusalem rammed his car at a group of soldiers in Jerusalem, wounding 12, one of them seriously. (It does not matter where they live or what is their gender - they are still Jew-hating enemies!)

Gaza Restrictions - Playing Idiotic Yo-Yo Game

Israel Defence ministry reinstated concessions to Gazan civilians again, including the extension of the fishing zone to 15 nautical miles and 2,000 new permits for Gaza traders and workers to enter Israel. The restrictions were eased despite the continuing Palestinian rocket fire and incendiary balloons assaulting Israeli communities across the border from the Gaza Strip. DM Bennett removes ban on PA agricultural imports after PA agrees to lift boycott of Israeli cattle.

Anti-Semitic the World Council of Churches

The WCC views Trump's Peace plan as the equivalent of an act of war against the Palestinians. The umbrella world body was founded in 1948 with the mission of unifying Christian witness. However, with conflicting theologies, the only thing that it shares is political defamation of the Jewish state of Israel! The WCC also operates in a dhimmi-like pose to Islamic supremacism in the Middle East because of threats to dwindling Christian minorities in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan. The WCC is fearful of sectarian riots and pogroms against minority Christians.

Jews are still Arrested on the Temple Mount

Former MK Yehuda Glick (Likud) was arrested by the Israeli police on the Temple Mount, because he “was walking too slowly". By “walking too slowly,” the police suggested Glick violated the rule which forbids Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount to even appear as if they are engaged in spiritual meditation. In the past, police arrested Jews for making a blessing on an apple before biting into it!

Fatah Promotes Child Martyrdom!

Abbas’ Fatah urges its followers on Facebook to “share” a video of a small Jordanian boy, The child soldier, Amir, who is wearing a military uniform, carrying a slingshot in one hand and holding a toy rifle, explains to his mother that he wants to “shoot the Jews who shot Omar” - the Palestinian terrorist murderer - and if necessary to “die for Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque”! (As usual, the UN, the EU, even the US are silent! This is happening all the time. No 'Progressives', no Human Rights groups and NGOs are concerned!)

Quote of the Week:

"We have not stopped being committed to peace, but demand that it be done on our own terms. Over the years, we have only lost from US intervention, including in the Oslo Accords. There is no need for the Americans, anything that will be done directly in closed rooms between the parties away from all, will succeed... The Palestinians do not want violence and it is very important for us that the Israelis know this and understand that our path is not violent." - Nabil Abu Rudeineh, the senior adviser and spokesperson of Mahmoud Abbas - They do not care about the lies they say! For years the PA rejected direct negotiation with Israel; Rejected all offers Israel made; Still using terrorism as ‘negotiation’ tool! He said: "on our own terms" – it means non-existence of Israel!

Blame Jews for Everything!

by Steven Shamrak.

Throughout history, Jews have been blamed for almost everything. We were responsible for the Black Death during the Dark Ages and responsible for the exploitation of working classes by Capitalist society and spreading the ideals of Communism around the world. Jews were slave traders and were fighting against slavery; we are branded as Imperialists and human rights activists; we destroyed the rule of the Tsar in Russia and created and obliterated, 70 years later, the Soviet Union. We are Anarchists and Socialists, Hippies, gay and women’s right’s activists, as well as neo-Conservatives!

All this stupidity began after a Jewish guy, Jesus, started preaching a basic Jewish law - LOVE - for fellow human beings! Several hundred later his followers, with the blessing of a Roman Emperor, alleged that Jews are responsible for his death. After two thousand years most people, mainly Christians, still have not asked or even want to know about the facts. Crucifixion was the Roman way of punishment of ‘criminals’, people who opposed the brutal Roman occupation and Judea and Samaria were the hot spots of resistance to the Roman Empire. It is only after Rome adopted Christianity that Jews were blamed for the killing of the Jewish guy. After all, the Romans and the early Church could not admit killing their own chosen god!

There used to be a saying in the Soviet Union: “If there is no water in a tap, it must be Jews who have drunk it all” – in a word, that means, blame Jews for everything! Paranoid accusations and anti-Semitic propaganda that Jews are in control of the world have now spread from the Christian to the Muslim world.  This technique has always been used by kings, dictators and even by democratically elected governments to control and divert the attention of the mob, sorry population, from the problems that a kingdom or country has been experiencing and their true causes. We have even been accused of using the blood of Christian children in preparation of Matzos for Passover, with complete disregard for the fact that the Torah explicitly forbids Jews from using or eating any blood in food.

Jews have persistently been used as the most effective scapegoat! Some say: “If there were no Jews, they would be invented.”

If all these innuendoes that a nation, which numbers less than 0.2% of world population, has so much power over all Humanity are true, Jews must be really the Chosen people! Therefore, it would be a clear sign to any Christian or Muslim person, who believes in the Jewish teachings, as the Christian Bible and Koran claim, that they must worship Jews and allow us to gain full ownership of all Jewish land. Otherwise, they are not true believers! But we do not ask for any of this. The only request we have is: please leave as alone and let us live in peace on our land, Eretz-Israel!

And finally, I wonder if Jews are so powerful and such a world-controlling nation, as our ‘admirers’ say, why aren’t we yet, almost 60 years after declaration of independence of Israel, in complete control of the land of our ancestors? Furthermore, all of us must ask: what a low level of self-esteem and/or heightened hate for Jews those idiots, who blame Jews for everything, have? Aren’t they able to do anything significant at all, good or bad, on their own? At the same time, I sincerely wish that they were right!