Don't Single out Israel.

Stephen P. Heller

Numerous legal experts claim naval blockades are legal. Enforcement in international waters is legal when the vessel attempts to violate the blockade. Lethal force is legal for self-defense. The IHH acknowledged its intention to break the blockade, and Hamas refused entry of the goods into Gaza. No one disputes that life in Gaza is miserable (but not as bad as in many Arab/Muslim countries or life of Tamil refugees in Sri Lanka). Neither can it be disputed that Hamas has fired thousands of rockets into Israeli population centers without regard for civilian casualties. Egypt joined with Israel in blockading Gaza after Hamas gained control.

The second largest amount of U.S. financial aid goes to Egypt. No one seeks withdrawal of U.S. aid to Egypt for its enforcement of the blockade (or treatment of Coptic Christians). No one argues for a boycott of goods from China for its repression of Tibet (or selling organs of executed prisoners). No one demonstrates against Iran for its brutal suppression of the opposition or its threats to use nuclear weapons (and brutal treatment of religious and ethnic minorities).

No one marches against Saudi Arabia for punishing homosexuality and adultery with amputations (and lack of religious freedom). Yet Israel is routinely vilified for every mistake (if self-defense is mistake) it makes. How about giving Israel a break and focusing attention on the truly villainous governments of the world in Sudan, Iran, Somalia, China, Brazil, Uganda, North Korea, Kenya and so on?

Netanyahu is Glutten for Punishment! Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will head to the U.S. on Monday for his meeting with U.S. President Barak Obama on Tuesday. The two will meet for two hours after which a half hour press conference will be held and then the two will dine together. (After last visit humiliation of Netanyahu shouldn’t Obama come to Israel?)

Undemocratic and Inept Government. The Israeli Ministerial Committee on Legislation on Sunday voted down a proposal that would have given the Knesset the power to veto an extension of a government-imposed freeze on the building of Jewish settlements in the West Bank. If passed, the legislation would have severely limited Netanyahu's power to extend current building restrictions in the West Bank, due to expire in September.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Jew-haters blindly and franticly hate Israel to the point that they are happily helping Muslims, who hate Christians even more than Jews, to progress toward global Islamization of the world. After Israel, those idiots are next on the Islamic terror hit-list. Al-Qaida has already started the process. This is the highest level of stupidity!

Israel is Destroying Vital Industry in Gaza. Since Israel eases its blockade of the territory: Some of the hundreds of tunnels under the border with Egypt have suspended work. Others now only bring in the most sought-after items, such as cement, steel, fuel and cigarettes. Some Gaza shopowners and traders have frozen orders of smuggled goods until they find out whether merchandise coming in legally from Israel will be cheaper.

Israel Plans Huge New Desalination Plant. After Turkey has canceled a planned water sale that was to provide Israel with water for 20 years the cabinet has approved construction of a desalination plant south of Tel Aviv that is to supply 300 million cubic meters of water per year.

No Plans for Peace – Just Annihilation of Israel. 1) Another clue as to the Palestinian Authority's true stance on how a future Palestinian state would coexist with Israel came in a PA TV program broadcast recently. On the program, called “The Stars,” in which PA university students compete to answer questions, one student demonstrated what he had learned about Israel in the PA school system: that it does not exist altogether. 2) Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu (Likud) accused the American-backed PA on Wednesday of being unwilling to enter into peace talks with Israel. "Why are there only proximity talks? There is no willingness on the part of the Palestinian Authority to enter direct talks. I say to Abu Mazen: 'There is no way to solve the conflict without direct discussion.'"

No Jewish Money for Islamist Enemy. At least $400 million was lost to the Turkish economy due to reservation cancellations from Israeli tourists, according to Turkish tourism agencies. The Israeli Travel Agents Association announced that it recently cancelled 100,000 Turkish reservations out of a total of 150,000. The poll found that 74% are against Netanyahu giving in to American pressure on the issue.

Quote of the Week: The Russians have crushed the struggle for independence of the Chechens by carpet-bombing their capital. And what about a Kurdish state? The Turks and Iraqis (and Iran) have inflicted unspeakable horrors on the Kurds (and other ethnic and religious minorities). And yet, there are no Free Kurdistan flotillas sailing toward Turkey, and Russian officials don't have to fear to be arrested in European capitals for war crimes.” - Leon de WinterBoth, Chechens and Kurds, like most of residents of Gaza, are Muslims but there was no real condemnations by the UN or EU, and other bigots. There is only one difference – Israel is the Jewish state!

Another Case of “Too little, too late”. A list of every known French collaborator with the Nazis during World War II is set to be revealed and published online. The plan followed last year's ruling by France's highest court that French collaborators were not forced to help the Nazis.

Jail for Selling Land to Jews. A PA court sentenced on Tuesday a 44 year-old man from Kalkilya to 10 years in prison for selling land to Israelis. In the PA, selling land to Israelis is considered collaboration with an enemy state. (In Europe most states disallowed Jewish ownership of land. It is time for Israel to introduce a law that non-Jews, including the Vatican, have no right to own G-d-given-to-Jews land!)

Hypocrisy of the UN and World Press. On May 6, Russian marines executed the daring raid of freeing the tanker, called the Moscow University, after it was seized by pirates. One Somali pirate was killed and 10 were captured. The operation was initially hailed as a huge success, but Russia was later embarrassed by reports that it had let the pirates go and they drowned after being set afloat at sea in a small boat! (Have you heard the media frenzy or the UN calls for investigation of this highly barbaric and probably illegal act of state killing?)

Iran Can Build Two Nuclear Bombs. CIA director Leon Panetta admits Iran has enough low-enriched uranium for two nuclear bombs. He virtually admitted that every effort to halt Iran's drive for a nuclear bomb had failed.

Pack of Mad Dogs is still Silent. A US based Human Rights Watch charged that Hamas militants are violating the rules of war by prohibiting a captive Israeli soldier from having contact with his family and the Red Cross (name is Red Crystal now). The treatment of the 23-year-old soldier is "cruel and inhuman" and matches a U.N. definition of torture because he is denied any outside contact. (For four years neither the press nor various Human Rights groups, the UN or the IRC cared about fate of Gilad Shalit. But recently, they have jumped like a pack of mad dogs at Israel in defense of the ‘rights’ of Hamas terrorists and flotilla of anti-Semitic and Islamic provocateurs!)

Blockade is a Common Tool of War.

Make no mistake, Islamic world in war with Israel, using so-called Palestinians as a proxy!

A blockade is an effort to cut off food, supplies, war material or communications from a particular area by force, either in part or totally. (Hamas made no secret that it is at war with Israel and its intentions to destroy the Jewish state are clear!) …Blockades were first defined in international law at the Congress of Paris in 1856. One of the agreed rules was that a blockade had to be effective in order to be lawful. (Easing the blockade of Gaza by Israel may make it ineffective - therefore some, with the long record of international anti-Israel bias attitude, will try to proclaim it as unlawful!)

  British blockade of France and its allies during the French Revolutionary War and Napoleonic War.

  British blockade of the United States east coast during the War of 1812.

  Danish blockade of Germany during the First Schleswig War, starting in 1848.

  The Union blockaded the coasts of the Confederacy during the American Civil War.

  In 1898, the United States blockaded San Juan, Puerto Rico as part of the Spanish American War.

  British naval blockade of Germany during World War I.

  1915-1918 Ottoman blockade of Lebanon.

  United States blockade of Japan during the Pacific War of World War II.

  Soviet land blockade of West Berlin, 1948–1949, known as the Berlin Blockade.

  Egyptian blockades of the Straits of Tiran prior to the 1956 Suez War and the 1967 Arab-Israeli War.

  United States quarantine of Cuba during the October 1962 missile crisis, a partial blockade.

  Indian blockade of East Pakistan during the 1971 Bangladesh War

  Egyptian blockade of Israel during Operation Badr, part of the Yom Kippur War.

  NATO blockade of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 1993-1996 during Operation Sharp Guard.

  Israeli sea and land blockade of the Gaza Strip since the outbreak of the Second Intifada (2000) up to the present.

  Israeli blockades of some or all the shores of Lebanon at various times during wars and conflicts.

  Israeli and Egyptian blockade of the Gaza Strip, beginning in June 2007. (Because Hamas is a branch of the Egyptian Muslim brotherhood, Egypt probably fears Hamas even more than Israel!)

  Turkey and Azerbaijan blockades on Armenia during the Nagorno-Karabakh War.