Do Almost Nothing to Help Israel

by Joseph MacKinnon

A statement was issued, hours after Hamas claimed it would no longer be turning over Israeli hostages - 75 days after the Hamas terror attacks on Israel; 10 days after the UN voted 153-10 on a failed resolution in favour of a ceasefire - by lawmakers, national security experts, and retired military officials urging the Biden administration and the whole of the US government to ensure that Israel has what it needs to "utterly defeat Hamas."

The statement specifically called on federal lawmakers to ensure that the US keeps arming the IDF; reject calls for a ceasefire of the kind championed by progressive Democrats "without the unconditional surrender of Hamas and the release of every hostage held by Hamas"; and urge President Joe Biden to both restore global deterrence against Iran and refrain from impeding Israeli military operations.

"Unlike with Ukraine, which requires the American people to constantly underwrite an undefinable mission, the Biden administration can reap the benefits of defeating Hamas simply by doing nothing - absolutely nothing," said a senior Blaze News editor Daniel Horowitz. "We simply need to leave Israel alone. Israel is now losing more soldiers in battle than ever before because they are avoiding close air support all because of Biden's micromanaging of their war."


So far, after publishing my editorial letter for 21 years, not a single Zionism objector and supporter of the ‘poor Palestinians’ was able to show me a map of the future state of Palestine, as it is envisaged by the PA, Fatah and Hamas. All those Jew-hating human rights activists, journalists and politicians do know what the slogan “from the river to the sea ,Palestine will be free” means. The reality is, that after Israel they will be next!

UN Security Council has not yet Condemned the October 7 Massacre

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Most of the Western politicians, diplomats, news publications and TV presenters are still calling Hamas terrorists “militants”. This is in spite of the fact that their governments had designated Hamas as a terrorist organisation! Make no mistake, this is done deliberately, not because of their ignorance, but due to deep seated anti-Israel if not Antisemitic mindset.

Explosive Belts for Kids and Toys with Warheads

Israeli soldiers found Hamas explosive belts adapted for children and toy chests hiding warheads at a Gaza kindergarten. The raid on the compound was carried out after Israeli troops took out seven Hamas terrorists in the building. At a Gaza school that was serving as a shelter for Palestinian refugees IDF found rows of grenades, RPG missiles, explosives and firearm ammunition. (No outrage coming from the UN, UNICEF and other branches of the 'Useless Nothing'.)

Israel Rejects the UN Entry Visa Request

Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Lior Haiat, said “Because of the way that the UN has reacted to the October 7th massacre and since, starting from the Secretary-General to some of the agencies, including UN Women and others that kept silent to the suffering of Israelis - and especially the rape and the sexual abuse of Israeli women - we will not automatically issue visas to the employees of the UN, and will work on a case-by-case basis.” Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations said in October that Israel would no longer issue visas to UN officials. (About time – long overdue!)

Investigate UNRWA Ties to Hamas

A Congressional committee is going to investigate the UN agency dedicated to aiding Palestinians over its alleged ties to the Hamas terror organization. “There is extensive evidence of a troubling connection between UNRWA and Hamas, and it is far deeper than was known,” said Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Israel has accused the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for years of also aiding and abetting Palestinian terrorism by its virulently anti-Israeli textbooks, employment of terrorists among its personnel, and turning a blind eye specifically to Hamas using many of its premises, especially schools, as rocket launching sites against Israel and covers for its terror tunnels.

Israel has Killed 8,000 Hamas Terrorists

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said Thursday that it has killed 8,000 Hamas members since the terrorist group launched the war on October 7. Hamas claimed Thursday that 20,000 Palestinians had been killed since the start of the war. Its estimate was quoted widely by the media, despite the fact that Hamas did not distinguish between terrorists and civilians; between civilians killed by Hamas rocket misfires and those killed when Israel targeted terrorists; and between terrorists killed in Gaza and terrorists killed during their attack on Israel. (And how many of the 'innocent civilians' are product of the 'Pallywood' production, which is not questioned by the anti-Israel international press and law-makers?)

There are no Civilian Targets in the Gaza

Since the beginning of the war, the Israel Air Force (IAF) has deployed accurate, real-time intelligence in operations against the commander and capabilities of Hamas’ Aerial Unit. At the start of the war, an aerial detection system developed by Hamas and hidden inside water heaters on the roofs of civilian houses in the Gaza Strip in order to identify and track IDF aircraft was destroyed.

Two Wars - Double Standards Played by 'Ugly Nazy'

The United Nations' World Food Program (WFP) has suspended providing assistance in some parts of Sudan's state of Gezira, where it was supporting more than 800,000 people. About 300,000 people have fled Gezira since Dec. 15, when clashes erupted in the country's on-going civil war. (The have been no calls for a ceasefire or demands for speeding up aid shipments to the Sudanese, who have been suffering in the civil war for more than six months. Millions of them left Sudan, but the fake Palestinians, blocked by Egypt, can't leave the war zone in Gazan!)

Hamas Rejected Truce Offer

Hamas has rejected an Israeli proposal for a week-long truce in the Gaza Strip in return for the release of some 40 hostages, including all women and children the terror group still holds. The terrorist organization stated that it will not discuss the release of Israeli hostages until the cease-fire comes into effect. (No condemnation of Hamas from the UN.)

UNICEF is for Every Child, Except in Israel

The United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, is responsible for providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide. The organization’s motto is “For every child” unless you are an Israeli child. Real-time calls were made to UNICEF offices in the United States, the UK and Australia. Caller: I want to earmark my money specifically for the children in Israel, so can I just be clear that my money will go to the children in Israel?” UNICEF UK: “Okay, let’s see what we’ve got then here. So, we’ve got Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, obviously the Gaza, Libya, Lebanon, Jordan… not an Israel; I mean, obviously Gaza is in Israel.”

Israel Forms Civilian Security Squads

More than 800 new civilian emergency security squads (Kitat Konenut) were established throughout Israel, the vast majority since the start of the war in Gaza. The mission of the squads is to serve as an operational reserve force, available for quick activation, in order to assist the police forces in the various security incidents and emergency situations.

Pressure on Egypt is Needed to Take in Gazans

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in the days after Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel, asked US President Joe Biden to pressure Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to open his country’s borders and take in a large number of the civilian population in Gaza. Biden told Netanyahu the idea was a non-starter because the Egyptian government has made clear it has no interest in accepting Palestinian Arab refugees. (Why do they blame Israel for the death of civilians in Gaza? Biden didn't even try hard to make Al-Sisi take Gazans in; there is no UN resolution to force Egypt to let displaced Gazans in, and the international press is mute on the subject. Although, millions fled from civil war in Sudan, and war in Ukraine - not a problem!)

Quote of the Week:

"Many countries are calling for an end to this conflict, which we all want, but I don't hear most of them demanding that Hamas stop hiding behind civilians and lay down its weapons. If Hamas does this - the war will end tomorrow. How can it be that there are no demands of the attacker, but only demands of the victim?" - Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State - The UN Security Council passes resolution calling for steps to immediately increase Gaza aid. The 'Ugly Nazi' still has not condemned Hamas for the massacre of Jews on October 7th. The Red Cross still has not visited Jewish hostages held by Hamas and Islamic Jihad!

Israel-Hezbollah Front and the UN Hypocrisy

by Israelnationalnews team

The UN wrote in a post on X that more than 64,000 people have been displaced from south Lebanon and that many are struggling to meet their basic needs.

In response, Israel Nitzan, former Acting Consul General of Israel in New York wrote, “Here are some extremely relevant facts missing in this shameful UN tweet:”

1. There are also dozens of thousands of Israelis, who lived near the border with Lebanon, who are currently internally displaced in Israel, because of daily attacks from Lebanon deliberately targeting Israeli civilians. It’s shocking that a UN advocacy campaign would simply omit such an important fact.

2. Hezbollah, the main perpetrator of these attacks against our civilians, is an internationally designated terrorist organization. Hezbollah is an Iranian proxy. Israel is defending its civilians.

3. These unprovoked attacks from Lebanon are in blatant violation of UN Security Council Resolutions 1701 & 1559. One would expect the UN to condemn these violations in its public statements, or at least not to shamefully ignore this fact.

Last Thursday, at least two people were injured when an antitank missile fired from Lebanon towards the town of Avivim in the Upper Galilee hit a vehicle.

On Wednesday night, Hezbollah fired a barrage of rockets towards the city of Kiryat Shmona. One rocket hit a building in the city and another fell near residential homes. (The UNIFIL peacekeepers were supposed to keep Hezbollah out of Southern Lebanon. THEY DO NOT! Hezbollah often fires rockets at Israel from the vicinity of UN positions. It is the UN’s problem that they did not, and it means that Israel can NEVER allow and trust the UN ‘peacekeepers’ anywhere.)