Disproportionate Response.

by Lynn Sharon

Many countries and world leaders have accused Israel of responding disproportionately to aggression from Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza. Reluctantly the world's media started to make note of another disproportionate response from Israel.

Let's look at Haiti and the disastrous earthquake in Haiti that has generated responses from many nations:

The US has sent supplies and personnel, Britain sent 64 firemen and 8 volunteers, France sent troops for Search and Rescue. Many large and wealthy nations of the world sent money.

The Arab and Moslem world -- nothing.

Israel, a nation of 7.5 million people has sent a team of 220 people that include Medical personnel and has established the largest field hospital in Haiti, treating up to 5000 people a day, along with an experienced Search and Rescue team and medical supplies.

As in previous earthquake disasters, such as in Gujarat India in 2001 and in Turkey, in the bombings in Kenya, Israel has been one of the most generous givers of aid and assistance Turkey seems to have forgotten this help…

It is about time for some soul-searching and honesty. It is about time for the world to acknowledge Israel's disproportionate response to those who face despair - Israel's disproportionate compassion to those in dire need of succour in the face of disaster? 

It is also about time for the world to admit the disproportionate hatred spewed out by the United Nations - by those very nations whose hands are soaked in the blood of the innocent.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Osama bin Laden claimed credit for the Christmas day attempt to blow up an airliner bound for Detroit and vowed there would be more attacks. Have you heard any condemnation from traditional anti-Semites and Israel haters and Muslim allies of the United States?

Time for Israel’s self-Defence is Now. Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, wrote that "Surely, the day will come when the nations of the region will witness the destruction of the Zionist regime." Western Intelligence agency’s now believe Iran will be able to produce a large nuclear bomb within a year and Iranian President Ahmadinejad has often said that Israel is "doomed to be wiped off the map".

Obama Using Blame to Cove up his Failed Polices. President Barack Obama blamed the Israeli right for the diplomatic freeze with the Palestinian Authority: "the difficulty of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to progress beyond what the right-wing coalition allows." (The Israeli self-hating left will push Israel to self-destruction. Is the unwillingness of Arabs, including Abbas, to have peace with Israel nothing to do with lack of progress?)

The Traitor has Spoken Again. President of Israel, Shimon Peres said on Wednesday that Israel is ready to surrender more land: "Israel supports the principle of the 'two state solution'… today we are prepared to relinquish territories to achieve peace with the Palestinians and to enable them to establish an independent, prosperous and peaceful state.” (When will this delusional man retire and stop undermining Israel’s policy?)

Another Idiot has Opened his Mouth. In order to promote his party (Labor) position and undermined the view of his Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, Defence Minister Ehud Barak says the conflict with Palestinians poses a greater threat to Israel than Iran's nuclear program.

IDF Trains International Commandos. The IDF’s Foreign Training Branch trains international commandos from around the world in urban warfare and 2010 is overbooked already.

Quote of the Week: "A mere six decades after the Holocaust, you give legitimacy to a man who denies the murder of six million Jews while promising to wipe out the State of Israel, the State of the Jews. What a disgrace. What a mockery of the charter of the United Nations." - Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at U.N. summit, after Ahmadinejad's speech.

What War on Terror? The Obama administration has lifted a ban placed on the radical Muslim intellectual and theologian Tariq Ramadan, based in Switzerland, because he had contributed several hundred dollars to a Palestinian aid association. Tariq Ramadan is the grandson of Hassan el Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo in 1928.

Response to UN’s anti-Israel Smear. IDF prosecutor Avichai Mandelblitt said the Goldstone Report charges Israel with intentionally damaging civilian infrastructure, which he called ''totally false'': 1) Destruction of a flour mill did not come from an Israeli F-16, but was caused by a rocket launching by the Hamas that went bad. 2) The much discussed destruction of a waste water treatment center was not by Israel but rather by Hamas explosions. (Has Hamas bothered investigate its war crimes and respond to the UN? As usual, no one is complaining!)

They Also Opposed Sanctions Against Nazi Germany! American business groups, including the United States Chamber of Commerce, warned the White House that congressional plans to expand sanctions against Iran threaten to significantly undermine American economic and security interests. “The proposed sanctions would incite economic, diplomatic and legal conflicts with US allies and could frustrate joint action against Iran.” (Why are those ‘US allies’ supporting Iran - the enemy of the United States?)

Stupidity of Feeding Enemies. As a goodwill gesture (how many of them must Israel make to realize that they do not work?), Defense Minister Ehud Barak has authorized the annual transfer of NIS 25 million, about $6 million, to Gaza Strip residents entitled to social security and pension payments from Israel. (The money could be better used for supporting Israeli victims of Hamas and fighting terror!)

Hiding Failure and Delusional Stupidity. In his first State of the Union address on Wednesday night, U.S. President Barack Obama said that he would not give up on his vision of affordable health care, and would work harder to fix the U.S. economy. He did not mention U.S. involvement in achieving a Mideast peace deal, nor did he mention Israel and the Palestinian Authority. He did say that the U.S. war against Al Qaeda terrorists was succeeding. (The fake Mideast peace process has brought another failure. There is no progress in Iraq and Afghanistan either!)

Non-Zionist Press does not Make Commercial Sense. Public radio station Kol-Israel, which has a monopoly on national broadcasts, is losing listeners to regional stations. Army Radio stations also lost listeners. Meanwhile listenership of regional radio stations is rising. And the new TGI media survey shows that the three main leftwing newspapers continue to lose readership. Haaretz Falls to Fifth Place.

Time for Rebirth of True Zionism.

by Lori Lowenthal Marcus

Israel is the Jewish state. The UN recognized Israel that way in 1948. The idea of a safe homeland for the Jewish people, in the land of Israel - that’s Zionism.  But that idea has been effectively stolen and delegitimized by people peddling fashionable (anti-Semitic) politics.

And as the world grows increasingly hostile to Israel, the Jews hostile to Israel play an increasingly larger role in the public debate. Who are those Jews? You know: the self-important intellectuals and the well-moneyed, honey-tongued groupies currently whispering into the eager ears of the White House (seeking the praise of the masters). They label themselves “pro-peace and pro-Israel.” But they don’t really care about protecting Israel from the threats of terrorism and extinction.

They protect themselves from being identified with the nationalistic Jews (but Palestinian nationalism is a virtue and a right, according to them) by advocating a “peace process” that has never led and will never lead to peace in the Middle East. The same holds true for the non-Jews who call themselves pro-peace but are really just anti-Israel.

How will Z STREET change the terms of the debate? First, ours is the proud, full-throated advocacy of (true) Zionism (flexible ‘zionism’ does not work and is even more dangerous than Arab terrorists). Second, our approach is devoted to changing the terms of the public debate by firmly and unabashedly asserting our “three No’s”: NO negotiations with, NO appeasement of and NO concessions to terrorists. We refuse to use the vocabulary of those who have delegitimized the Zionist idea. Words like “occupation”, “West Bank” and “settlers” are weapons pointed at the heart of Zionism, not neutral instruments (but do not spend too much time on useless rebuke). The sooner people see that, the faster we’ll all attain clarity.

There was never a Palestinian State (or people) and that Jews have an irrefutable centuries-long religious and historical attachment to Jerusalem (and all Palestine), while the Arab (and other so-called) Palestinians have none... What’s not nice - the language or the facts? Until the terms of the debate and the strategy for changing those terms are employed, the world will continue to abuse Israel. (But most importantly, Jews must start to believe again that Jewish people have the right to live as a sovereign nation on the land of our ancestors. We must stop looking for approval from others and pursue what is rightfully ours!) It is time to sweep aside years of mind control successfully practiced by the anti-Israel crowd.