Disgusting Message from Ugly ‘Friend’!

I have recently received the following message from one of my readers, the ‘Jew-lover’. Unfortunately, there are still too many people like him around. At least this one does not hide his real state of mind and attitude behind fake smiles and ‘well-mannered’ back-stabbings. Personally, I hate the silent or polite bigots. (WARNING: decent people will find this statement disturbing):

“Mr. Kike, Your Shamrak report is just another example of why you kike bastards need a REAL holocaust, the joo lies about the fake one in WWII. Keep spinning your kikes lies, but you cocksuckers' day is coming. The world will be a far better place when the last sheeny vampire breathes it's last foul breath! Hopefully, it will start with a nuclear bomb on Jerusalem! Have a nice day, joo! You bastards don't have many left!” - Walt M.

Hamas claimed credit for more than 60 rockets and mortars that pulverized southern Israel Thursday afternoon, one day after the Israeli government announced it was inclined to agree to a truce with the group. - The Israeli prime minister's spokesman Mark Regev said: "The barrage of rockets today shows that Hamas has no interest in calm and is committed to violence, terror and murder." - It took so long for Olmert’s government to ‘realise’ it! Who needs another ‘calm’, only by the removal of the terror-infested population from Jewish land will Israel have peace!

Invade Gaza and Finish the Job. Former Gaza Arabs who aided Israel in the war against terror say the only way to end rocket attacks is to return to Gaza and clean out the weapons. Approximately 80 families living in the rocket-battered city of Sderot are Arabs from Gaza who were collaborators for Israeli intelligence before the destruction of Jewish communities and the IDF withdrawal from the area three years ago. Many of them are now advising the Israeli government to return to Gaza and clean out the area of terrorists and their weapons in order to bring peace. (Just another pretend Gaza operation is not enough. Gaza must be cleared of its terror-loving population and reunited with Israel!)

Jordan – ‘Friendly’ and ‘Moderate’ Neighbour. The Israeli delegation to the regional conference in Jordan on the subject of economic cooperation was refused entry into Jordan on Sunday.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Several years ago I asked Tzipi Livni, possibly the next leader of Kadima, why Israel does not take seriously and do anything about the “Media War’ or Asymmetrical Propaganda War. She dismissed the question without even trying to understand the issue or its importance. Israel needs a new and intelligent Jewish national Zionist Leadership! Another apathetic and pathetic, self-serving and corrupt leadership will bring only more pain and suffering.

Coming Home at Last. An Iraqi Jewess kidnapped from her home 55 years ago, finally escaped and is making her way to Israel, where she will join the surviving members of her immediate family. Hannah Menashe was 21-years old, already married to a Jewish man, and on the verge of making aliyah (emigration to Israel) with her parents and seven siblings, when an Arab neighbour abducted her and she "disappeared off the face of the earth." Only after her abductor died was Menashe able to flee Iraq. She found her way to an Israeli consulate in Europe and told them she was Jewish and wanted to join her family in Israel.

Lebanon Rejected Talks. Lebanon rejected a call made by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for peace talks and demanded that Israel withdraw from disputed territory along their international borders. (Israel’s enemies do not want even to consider peace, but Israel is blamed by the UN and other ‘Jew-loving’ organisations!)

Lateral Environmental Thinking. As part of a government initiative to better the environment by using alternative energy, the Jerusalem Municipality will install solar panels on 20 city schools in the coming years. The project will cost NIS 100 million, but the municipality will not be paying for the panels. Instead, the government will compel energy companies to pay for the rentals.

Another ‘Work Accident’. At least four Arabs, including a baby, were killed on Thursday afternoon in a powerful blast that ripped through home of a bomb-making terrorist. More than 25 people were wounded. As usual, Hamas blamed the deaths on the Israeli Air Force and fired a number of rockets into Israel in ‘retaliation’. Hamas later admitted that it was work accident – While Hamas terrorists were preparing an attack on Israel blew themselves up.

Still Delusional. American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has maintained that democracy will overcome terrorist parties and that the democratic victory of Hamas actually was good because it proved that Hamas is not responsible (True! The bloodthirsty, terror infested population of so-called Palestinians is!). Writing in the prestigious Foreign Affairs Journal, she stated that a new Arab state within Israel's current borders must "build effective democratic institutions that can fight terrorism and extremism." (No she is not delusional, just another puppet in the anti-Israel game!)

Quote of the Week:

"I am disgusted! Up there in the Knesset it's like a Roman orgy. When I was a kid I had heroes for politicians. Now I have criminals." - Avi Meir, a shawarma vendor in Jerusalem's busy Ben-Yehuda shopping mall.

"The quality of our leadership is deteriorating and the public is tired of politics." - Former Labor Party Knesset Member Ephraim Sneh.

"There would be nothing easier than to end the terrorism from Gaza – but we as Jews take more moral responsibility and therefore exercise more self-restraint than any other nation in the world." Israel’s former Defense Minister, Binyamin Ben EliezerWouldn’t it be more moral to end terror by defeating the enemy, liberating Jewish land from Arab occupation and saving not just Jewish lives, but Muslim ones as well?

Government in Waiting for Collapse. The decision by the security cabinet to pursue the possibility of reaching a period of "calm" in Gaza shows that the Olmert government has lost the ability to make decisive moves. "The decision not to decide shows the urgent need for swift elections and the creation of a new government, that will be able to reach decisions”, said MK Yuval Steinitz (Likud).

Help to Terrorists Comes from Everywhere. Gaza-based terrorists for the first time have used a Russian-made Fagot guided anti-tank missile. The missile can be controlled after it is fired, and it has a maximum range of 1.5 miles. Advanced weapons brought into Gaza by sea or through smuggling tunnels, many of which are supplied from Syria and Lebanon. (No one is calling for an end to the sale of Russian weapons to Arabs!)

Hamas Water Greed. The Hamas terrorists entered and seized vehicle and keys to the building, which has been the headquarters for operations funded by the European Union (EU). This gives the terrorists access to revenue for water well taxes and may also allow them to get their hands on money from the EU.

Jewish Contribution to Humanity:

Mark Zuckerberg, 23, a former Harvard student shot to international fame by creating the Facebook networking site. – Well, not exactly a “Contribution to Humanity”, but something to brag about!

Microsoft Opens R&D Center in Israel. Microsoft chief executive officer Steve Ballmer opened a new research and development center in Herzliya Pituach. Microsoft plans to employ 750 workers at the new center. Ballmer compared Israel with California's Silicon Valley because of the large number of startup opportunities in high technology.

Anti-Semitism in Oxford. An Israeli graduate student who received a two-year research scholarship to the prestigious University of Oxford has decided to give up his scholarship for the upcoming second year due to anti-Israel attitudes and anti-Semitism he was exposed to on the campus. (It seems that nothing has changed in Great Britain since the expulsion of Jews some 718 years ago! The anti-Semitic environment in many western universities has become intolerable. Interestingly, the major instigators and perpetrators of this ugliness are non-Muslim students and members of academia! It seems that the lessons of Nazi Germany have been forgotten and the cadaver of traditional European anti-Semitism has been resurrected.)

“Chicken or Egg” Schizophrenia. An Egyptian scholar, Dr. Abd-al-Rahman Reihan, claims that archaeological evidence in Dahab in the Sinai Peninsula shows that the Star of David, traditionally thought to be a Jewish symbol, is actually Muslim.  Reihan claims that several incidences of the Star of David occur as a decoration in Muslim archaeological sites across the Sinai during the Fatimid/early Crusader period (969-1187). Reihan has previously claimed that the menorah (another traditional Jewish symbol) is in fact a Roman invention from the times of the Emperor Titus.

No Room for Israel in Egyptian Hearts.

Maps sold in Cairo’s main bookshops omit Israel, with the area comprising Israel and the occupied territories simply labelled “Palestine” in Arabic. Sixty years after its creation and 30 years after the Camp David accords paved the way for a 1979 peace treaty with Egypt, Israel exists only virtually as far as its neighbour to the west is concerned. Breaking ranks with other Arab states, Egypt was the first to recognize the state of Israel, followed by Jordan and Mauritania. The other 18 member states of the Arab League have not followed their example… “No, there are no maps with the name Israel. We follow the rest of the Arab world in this, peace treaty or not”, said Ibrahim Mahmoud, who works in a Cairo bookshop…

(By signing a fake peace agreement with Israel, having no intention to honour it, Egypt gained control of Sinai and has being receiving 3 billion dollars of foreign aid a year from the United States along with a degree of international respectability. Since the Camp David agreement, Egypt has done almost nothing to improve its relationship with Israel, but on the contrary plays underhanded anti-Israel games! At any time Egypt is ready to break the peace with Israel and there will then be no need to reprint the books and maps.)