Disengagement was not About Peace.

Letter from Yehoshua Friedman.

Recently journalist Yair Lapid, son of former Minister Tommy Lapid of the Judaism-hating Shinui Party, expressed outright the true motivation of the Sharon government for the expulsion of the Jews from Gaza and Northern Samaria. Lapid said that the true purpose had nothing to do with peace. It was not even about saving the Sharon Mafia family from prison. It was about breaking the national-religious Jews.

These leftists ostensibly hate the hareidim because they don't go to the army (neither do most of the leftists now). But they hate the national-religious Jews because they DO go to the army. Emanuel Shilo in his recent editor's column in the newspaper Besheva quotes Lapid as saying that it wasn't so, terrible, they were simply moved over from one place to another. Shilo points out that it wasn't merely a change of address, it was the economic rape of a highly productive sector of mostly farmers who were bringing in foreign currency.

They did not merely destroy their houses, they left most of these hard-working Jews unemployed and idle. They destroyed their communal infrastructure. They left their youth at risk. And Mr. Lapid has the effrontery and chutzpa to say it's all right, don't be angry, we still need each other.

The secular people need a connection to their roots and the religious "minority" needs to belong to the people. (We all are part of the same house hold. We must unite behind one goal and one idea. Only then we will achieve peace in Eretz-Israel!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

I laugh when anti-Semites and Muslim thugs call me a racist, but I am sadden when some Jews do the same. When will they learn to love themselves and respect our own history, heritage and rights?

Olmert and Expulsion Victims. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told a Cabinet committee that although he "was a major supporter of the disengagement, …We must take all measures ..to prevent excessive bureaucracy that lacks compassion" for those expelled from their homes in the Gush Katif and northern Gaza region." (Facilitator of Jewish misery is talking about compassion? What a joke! Crocodile tears of unscrupulous and corrupt politician.)

When Will He Resign? Aliza Olmert, Prime Minister Olmert's wife, received a "salary" of 240,000 shekels in the year 2004, from a private company owned by Avi Naor - though employees don't remember her, and the job doesn't appear on her resume. Naor has frequent contact with government officials and often requests budgetary allocations for public cause projects. As Minister of Industry and Trade, Ehud Olmert was to be one of the central figures in the establishment of the projects - including raising money.

Mazuz - Leftist Stooge in Action. Israeli Attorney-General Menachem Mazuz said that President Moshe Katsav should temporarily resign from office following recommendations that he be indicted on a host of sexual-related charges. Mazuz said it would be "improper and inappropriate" for Katsav to continue in his largely-ceremonial post once a decision to indict him has been made. (But, after so many proven alligations of corruption against Olmert, it is still proper and appropriate for Olmert to stay in his executive position! Why has Mazuz not indicted Olmert for his corrupt activities or, at least, called for his resignation?)

Leftist Hypocracy in Action. Education Minister Yuli Tamir (Labor) caused an uproar Sunday by insisting that Rabin Memorial Day is as important as Holocaust Remembrance Day and the state will enforce its observance. (Egomaniac who went ahead with ‘Oslo war’ agreement, bending Israel’s democracy and ignoring the outcry of the Jewish people; Eager executioner of Jews is as important as Holocaust Remembrance Day? What a Bull!)

Clinging to Power. Israel Labor Party bent its ideology and voted to stay in government, despite Olmert’s intention to add an Jewish national party to his ruling coalition. Labor leader, Defense Minister Amir Peretz denounced Lieberman's policies. "We're talking about a man with a world view that is extreme, clear and infuriating," he said. "We will stay in order not to let these views be realized." (Any ‘Spin’ is OK in order to get a fat pay cheque! No integrity needed!)

Quate of the Week:

"For Zion's sake I will not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem 's sake I will not rest ..." - Isaiah 62:1

Fifth Column. Five Israeli-Arabs were arrested Sunday in the Arab village of Um el-Fahm. A 20-year-old Israeli-Arab female terrorist, who had been working in an Israeli supermarket in a Jewish neighbourhood, was arrested before she could place a bomb in a Raanana restaurant. Arab lawmaker Jamal Zahalka released a statement calling on the international community to “punish Israel” for bring the Yisrael Beitenu Party into the government.

Sinai-Gaza Wide Open. Washington dispatched a secret US military delegation to Egypt earlier this month to find out why the Sinai-Gaza border remained wide open to the continuous illegal supply of Palestinian arms into the Gaza Strip. Egyptian officers were found sitting on their hands.

UN and Security barrier. The United Nations has established the institutional framework for a registry of damages incurred by Arab Palestinians to their homes, business and agricultural holdings as result of Israel’s construction of a barrier in the PA controlled territory. (Will this deeply anti-Semitic organisation do the similar study about Korean demarcation border, walls separating Saudi Arabia and Yemen, as well as the one Saudi plan to build along Iraqi border? At the same time, US President George W. Bush has signed legislation to create an 1100km fence that will stretch along a third of the 3200km US-Mexico border. When will the International hypocrisy and hate toward Jews end?)

Jewish Contribution to Humanity.

Dennis Gabor (Gábor Dénes) (June, 1900 – February, 1979) was a Hungarian born physicist and inventor who is most notable for inventing holography in 1947 for which he later received the Nobel Prize in Physics in1971. Holography however did not become commercially available until the introduction of the laser.

Theodore Harold Maiman (born July, 1927) is an American who invented the first operable laser device.

Muslim Posturing Game Again. IRAQ'S Prime Minister said he could get violence under control in six months, half the time US generals say they need. "They think building Iraqi forces will need 12 to 18 months, for us to be in control of security,'' Mr Maliki said. (Now US can leave Iraq with confidence. It is a good opportunity for the Republican party to boost the chance of winning mid-term election!)

Intercepted Shipment of Explosives. Israeli forces intercepted a shipment of explosives, 13 pounds of TNT, smuggled through a Gaza-Israel passage and headed for the West Bank and were meant for a terrorist attack against Israelis.

Wasteful PR Exercise. Senior Israeli diplomats and public relations executives held a two-day conference in Tel Aviv aimed at coming up with ways to offset the Jewish state’s reputation abroad as country constantly at war. PR campaign will be implemented in 2007 with a ministry budget of $4.6 million. (We are at war imposed on us by our enemies. It will end only after we decisively regain control over all Jewish land, so our enemies will have no doubts in our determination!)

Another Cash ‘Transfer’. The PA interior minister, Said Siam, entered Gaza on Tuesday at the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, following a trip that also took him to Syria and Iran. He brought home $2 million in cash and plans to spend half the money by making $50 payments to 20,000 members of the security forces. (Why cash? Is it laundering drug money from Syria?)

No Need for Diplomatic Correctness. Russian President Valadimir Putin offered the view that the sex scandal surrounding President Katzav and the corruption charges against PM Olmert were provoked by “Israel’s actions in the Lebanon.” He added: “Many see the events as defeat…” Putin’s words are seen as unprecedented breach of normal courtesies between governments. (When Jews learn to respect themselves the respect from others will follow!)

Letter from a ‘Muslim Friend’

Letter from Mohammad Assadi.

The Signs of defeat for the US and Israel are shouting so loud perhaps the deaf can hear, perhaps those shouts will reach the ears of those who do not wish to hear them.

The US is being defeated with its NATO friends at Afghanistan. The US is being defeated with its English office Boy Blair at Iraqi.

The US and its Germ Israel were defeated so bad at South Lebanon by the Freedom Fighters of Hizbullah, and new world leader Nassrullah.

The US will be defeated and will eat its stupid words when saying: Korea will pay hard for its challenge to the US.

The US started its trip down so soon, unlike any Empire, this US will see no glory of any kind, this evil Empire will soon be removed from the light to live in the darkness of its own Heart

(This letter Mohammad sent to me as a reply to “Impact of Arab Propaganda” article. This is the voice, I assume, of the main-stream Muslims, their attitude and intention. Would you allow them to achieve their goal – the World domination of Islam? They are deadly serious! It is time for us to realize that.)

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