Democrats have Become Blatantly anti-Israel

House Democrats removed roughly $1 billion in funding for Israel’s Iron Dome defense system in a spending bill.

Leaders of the Democrat-controlled chamber reportedly removed the money from the so-called "continuing resolution" to get enough voters from progressives in their conference to pass the measure

Far-left Democrats, including members of the “Squad,” successfully pressured House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday into stripping military aid to Israel from the bill.

Bill to Make Two-state Solution US Policy

Jewish Democratic Rep. Andy Levin (D-Mich.) is introducing legislation that would make a two-state solution official US policy. Named the “Two-State Solution Act,” it states that “only the outcome of a two-state solution can both ensure the state of Israel’s survival as a democratic state and a national home for the Jewish people and fulfil the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people for a state of their own.” It states that the West Bank, including eastern Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, are “occupied territories” - wording that should be referred to “consistently” in official U.S. policies, communications and documents. The legislation also labels Israeli settlements as “occupied territories” and being “inconsistent with international law.” (What international law do they refer to? Judea, Samaria and Gaza are historically and legally the Jewish lands. They were freed from enemy occupation by Israel during defensive war in 1967. Jew-haters often use self-hating Jewish idiots to legitimise their 'pathology'.)

Desire to Attack Anything Related to Israel

Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin argues that a sizable chunk of congressional Democrats are consistently on the lookout for ways to demonize and attack Israel. "Iron Dome, like other missile defense systems, was co-developed by the US and Israel. The research that went into the design of this system is shared between our two countries and can be used to protect our bases abroad, in addition to Israeli civilians in their homes," she wrote.

Playing “Technical" Game with Jewish Lives

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) told Israel’s foreign minister that the removal of funding for the Iron Dome from the Democrats’ government funding bill is merely a “technical postponement” and promised that the resources will be transferred “soon.”

The House Screwed the anti-Semitic Squad!

US House Votes 420-9 in Favor of Iron Dome Funding. Development of this system is also in the interest of the US!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The Durban IV conference, which was sponsored by the ‘Ugly Nazi’ and attended by international anti-Semites, has just one goal – hate propagation toward the only Jewish state! This time the conference was boycotted by some 30 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and New Zealand. Increasing number of countries began realising how disgusting it is!

The Durban IV conference – Global Anti-Semitic Event

Dozens of countries, 37, steered clear of a UN General Assembly session Wednesday that commemorated the 20th anniversary of the controversial UN World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa, which was accused of veering into open antisemitism. The first Durban conference - held from August 31 to September 8, 2001, just days before the terror attacks of September 11 - was marked by deep divisions on the issues of antisemitism, colonialism and slavery. The US and Israel walked out of the conference in protest at the tone of the meeting, including over plans to include in the final text condemnations of Zionism as a form of racism - a provision that was eventually dropped.

Enemies are still 'Barking' at Israel

- Hezbollah Deputy Secretary-General Naim Qassem warned that any attack by Israel on Lebanon will be met with a response, and that its weapons are 'locked and loaded.'

- Mahmoud Abbas delivered a vague ultimatum in a long address to the. He gave Israel one year to end its occupation of territories the Palestinians want for a future state. He threatened to withdraw recognition of Israel - a cornerstone of three decades of failed peace efforts - if it failed to do so. Abbas has repeatedly pushed for an international conference for peace in the Middle East, a move aimed at bypassing the US efforts to resume talks.

Revival of Iran Nuclear Deal is a Delusion

A senior US official said on Thursday that the window is still open to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. Iran is yet to name a negotiator, set a date for talks or say whether it would resume where they left off in June. US Special Envoy for Iran Robert Malley said recently that Washington "can't wait forever" for Tehran to decide whether it wants to restart the talks. (Neither can Israel - Destroying Iranian nuclear program is the only option!)

Sudan Ends Suppor for Hamas

After normalization with Israel, Sudan closed its door on support for Hamas. Sudanese authorities have taken control of lucrative assets that for years provided backing for Hamas. Hamas has lost a foreign base where members and supporters could live, raise money, and channel Iranian weapons and funds to the Gaza Strip. The takeover of at least a dozen companies that officials say were linked to Hamas has helped accelerate Sudan's realignment with the West. Khartoum won removal from the US state sponsors of terrorism (SST) list and is on course for relief of more than $50 billion in debt. (Quite often the ‘love’ for Israel is based on needs for aid and trade.)

Ukraine Parliament Banning anti-Semitism

The Ukrainian Parliament passed a law defining the concept of anti-Semitism and the punishments for violations of the law. Hatred is defined as "by calling for or justifying attacks on Jews, making false or hateful statements and denying the persecution and mass extermination of Jews during the Holocaust. Intentionally damaging buildings, monuments and religious institutions may also fall under the definition of anti-Semitism." (While anti-Semitism is on the rise in the most Western democracies and becoming fashionable again, Ukraine is moving away from its Jew-hating past!)

Terrorists Inspire Enemy Population

More than 87% of Palestinian Authority (PA) residents, both the Palestinian Authority and Gaza, were inspired by the escape of six terrorists from the Gilboa Prison. About 78% would like to see PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas resign his position - 10% more than in the last poll. (They prefer Hamas to the more ‘moderate’ terrorists of Fatah.)

Quote of the Week:

"As the new foreign minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, I’m honored to announce that my nation’s willpower is dedicated to the total elimination of all forms of racial discrimination, including apartheid and Zionism. - said Amir-Abdollahianat the United Nations Durban IV conference  Intention of the enemies is clear. Must Israel wait?

When Words do not Match Deeds

US President Joe Biden addressed the United Nations General Assembly in New York. (His address was on the same day that the House Democrats removed funding for Israel’s Iron Dome system)

During his speech, the president stated that America's support for Israel is "unequivocal" and its commitment to the Jewish State's security is "without question."

Biden reiterated his support for the Two-State solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, but acknowledged that such a scenario is "a long way" off. "I continue to believe that a two-state solution is the best way to ensure Israel's future as a Jewish democratic state, living in peace alongside a viable, sovereign and democratic (really?) Palestinian state," he said. (Supporting the creation of another totalitarian and terrorist state on Jewish land is not "unequivocal" commitment to the security of Israel. The Two-State is a deliberate anti-Semitic delusion – it has not worked and never will!)

Turning to the Iranian nuclear threat, Biden said that “the United States remains committed to preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon," adding that the US is "prepared to return to full compliance with (the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal) if Iran does the same.” (The deal which has helped Iran continue enrichment of uranium for its nuclear weapon program.)