Delusion of Peace vs Self-Respect


Former PM Ehud Olmert says his offer included almost all of Judea and Samaria and an international Jerusalem. "I offered an agreement that was up to all of the Palestinians' expectations and requests. Everything that the Palestinians wanted. I offered an arrangement that Arab Jerusalem will be a Palestinian capital. I suggested that no one have political sovereignty over the Temple Mount or the old city, no one, not even us... There will be an international trust of five nations: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, and the USA, that receives special power from the UN to manage the holy area, including the Temple Mount and the old city."

According to Olmert: "The Palestinians missed their opportunity, when I offered them a deal, and they don't deny it. I'm telling you that Mahmoud Abbas knows, he told quite a few Israelis that we were so close to a peace agreement that would have changed everything."

Olmert is of the opinion that the Palestinian terror won't end immediately after the foundation of a Palestinian state. "If a Palestinian state were to be formed next to Israel, it will take time until the terror stops. The terror won't stop in one day. Don't have that illusion."

Olmert concludes: "There is no future in this land without peace with the Palestinians and there's no peace without coexistence with the Arab population." (But following his delusion of possibility of making peace with the enemies, who are determent to destroy the Jewish state, Olmert and other Israeli politicians, including current ones, are putting the future of the Jewish people in danger. Israel needs political leadership with self-respect and vision of the great, united Eretz-Israel.)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

It is written in the Torah: “A time to kill, a time to heal. A time for war, a time for peace.” Israel has no partners and/or obligation to negotiate peace with killers of Jewish people. Both Fatah and Hamas have clearly stated the intention to destroy Israel and kill Jews. Jewish law states: "If someone is coming to kill you, rise against him and kill him first". Removing enemies from the Jewish land must be the highest priority for the government of Israel. Israel is not a European ‘ghetto’ – time to realise it, and start to behave as a self-respectful nation!

UK Scraped Plans to Move Embassy to Jerusalem

Rishi Sunak has abandoned moves initiated by Liz Truss to relocate Britain’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, Downing Street has confirmed. After Sunak, an enthusiastic supporter of Israel, met a group of Israeli and Gulf Arabs and diplomats in the UK to praise the Abraham accords as the dividend of diplomacy, the UK made U-turn. (It did not take long! Forget about economy, anti-Israel policy has the highest priority.)

Supreme Court is Enemy Within

The High Court of Justice rejected a petition to compel the military commander and the Civil Administration to repeal Jordanian Law #40 which prohibits the sale of land in Judea and Samaria to Jews – a law still in force due to Israel’s decision not to extend its law or sovereignty to territory liberated in 1967. The government’s representatives also argued that there is no justification for the Court to intervene in decisions. (Israel needs Zionist government not self-serving politicians. Change of the judicial system and ending of the judges’ ‘ghetto mentality’ is long over-due.)

Arab League - 'Palestinian' Game is still ‘On’!

Arab leaders vowed "total support" for Palestinian Arabs in a summit held by the Arab League in Algeria, the 22-state bloc. Member states affirmed in the summit's final declaration the "centrality of the Palestinian cause and our absolute support for the Palestinian people's inalienable rights" including to an independent state with eastern Jerusalem as its capital.

Biden is not in a Rush to call Netanyahu

Netanyahu did receive a call from US Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides who congratulated him. The US envoy told Likud leader that the US president is a bit focused on the midterms but that phone conversation will still take place soon. The seemingly lengthy period led to speculation that Netanyahu no longer had the close relationship with the White House that he enjoyed when Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump was in office.

Otzma Yehudit Demands Changes

After becoming the third largest party in the Knesset with 14 seats, Otzma Yehudit's Yitzhak Wasserlauf, who is number five on the list and is slated to become the youngest minister in the government, said: "we think we need to immediately proceed changing the rules of engagement and establishing immunity for police and soldiers. When a soldier goes to battle he shouldn't have to start deciding which lawyer to take afterward. I can only say one thing: We are not classic politicians who promise something before elections and afterward forget about it."

Rockets Fire from Gaza

For the first time since August, four rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip into Israel. Iron Dome downed one projectile. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group claimed responsibility for the launch.

Meretz and Balad Parties are Out!

The far-left Meretz party continued to poll under the minimum threshold, 3.25% of all valid ballots, to secure a Knesset seat. It is the first time since the party’s formation in 1992 that it has failed to win any representation in the Knesset. The Arab nationalist party, Balad, received 2.96% of the votes counted thus far, and is unlikely to clear the threshold. (Jewish voters in Israel became more pro-Zionist and rejected the anti-Zionist leftist party. At the same time, Arab-Israelis do not like 'pro-democracy' Arab party.)

UAE Deploys Israeli Air Defense System

The United Arab Emirates has deployed Israeli air defenses to bolster capabilities against Iranian missiles and drones. Two Barak 8 launchers and an Elta ELM 2084 radar system were deployed at the Al Dhafra Air Base south of Abu Dhabi. The Barak 8 system was jointly developed by Israel and India to defend against jets, helicopters, drones and even missiles. A naval version has already been deployed on the Israeli Navy’s Saar 5 corvettes and several Indian Navy destroyers. Azerbaijan and Morocco have also purchased the system.

Shallow Apology - 'Business as Usual'

The BBC has issued an apology for years of improperly responding to complaints of anti-Israel bias by its Arabic network. The BBC issued an apology as support mounts for a parliamentary inquiry into antisemitism at the UK’s national broadcaster. But a Jewish advocacy group was not convinced that the BBC was serious about addressing the problem. (What about English news programs? Will the other Western news agencies in the US, Europe and Australia apologize and start reporting the truth about 'Palestinian' terrorism and Israel's achievements unbiasedly?)

Hamas is Coming Back to Damascus

Two senior officials from Hamas visited Syria’s capital recently. The visit appears to be a first step toward full reconciliation between Hamas and the Syrian government and follows a months-long mediation by Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah terror group - both key backers of Syrian President Bashar Assad. When Syria tipped into civil war, Hamas broke with Assad and sided with the rebels fighting to oust him, as the rebels are largely Sunni Muslims.

 Quote of the Week:

“Neither customary international law nor the United Nations Charter acknowledges that every group of people claiming to be a nation has the right to a state of its own.” – Professor Rostow former Sterling Professor of Law and Public Affairs Emeritus at Yale University – Just because Arabs and others proclaimed themselves “Palestinians” in the 1960s, with the help of the Soviet Union and other international anti-Semites, it did not make them a nation – and they definitely have no legitimate claim on Jewish land!

When Israel’s Weak Enemies up the Ante

by Dr. Harold Rhode

In the Middle East, when one party to a dispute gives in to the other’s demands, the winner “ups the ante”. No one respects those who meekly submit to their opponents. Instead, people mock, shame and often attack the loser.

- Israel surrendered to demands made by Hezbollah, Lebanon and, ultimately, Iran regarding the Israel-Lebanon maritime border and the right to extract natural gas from the Karish gas field.

- Israel’s weak and fearful response to the many terrorist attacks in Jerusalem and Samaria (a.k.a. the northern part of the “West Bank”).

The current Israeli government may try to rationalize its actions, but almost everyone in the Middle East knows that both these events represent huge losses for Israel.

This also damages the Abraham Accords process, because no one in the Middle East respects or wants to be friends with a loser. Bahrain and the UAE, for example, both of whom see the present Iranian government as their existential enemy, view the Israeli government’s decision to accept what amounts to a surrender to Iran - and America - as a warning sign. This makes it much less likely that more Middle Eastern countries will normalize relations or make a formal peace with Israel.

In only a few weeks, Israelis will go to the polls in the latest of many recent rounds of elections. We are now detecting a major, if quiet, backlash against this Israeli government and the left in general. Increasing numbers of Israelis seem to be telling their most intimate friends that they expect to vote for Itamar Ben Gvir - a sort of Israeli Donald Trump. These are people who would never have considered voting for such an “extremist” in the past. Will they actually do so?