Definition of Zionism.

Zionism is an international political movement that supports a homeland for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel. Although its origins are earlier, the movement was formally established by an Austrian Journalist Theodore Herzl and the first Zionist congress staged in 1897. The international movement was eventually successful in establishing the State of Israel in 1948, as the world's first and only modern Jewish State. It continues primarily as support for the state and government of Israel and its continuing status as a homeland for the Jewish people. Proponents of Zionism regard it as a national liberation movement whose aim is the self-determination of the Jewish people on Jewish ancestral land. (A similar description of Zionism was given in the first Soviet encyclopedia, published in 1924.)

While Zionism is based in part upon religious tradition linking the Jewish people to the Land of Israel, where the concept of Jewish nationhood (most rabbies and Jewish schools have not been teaching Jews about national identity and pride for a long time – No wonder the assimilation rate among Jews is high!) is thought to have first evolved somewhere between 1200 BCE and the late Second Temple era, the modern movement was mainly secular, beginning largely as a response by European Jewry to rampant anti-Semitism across the continent. Zionism gradually gained more support, and the Holocaust accelerated Jewish immigration to the Land of Israel. (Contrary to some claims, the Holocaust was not the reason for the creation of the State of Israel, but was the culmination of long long process! Conflicting Arab claims to the Land of Israel as well as lingering traditional European anti-Semitism still prevail in the UN and had also been dominant in the League of Nations which preceded it and was controlled by the Great Britain and France at the time).

Egypt allowed at least 80 Hamas terrorists, including many who are trained in Iran and Syria for warfare against Israel and high-profile political officials, to enter Gaza from Sinai last week.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

It is imperative to have the right Definition: Gaza is "Enemy territory" - It is actually the Jewish land, occupied by the enemies!

'Thank You' to Abbas for Support to Terror Families. While Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is ‘making up’ with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas a joint statement of principles, a Fatah activist issued a public “thank you” to Abbas and his government for their largesse in providing ongoing financial support for the families of terrorists. (Nothing changes in Fatahstan!)

Leftists Staging "Settler Harassment of Arabs". Residents of Elon Moreh have photographed extreme-left activists deliberately damaging Arab property and a water pipe leading to a nearby Arab village Dir el-Hattab, in order to create conflict. (Will those Jewish self-haters be prosecuted by the Israeli justice system that is often so keen to penalize Jewish patriots?)

Mubarak: Israel Has Not Learned from 1973. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said that Israel has not learned the lessons of the 1973 [Yom Kippur] war and still prefers to use force rather than seek diplomatic solutions. "Israeli politicians and military officials still fear the recurrence of such a surprise war," (Look who is talking? If Israel fears the recurrence of a war, there must be a reason! Muslim leaders have been talking “War” for quite a while!)

Endless Stupidity. Twenty-nine convicted terrorists were finally released early Tuesday afternoon to Gaza despite moral objections raised at the last moment by IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi. In all 96 terrorists are all named as members of the Fatah organization and were released as a "goodwill" gesture hoping to prop up Fatah Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, for the Muslim month of Ramadan. (None of Israel’s kidnapped solders were released by Hamas or Hizbollah! No "goodwill gestures” for Jews during Rosh Hashonah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simha Torah!)

Quote of the Week:

"No Jew is at liberty to surrender the right of the Jewish Nation and the Land of Israel to exist. No Jewish body is sanctioned to do so. No Jew alive today has the authority to yield any piece of land whatsoever. This right is preserved by the Jewish people throughout the generations and cannot be forfeited under any circumstances..." - David Ben Gurion.

Ben-Eliezer: ‘Disengagement’ Was a Mistake. Minister of National Infrastructure Binyamin (Fouad) Ben-Eliezer (Labor) said last Wednesday that the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, also known as the Disengagement, was a mistake.  Israel should not make unilateral moves in the future, he said. (What about correcting all the mistakes of the past? Labor is just putting a spin on its policy of self-destruction before the next election!)

Fatah Threaten ‘New Intifada’ – ‘Negotiating’ by Blackmail! If the upcoming United States-sponsored Mideast peace conference fails to yield the desired results, the repercussions will be more dangerous than what happened after the failure of Camp David.” said Fatah parliament head Azzam al-Ahmed. He threats that the PA might boycott the conference if Israeli negotiators have not agreed to certain concessions. (What negotiating, why and with whom? No one wants to answer these questions.)

Hideous Political Correctness

by Steven Shamrak.

Not long ago political correctness was introduced to the West with very good intentions. It was needed to make a transformation from a barbarian and bigoted society to one that pretends to be civilised, where all are equal. Therefore, Blacks have become African Americans; the Spanish and Chinese – Ethnic minorities; Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims - Religious minorities; Man or woman are called a person.

Political correctness is not a new invention. According to the unofficial codex of intelligencia of Tsarist Russia: “A member of the intelligencia must not admit or show his anti-Semitic tendencies.” It was never about not having them!

Now political correctness has reached new levels of absurdity. For example, blind and short people are called visually and vertically challenged or impaired. Political correctness became a tool of aggression and intolerance in a quite slippery, ‘joking’, passive-aggressive way.

The current TV serial “Commander in Chief” has topped them all in its sophistication of subliminal, hammer-like, presentation of ‘political correctness’. It is meant to be a substitution for the highly intelligent and professionally made “The West Wing” serial. But, with an independent, female president, an African American as a Chief of Staff of the White House and an Arab Palestinian as her most trusted staffer, it can only be described and viewed as a spoof. No wonder the show has rating problems. Next, they will probably make the science fiction movie – “George Bush and Democracy on Mars”. It will be a more likely scenario than the (add) creation of true democracy in Iraq, Iran… or in any Muslim country during this century.

In International politics, political correctness plays a big role when oil is concerned. Everyone is so deliberately polite and ‘considerate’ toward, the most often, fake and even obnoxious claims and behaviour of the Arabs and Muslims. At the same time there is no interest in and a complete disregard for Jewish National rights and aspirations. Jews and Israel are used as an International scapegoat in order to divert public attention from domestic or international issues! International political correctness is not applicable to Jews.

For centuries the Jewish leadership, so-called ‘official Jews’, have been playing games of appeasement and conformity with their masters. Even after the creation of the Jewish State, the Jewish leaders seem unable to shake off the Galut mentality; the mentality of the slaves of Egypt that has been enforced by centuries of abuse, hatred and anti-Semitism. They are not truly able to represent the dreams and aspirations of the Jewish people.

Is there no Jewish leader who would give a direct answer to the question – “What is the Jewish land?” Instead, they will go on and on, but would never tell it straight and simple that the League of Nations allocated the land called “Palestine” for the Jewish state and gave a temporary mandate to the United Kingdom to carry out the Leagues resolution. Or, simply, they would pull the Israeli coin of 10 Agorot out and show the engraved image of Eretz Israel. If they can’t perform such a simple act of personal ‘bravery’ by telling the world where the Jewish land is, why do they occupy the position of leadership, but instead lead Jewish people nowhere? By inaction they are deceiving and destroying the Jewish nation.