Declaration of War.

Alliance against "Common Enemies" is formed.

Iranian and Syrian Presidents have confirmed the formation of a new regional military alliance. "The enemies of this region should drop their plans to strike the interests of this region, for these enemies will burn by the fire of the people," Ahmadinejad stated. "Both countries are united in a frontier facing common enemies to the region." “This summer will see Muslim victories” (Who is planning war and forming a war alliance?)

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad held a two-day council of war with leaders of Hizballah, Hamas and other Palestinian groups, as the second round of the talks he and Iranian military chiefs held in Damascus Friday with Syrian president Bashar Assad and heads of his armed forces. Hizballah’s Nasrallah declared in a war speech from Tehran he has missiles, which can reach all parts of Israel including Tel Aviv.

A senior official in the Syrian Ministry of Defense told Defense News Weekly that the next war with Israel will involve missile attacks on civilian infrastructure and front-line guerilla warfare. Syria prefers to avoid a direct, "classic" confrontation with Israel, he said. Instead, the next war will involve Katyusha rocket and ballistic missiles that will target strategic points in Israel, especially civilian infrastructure. The Syrian military is arming at an unprecedented rate. Bashar Assad has publicly declared he would consider fielding "opposition" (terror attacks) against Israel in the Golan.

Syria recently ordered MiG-31E fighter jets from Russia. Iran has bought 250 long-distance Sukhoi Su-30MKM fighter-bombers and 20 IL-78 MKI fuel tankers from Russia. (Who is the Target? Israel and/or the US fleet in the Persian Gulf? Our enemies’ intentions are quite clear! Why do the self-hating Jews, like Olmert, not hear it, or refuse to understand it? There were Jews in Germany and Europe who made excuses and justified the actions of the Nazis. Most of them vanished in Dachau! Must we wait again?)

The Fifth Collumn. JERUSALEM: Ahmed Mahmoud Khatib, a 29-year-old Israeli Arab from the town of Kfar Manda in the Western Galilee attacked and took a pistol from a security guard in the Old City on Friday. He was killed after wounding 10 people, including the guard.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

It is considered as extremism to suggest the transfer option of Arabs from the Jewish land. At the same time, ‘Withdrawal’ of 8,500 Jews from Gaza was acceptable; removal of 240,000 Jews from Judea and Samaria, to facilitate the idiocy of two-state solution, not even discussed!

Barak: No Difference Between Fatah and Hamas. Israel's largest daily reported that Barak said: "The Israelis have healthy intuition and they can no longer be fed fantasies of an imminent agreement with the Palestinians... No agreement can be made with the current Palestinian leadership, and Olmert's meetings with [Fatah chief] Abu Mazen are just packaging and air, nothing more." He later denied the Fatah-Hamas comparison. (Now he is pushing the deportation of Jews from Judea and Samaria!)

Saudi Arabia: No Room for Israel. Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal declared support plan to hold a regional conference. Al-Faisal added: “The success of this conference depends on…a comprehensive solution, establishing a viable Palestinian state on contiguous territory, dismantling settlements and solving the problem of the refugees and Jerusalem.” (Nothing less! What about a “contiguous” Israel? The peace process is a sham! It is only perpetuating terror against Jews in Israel!)

‘Peace’ Under the Rocket Shower. PA control over Judea and Samaria would place Israel's major population centres, such as Tel Aviv, within Kassam rocket range, but defence Minister Ehud Barak said that it is not a reason not to carry out such a withdrawal, but rather to quickly equip Israel with a defence system against attacks. (Is any one sane in this government?)

What Amnesty? 178 PA terror fugitives, who were granted amnesty as part of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s “good will” gestures to Fatah PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas reneged on their end of the deal. The amnesty agreement called for the terrorists to turn in all their weapons and sign contracts promising not to return to terrorism. In exchange, the government would abandon its efforts to find and arrest the 178 fugitives on the list. The WorldNet Daily report said that they have not turned in their weapons, nor have many of them even signed the amnesty contracts. (For how long will the delusional game go on?)

Quote of the Week:

“We support and strengthen the pioneers of Hevron who are waging a just and moral struggle against a corrupt and amoral government,” “We bless the Israeli soldiers that obeyed the command of their Jewish hearts and did not take part in the expulsion.” “With self-sacrifice and faith they will overcome the weakness and defeatism of the government of Israel.” - The Yesha Rabbis’ Council of Judea and Samaria statement of support for Hevron’s residents and the IDF soldiers who refused to take part in their eviction.

Olmert Agrees to Speed up Talks to Establish PA State. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert declared that Israel will work toward the establishment of a Palestinian Authority State. It was the first time an Israeli head of state attended a meeting in a Jewish city, Jericho, controlled by the PA. (Why is there such a rush to give up Jewish land? Have the rockets stopped falling or Arabs recognised the right of Israel to exist? Please, call a psychiatrist!)

Arab Kids in Gaza Killed by Kassam Rocket. The two children who died in an explosion in Gaza a week ago on Tuesday morning were killed by a Kassam rocket launched toward Israeli towns that fell short of its target. Five more children were injured following the blast. (Do not expect a UN inquiry or international condemnation! At the same time, Olmert and Abbas posed for photos with fake smiles in Jericho.)

Despicable Action of the Government. The young Jews sealed into a bunker in the Hevron market have been removed by IDF. Hevron Spokesman Noam Arnon told that despite the eviction of two families the struggle for the Hevron marketplace, built atop Hevron’s old Jewish Quarter, is not over. (The government is using IDF soldiers like a Camp Kappo!)

IDF Jailed the Heroes. The first of the 30 elite IDF soldiers to be tried for refusing orders to take part in the expulsion of Jews from Hevron’s Shalhevet neighborhood were sentenced a week ago. The soldiers, part of the Duchifat unit, were sentenced to 28 days in an army jail and will be demoted from serving in a combat unit.

Revolving Doors of Terror. The 178 wanted terrorists whom Israel has stopped pursing are again threatening to murder Jews - all because Israel refuses to stop pursuing another 206 Arab terrorists. The agreement was finalized less than three weeks ago. "There is no doubt that the wanted-terrorists agreement is liable to collapse, and other security understandings with it," the PA source said.

Another Direct Hit. A Kassam rocket attack against Israel by Palestinian Authority terrorists in Gaza reached the home of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Thursday afternoon and exploded near a sheep barn. (Even the ‘father’ of Israel’s treacherous policy toward self-destruction is not immune from terror attacks.)

Respect for Nothing, even Environment. After Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak had expressed concern over weapons smuggling to and from Egypt, it was reported that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas proposed flooding the Philadelphi Route between Gaza and Egypt with seawater. (It would be more prudent to clear Gaza of its 'terror weed' population.)

Career Saving ‘Peace Conference’. MK Silvan Shalom criticized the ‘Peace Conference’ proposed by United States President Bush, saying that the conference is an effort to save Bush’s image and to rehabilitate the careers of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. While chances are good that “nothing will happen” at the conference, he said, “it will be very dangerous for Israel if, during the conference, they try to talk about the Saudi Initiative, an initiative that endangers Israel.”

Create Unified Press Authority. The new body is supposed to bring together all of the spokespersons for the government ministries and place them under one authority in times of emergency. (Not good enough! Why only during emergencies? Defence against the “Media War”, has never been taken seriously by the Israeli government. What about making the news networks accountable for incorrect and anti-Israel biased reporting?)

Miracles of the Next War.

Several important Kabbalists, as well as senior Ashkenazi Haredi Rabbis, are saying that a major war would take place in Israel “very soon”. A senior Haredi Rabbi, Baruch Avraham Rakovsky, said that during a recent gathering, where senior Kabbalists discussed important issues of the day, it was revealed through a variety of means that a major war was in the offing. However, great “open miracles, such as those that occurred when the Jews left Egypt,” would take place. The events they were referring to, they said, would clearly be understood as miracles, even to those who were not expert in Kabalistic studies. (Jews are not seeking a war, but we must finally crush our enemies and re-unite our land!)