Creating the Legends of Lies.

by Steven Shamrak

Most people of this planet do not care or even know about Israel and Jews. Many of them receive glimpses of information about the Arab-Israel conflict from the accidental reports they hear on radio, TV or newspaper headlines. Unfortunately, under bombardment from the modern media, some of them have adopted the main stream ‘understanding’ of the issue, but still they do not care about the factual truth behind reports. Even many members of the Jewish tribe, who are still suffering from the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) inflicted on Jewish people during two millennia of living in exile and persecution by Christians and Muslims, have become believers of these opinions, continuously propagated by the world press and Western governments who are oblivious to danger of Islamic expansion. Strangely, the fake opinions about the Arab-Israel conflict have not been refuted by the string of Israel’s governments or the Jewish leadership of the Diaspora.

The term “legend” would be more appropriate than “opinion” in relation to the world attitude toward the Arab-Israel conflict! Quite often, legends are based on deliberate lies and created through distortion of the details of historical facts which with time people have forgotten and/or do not care about. Most often legends are deliberately created to support a political agenda. In the case of the Arab-Israel conflict it is the destruction of Israel. Enemies of Jews, not just Arabs, through distortion of public memory of factual historic reality, have managed to forge a fake nation and generate doubt about Israel’s legitimacy.

As the evil Nazi, but at the same time talented propagandist, Joseph Goebbels said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” That is what the enemies of the Jews and of the Jewish state have been doing quite consistently and successfully for many decades. They have done it so skillfully that even some Jewish Zionists started using some of their terminology or began to resign to the artificially created illegal status quo - ugly and unfair to Jewish reality!

There are three major lies about the Arab-Israel conflict. Throughout the years they have gone through many metamorphoses and became first legends and later were transformed into a commonly known ‘truth’:

Israel was created due to European guilt because of the Holocaust:

The modern Zionist movement emerged at the end of the 19th century with the goal of creating Eretz-Israel, the Land of Israel - a Jewish state on the Jewish ancestral land. In July 1922 the League of Nations entrusted Great Britain with the Palestine Mandate, recognizing “the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine.”

The Palestine Mandate was created exclusively for the benefit of the Jewish People, just the same as other mandates were intended for the creation of Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries.

1.      Palestinians are a nation.

Since Jews were dispersed from Judea and Samaria by the Romans 2000 years ago, there were no kingdom or an independent country established in the land of Israel. As the Jews came back and drained the swamps, made the deserts bloom and developed industries - Arabs, Muslims from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cherkesians, Turkmenians and Egyptians followed. They came for jobs, for prosperity and were encouraged to migrate by the region’s controlling powers, Ottoman and British, in order to prevent the creation of the Jewish state. For a political reason, they began identifying themselves as Palestinian people only in 1964, on the initiative of Egyptian-born Yasser Arafat.

2.      Israel is the occupier of Palestinian land.

The Palestinian Mandate (Article 5) clearly stipulated that "no Palestine territory (designated for the Jewish state) shall be ceded or leased to, or in any way placed under the control of, the Government of any foreign Power."

This means that the United Kingdom had illegally ceded the Trans-Jordan to the refugees from the Saudi Arabian Peninsula. And the United Nation’s partition plan of the remaining parts of Palestine in 1947 was also illegal. In addition, in spite of the fact that the partition plan was devised to sabotage the creation of the Jewish homeland (the creation of two states on six ugly triangles - a completely unworkable political map). The Arabs rejected it! Therefore, they lost any legal standing on the land. They knew it and that is one reason why seven Muslim states declared the war on Israel in 1948!

But no one is interested in facts nowadays or ever, especially where Jews are concerned. After 60 years of anti-Israel propaganda, facts are forgotten and distorted, legality is brushed aside and a new reality is forged, the same old ugliness only with a new ‘politically correct’ phony face. Where is the Jewish leadership with the courage to dispel these ugly legends?

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Isn’t it strange that Kurds who are struggling for freedom of Kurdistan from Turkish occupation are called “terrorists”, but thugs of recently forged so-called Palestinians nation, who are occupying Jewish land and have the one purpose only - destruction of Israel, are called “militants”? If Turkey is allowed to pursue PKK fighters in Iraq, surely Israel must feel free to hunt PA terrorists in Sinai, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan etc!

Gaza: "The People Want a New Gilad"

Hamas' Damascus head Khaled Masha'al, speaking in Cairo, said that the deal was “a great accomplishment that brings great light to our history, and requires us to do the same in the future.” Over 250,000 people gathered in Gaza City's central square last Tuesday night, holding Hamas flags and pictures of terrorists. (Terror supporting infestation, so-called Palestinians, must be removed from Jewish land. This is the only way toward peace in Israel and reunification of Eretz-Israel!)

Not Bad for a Little “S**ty” Country

Among Israel's many achievements the Ministry of Agriculture’s Research Institute near Rishon le Tzion produces staggering results in long and better shelf life for fruits and vegetables. That allows products to be shipped by sea instead of air freight, thus reducing export costs. Many of Israel's agriculturalists also avoid chemicals and achieve larger crops with the aid of the use of colors. In addition, Israel's water shortage prevents cultivating grass for cattle food, yet the 'milk yield' of Israeli cows is the best in the world!

Arab Spring or Military Islamic Winter?

Coptic Christians were angry over a recent attack on a church in southern. Protesters were attacked by crowds hurling stones and clashed with military units guarding the nearby state television building along the Nile. Many of the 26 people killed - at least 21 of whom were Christians - were crushed by armored military vehicles that sped through crowds of protesters. Other victims had gunshot wounds. The military's decision to take full control of the investigation barred the civilian prosecutor from continuing his own inquiry and drew criticism from activists and rights groups who have grown deeply suspicious of the ruling generals' commitment to the reform path in Egypt's post-Mubarak transition to democracy.

Not a Friendly Behavior of the Friend

Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, announced the establishment of a new committee charged with finding ways to legalise settlement outposts built on private Palestinian land. The US state department said: "We oppose any effort to legalise settlement outposts, which is unhelpful to our peace efforts and would contradict Israeli commitments and obligations." Later the state department said: "The United States has a clear policy; we do not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity." (Friends support each other, no matter what! Historically the Palestine is Jewish land. It was legally designated for Jewish state by the League of Nations in July 1922, including Trans-Jordan. The US has immediately rebuffed even exploratory attempts of Israel to find legal ways to reunite Jewish land - not really friendly move!)

Disgraceful Egyptian interview with Shalit

An Israeli official slammed an Egyptian state TV interview with freed Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit as imposed by force while he was in a fragile state after over five years in captivity. It was an interview forced on a weakened hostage just out of his cell and still in a state of shock.

US Concern is Too Little, Too Late

US State Department spokesman Mark Toner, while refusing to go into detail over which of the 477 inmates caused the US concern, said some of the prisoners being released posed a threat and that the US had objected to their freedom. (For years the United States has been restraining Israel from decisive military action against Arab terror. The US State Department is plague-ridden with anti-Israel individuals, who would do and say anything to secure flow of Arab oil to US. But now they are concerned?)

Turkey has Chosen Islamist Isolationism

Turkey rejected on Sunday offers of aid from dozens of countries after earthquakes hit the eastern Van province. Israel was among the countries ready to aid the Turks. The epicenter was located in the village of Tabanli, part of occupied Kurdistan. Initial estimates placed the death toll between 500 and 1,000 people after at least 45 buildings had collapsed. (They do not care about their own people, as long as Islamic agenda is implemented)

Quote of the Week:

‎"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe that they are free." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Interim Agreement Expired Failure!

Do members of UN, “Useless Nothing”, care? No, they have allowed the anti-Israel farcical show to go on.

REAFFIRMING their determination to put an end to decades of confrontation and to live in peaceful coexistence, mutual dignity and security (Since the agreement was signed Israel received no peaceful coexistence nor dignity or security)


1. The two sides view the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as a single territorial unit, the integrity and status of which will be preserved during the interim period.


1. Both sides shall take all measures necessary in order to prevent acts of terrorism, crime and hostilities directed against each other, against individuals falling under the other's authority and against their property, and shall take legal measures against offenders.


2. Israel and the Council will ensure that their respective educational systems contribute to the peace between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples and to peace in the entire region, and will refrain from the introduction of any motifs that could adversely affect the process of reconciliation. (PA education system is inundated by anti-Israel propaganda!)