Covert War Against Iran!

by Yochanan Visser

The continuing wave of mysterious explosions at nuclear-related Iranian sites and other sensitive military facilities in Iran over the last month was most likely the work of Israel’s military and the Israeli secret service Mossad.

The Mossad has an extensive network of spies in Iran as was proven by the daring raid on Iran’s secret nuclear archive in Tehran at the beginning of 2018 which led to the American withdrawal from the so-called Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers.

The recent explosion in the Natanz uranium enrichment facility where an assembly hall for new types of IR centrifuges was almost completely destroyed by an explosive device... set back Iran’s nuclear weapons program by at least three months.

Iran seems to have no clue about who is targeting its military and nuclear sites or how the attacks have been carried out but routinely blames Israel for the mysterious explosions.

Damage to Natanz Centrifuge Production Maybe Irreparable.

While Israel rarely confirms or denies strikes on Iranian assets in Syria, experts estimate that the IAF and other Israeli forces have carried out hundreds of airstrikes in Syrian territory since 2017.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

How to RESOLVE Palestinian Occupation of Jewish Land?

Some people have been advocating that if Israel pays for emigration of Palestinian-Arabs, they will leave, and the Arab-Israel conflict can be resolved. First of all, the conflict is not based on the so-called Palestinian issue, but on the desire of Muslim neighbours to destroy Israel, the only Jewish state. Non-Jewish population in Israel, Judea, Samaria and Gaza is used by them and by international anti-Semites as a tool to achieve it. Second, most of them will not voluntarily leave Jewish land, even if they were paid, in fear for their lives. Just look what happens to 'Palestinians' who sell their land/houses to Jews - they are killed! Thirdly, why must Israel pay them for ending occupation of Jewish land? Have Arabs paid Jews for when they were forced to leave their homes, where they had lived for many centuries? Most of the so-called Palestinians began moving to Jewish land around 100 years ago, mainly to prevent the creation of Jewish state!

Sovereignty Plan Perfectly Squares with International Law!

The International Legal Forum (ILF) asserted Israel’s territorial rights and sovereignty over Judea and Samaria by legal scholars from around the world. “It is illegitimate and intellectually dishonest to predetermine the lawfulness of a policy by simply ignoring one side’s claims,” the legal scholars said in a letter, signed by over 200 legal scholars!

For PA Peace Means Destroying Israel

One of the most fundamental demands of the Palestinian Authority for any peace deal with Israel is that Israel allows every person they define as a “Palestinian refugee” to settle in Israel. In practical terms, this means that the PA expects Israel - that has a population of nine million people, including two million Israeli Arabs – to absorb all of the 5,629,829 so-called Palestinian refugees registered with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East. (UNRWA counts the fourth generation of descendants of fake Palestinians, some 460,000, who left to facilitate genocide of Jews during the War of Independence by advancing Muslim armies as “refugees” - even the UN High Commissioner for Refugees does not!)

Whitewash of PA Terror!

The US State Department has published false statistics regarding harm perpetrated by "Palestinian" Arabs against Jews living in Judea and Samaria. New State Department report claims 'Palestinian' Arabs acted violently towards Jews just 101 times in 2019. However, according to IDF and Shabak (Israel Security Agency) statistics, numbers are 15 times higher! The IDF reported 290 firebomb-throwing incidents against Israelis, as well as 1,469 rock-throwing incidents. Shabak reported 1,327 terror attacks during the same period. (Anti-Israel elements in the US State Department are still playing their anti-Semitic game!)

Israeli Air Force has New Elite Unit

IAF launched a new unit called Wing 7, which combines existing special forces units, including Shaldag and Unit 669, and will be active in Israel’s efforts to thwart Iranian aggression in the region. The statement described the new wing as “a complementary and unique component to the IAF’s operations through special operations behind enemy lines, during routine, and in times of emergency to carry out aerial missions.”

PA Banks Refuse Salaries for Terrorists

Ignoring a directive from the PA to all banks in the PA areas, at least four banks have refused to accept money for payment of salaries to the accounts of terrorists and families of killed terrorists, after Palestinian Media Watch, sent letters warning the banks operating in the PA-controlled areas of potential criminal and civil liability if they continued aiding and abetting the PA to pay rewards to terrorists.

Why does it take so Long to Resolve a Fake Claim?

The Jerusalem District Court rejected a petition filed by an Arab family, claiming ownership over a house located within the City of David neighbourhood/archaeological site in the eastern part of Jerusalem. The court ordered that the Sumerian family, currently residing in the building, must evacuate the premises by Aug. 16. (The Arab family has been supported by some 30 Anti-Semitic left-wing organizations with many funded by the European Union. Israel’s court system, infested by lefty cronies, is very slow on rejecting fake claims on Jewish land made by Arabs!)

Democrats are anti-Israel!

A US House subcommittee included $250 million in funding for Israeli-Palestinian Authority dialogue and Palestinian Authority business development in a $66 billion spending bill passed last week, despite the Trump administration defunding both areas. Additionally, the bill seeks “to restore humanitarian and development assistance to Palestinian Authority to continue the viability of a two-state solution by providing resources to organizations working in the West Bank and Gaza,” said House Appropriations Committee chairwoman Nita Lowey (D-NY). Israel-related lobbying groups AIPAC and J Street (Jewish traitors) have applauded the move. (By supporting the artificial existence of the ‘Authority’ of fake Palestinians, the Democratic Party has openly become anti-Israel!)

Israel is Future Energy Power?

There are about 250 billion barrels of oil in oil shale in Israel, similar to the amount of oil Saudi Arabia has. Oil shale is an organic-rich fine-grained sedimentary rock containing kerogen, a solid mixture of organic chemical compounds, from which liquid hydrocarbons can be produced.

Quote of the Week:

"The holiest places in the Jewish faith can't be abandoned by a right-wing government or any Israeli government for that matter. This is a rejection of the most fundamental principles of the Jewish people's return to their homeland. Rachel's Tomb, Joseph's Tomb and the Tomb of the Patriarchs will not be abandoned... Sovereignty can be applied even without the agreement of the United States. Trump may condemn us but he won't harm our interests because he is a friend of Israel and friends need to understand that sometimes disagreements arise..." - Yossi Dagan, Samaria regional council head

Religious Forgery of Islam.

by Steven Shamrak

One of the most widely accepted ideas about Islam is the belief that “Allah” is one and the same as the God of Israel. Is it really true? Let put political correctness a-side and take a brief look at the history and facts.

Mohammed was born in A.D. 570 into the Arabian tribe of Quraysh (sounds very much like the root of the word Quran). The tribe was in control of the city of Mecca, the town where pagan tribes would come to worship at the Kaaba stone - a pantheon where they kept all their gods and idols in the cube-like construction.

Mohammed proclaimed Allah, the widely worshipped moon god throughout ancient Mesopotamia, as the only true god. He chose a powerful god Allah from the many pagan celestial gods in order to accommodate the pagan population in Arabia (Like Christians before him, who put the story of the virgin birth of a popular Syrian god into the Bible and adapted the pagan tradition into Christmas and Easter). Allah was the prominent moon god, who was married to the sun goddess. The word “Allah” is a contraction of al-llah, an old Kaaba god. He was the top God of the pantheon of 360 pagan gods.

It is not surprising that Islam retained many aspects of paganism. It is heathenism discussed in monotheistic form. Muslims still make an annual pilgrimage – Hajj - to the black Kaaba structure, like the one where gods of the Arabian tribes were stored. Therefore, Islam is actually nothing more than the Arabic cult of a pagan self-professed prophet and the moon God of the Kaaba named Allah. Their claim to continuation of Judaic traditions is just a fake – The claim to Jerusalem is political hypocrisy!