Corruption in PA State Bluff

by Gavriel Queenann

A PA anti-corruption commission was seeking to have parliamentary immunity lifted on a number of ministers it wants to question pursuant to administrative mismanagement, unfair hiring practices, and pilfering ministerial budgets for their own use.

The names and number of officials being investigated by the commission have not been released, but the commission said in January it was investigating 80 cases of corruption and had already recovered $5 million from former officials. International observers say $5 million is likely just a drop in the bucket.

Reports of corruption and the plundering of PA coffers under Mahmoud Abbas have pervaded the Israeli media for years. Abbas himself had withdrawn millions from PA accounts in Amman and Cairo.

So widespread was corruption in the PA regime that, after seeing an anti-corruption report in 1997 citing mass pilfering from his inner circle - many of whom are still in power today - Arafat ordered all future reports to be kept secret.

Auditors then discovered that Arafat was guilty of skimming $2 million a month from the gasoline trade in the territories. At the time of his death some $1billion in funds donated to the PA went missing from his accounts. (Western countries, including the United States, waste billions of dollars they do not have every year in support of Islamic terrorist entity, the PA – which is profoundly anti-Western, in order to dismantle the Jewish state. This can only be explained by still prevailing global anti-Semitism! Jewish leadership, in Israel and Diaspora, must realise that the future of Israel is in our own hands. Any offer of ‘friendly’ mediation by others is just a hidden anti-Israel ploy!)

US Pays Terrorist Prisoner Salaries

Members of the U.S. Congress were given documentation on the PA's support for imprisoned terrorists. The report informed the lawmakers that the PA government is using funds from its general budget to pay the monthly salaries of the imprisoned PA Arab and Israeli Arab terrorists under a law passed in April that simply “formalises what has long been a PA practice.” The total amount spent by the PA government on terrorist prisoner salaries is a whopping $5 million-plus. “Through the PA budget, the U.S. is paying the salaries of terrorist murderers in prison and funding the glorification and role modeling of terrorists.” The report went on to explain that the average “salary” of such prisoners – $3,200 per month – outstrips that of the PA civil servants, who generally earn $2,800 per month. The U.S. government donated nearly $600 million to the PA last year. (As long as the Arabs are happy, Obama does not care about 14.5 trillion dollars of national debt!)

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Recently, a privately own the major Jewish Australian paper put a quote “Israel should be the first state to officially recognise Palestine” on its front page. This is display of total insensitivity toward Jewish subscribers. It is definitely not an exercise of freedom of speech, as the same paper regularly censors out and refuses to print opposing political views. Cancellation of your subscription is the only way to persuade editors and owners of the paper to review its attitude and stop anti-Zionist indoctrination of the community. You have an opportunity to send them a powerful message!

A Step Toward Sovereignty

Israeli lawmakers submitted a draft law that would establish Hebrew as Israel's only official language. Arabic and English are currently considered official languages in Israel. The draft law would change the accepted definition of Israel as a "Jewish and democratic state” and would make democratic rule subservient to the state’s definition as "the national home for the Jewish people."

Ramadan Became a Festival of Islamic Intolerance and Hate

Four foreign workers were murdered by a Kuwaiti police officer. The officer reportedly confessed to the crime telling police he used a shotgun to kill the two Asian barn workers, a janitor and a tea-boy, after he found them eating 10 minutes before iftar, the breaking of the fast of Ramadan. He also told police he killed another Asian labourer in his father’s house and tried to kill his father’s domestic helper, an Ethiopian, but she managed to run to her room before he fired at her. (But is killing people 10 minutes before iftar Islamic?)

Israel - Little Economic Miracle

US-based financial rating giant Standard & Poor announced on Monday that it was leaving Israel's credit rating at "A" along with a solid rating forecast, but its US-backed securities have taken a hit.

Arabs have No Peaceful Intention

Palestinian Authority officials said they will pursue their statehood bid at the United Nations despite Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's offer to use the pre-1967 lines as a basis for negotiations. (It is not the first time that shameful concessions are rejected by Arabs because they have no intention to live in peace. Destruction of Israel is their goal. It is time to realise this and start pursuing the Jewish national agenda!)

Shalit ‘Fasting’ During Ramadan – Another Cruelty of Islam

Hamas is continuing to use psychological tactics to apply pressure on Israel to strike a deal to release Gilad Shalit, the IDF soldier who was kidnapped by terrorists in 2006. A Hamas-affiliated website which said Shalit has decided to fast during Ramadan. “A popular proverb goes that if one lives in a community for more 40 days, he becomes one of them,” the Ar-Risala website said. (They call kidnapping and forceful imprisonment “living in a community”, if Shalit is still alive. What an ugly face of Islam!)

Any anti-Jewish Lie Will Do

Defending his participation in the latest flotilla operation in an attempt to break Israel’s naval blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza, Gabriel Matthew Schivone, an American university student, stressed that he is one of a growing number of young American Jews seeking to disassociate himself from Israel. However he appears to have falsified his Jewish identity. (There are enough ‘damaged’ Jews who - due to assimilation, mix-marriage and intensive anti-Israel propaganda - support anti-Israel movements. Complete absence of Jewish leadership and lack of interest in addressing these issues is a main culprit.)

Freedom of Speech PA’s Style

An award-winning Palestinian female journalist has been forced to go into hiding out of fear of being arrested by the Palestinian Authority security forces for covering a sit-in strike. PA’s Preventive Security Force in the West Bank arrested her two brothers in an attempt to put pressure on her to turn herself in.

Freedom of Speech not for Jewish Theological Opinion

British security officials banned Rabbi Yosef Elitzur from entering the country for the next three years over opinions expressed in the book Torat HaMelekh (Law of the King). The book is an academic thesis on Jewish Law as it pertains to warfare. In it, Elitzur expressed the opinion that the lives of Jewish soldiers should be placed ahead of enemy, non-Jewish civilians in battle. (American and British solders practice this every day in Iraq and Afghanistan!)

Quote of the Week:

"The Obama administration certainly isn't going to use force against the Iranian program, and Israel is obviously very reluctant to do it as well... If Israel is not prepared to strike, then get ready for an Iran with nuclear weapons, and you can draw your own conclusions. If you think Iran's behaviour is bad now, imagine what it will be if it gets nuclear capability.” - John Bolton, the former US envoy to the UN

The Promised Land and Political Stupidity.

by Steven Shamrak (Sep 2004)

Zionism – the Jewish peoples’ inspiration to return to the land of their ancestors – began two millenniums ago after Jews were dispersed from their land by Romans.

Promises that the barren land of Palestine would be returned to the Jews had been given many times, by various rulers. Unfortunately, promises to Jews are often not kept! Compromise after compromise, more and more Jewish land was given to Arabs. Desperate and politically paralyzed by leftist ideology, Jewish leaders accepted humiliation from Europeans, Americans and the United Nations. As a result, since 1946, Jordan and Syria have been occupying 82% of Jewish land. Any International acceptance of this fact does not make it right or fair!

After over 60 years of independence Jews are still not able to take control of their own destiny in their own country. It is hard to imagine what would have happened if Zionist leaders had settled for the creation of a Jewish state in Tasmania or Uganda, where Jews have no historical or legal grounds at all. We must be grateful to Jabotinsky and his Russian Zionist fraction for rebuking those ridiculous ideas.

Israel has never been given a chance to consolidate her victories and establish peace. Time after time the international community robbed the Jewish people of their victories over aggressive Arab states. In retrospect, it has proven to be an erroneous policy.  Arabs are not enemies of Israel only.  The language of power is the message they understand. And now all Western societies are paying the price for this mistake!

Since the Oslo Accords were signed many ridiculous plans and agreements were announced. None of them have advanced the prospects of peace, only facilitated obliteration of the Jewish state. The most ludicrous ideas are still coming from the self-doubting Jewish leadership. Only recently we heard of the ‘Gaza Disengagement’. The plan will not bring peace but encourage more Arab terror and international pressure on Israel to make more concessions. It will destroy whatever residue of Jewish national unity remains!

Now the Israeli Attorney General recommends that the government seriously consider adopting the Fourth Geneva Convention. The US-led coalition has a free hand in fighting ‘insurgents’ and supporting the population in Iraq and Afghanistan, existing countries. At the same time, Palestine had never existed and Arab Palestinians are supporting terrorism. The International status of territories has not changed. They are ‘Disputed Territories’, only because Arabs made illegitimate claims. Why impose double standards on Israel? Why should Israel treat Arab terrorists differently?

When will this stupidity of Israel’s political system stop? Those Israeli politicians and public officials who do not believe in the Jewish state on Jewish land should put their personal ambitions aside and leave office. Let others do the job!