Conniving Face of Israel’s Enemy!

The Palestinian Authority leadership, while telling the world it supports peace talks with Israel, continues to say otherwise when talking to its people through its own television channels.

The Palestinian Media Watch research institute presented on its website on Tuesday a video which aired on PA television on May 14, as part of the official events in Ramallah and in Gaza to mark ‘Nakba Day’ - the day the Palestinian Authority mourns the “catastrophe” of the creation of the State of Israel.

The video shows that in PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ speech in Gaza on Nakba Day, delivered in his name by his advisor and representative, he denied that Jews have a history in the Land of Israel and claimed a fictitious 9000 year-old Palestinian history dating back to 7000 BCE. This history, said Abbas, made Palestinians “the owners of history.”

Furthermore, Abbas taunted in his speech Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, saying: “National reconciliation (between Hamas and Fatah) is required in order to face Israel and Netanyahu. We say to him (Netanyahu), when he claims - that they [Jews] have a historical right dating back to 3000 years BCE - we say that the nation of Palestine upon the land of Canaan had a 7000 year history BCE. This is the truth, which must be understood and we have to note it, in order to say: ‘Netanyahu, you are incidental in history. We are the people of history. We are the owners of history.’”

Abbas' so-called history is a brazen distortion of known facts. Judean and Israeli history in the Land of Israel, says the report, dates back thousands of years and is documented by ancient Jewish and non-Jewish sources.

Palestinians, however, is a term that has only recently begun to be used to identify Arabs in the region. There is no reference to a Palestinian-Arab nation in antiquity as Abbas claims. PMW notes that Islamic sources as well do not refer to Palestinians. In fact, the holy Muslim book the Quran refers to the people of Israel and to the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Israel is the only reliable US security partner in the Middle East! It includes: strategic weapons storage and airfields availability, intelligence gathering on Arab states and Islamic terrorists, new weapons and communication development programs. All of this is to protect oil interests of the United States - Israel buys oil from Russia!

PA has no Interest in Peace Progress

A week ago PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said that Israel must accept the Arab refugees’ right of return and even compensate them for deportation. Abbas also noted that, despite Netanyahu’s statements against negotiations with the PA when Hamas is an integral part of it, “Hamas is part of the Palestinian people”. (So-called Palestinian refugees left following directive of their leaders and since the end of the Independence war they are willing participants of anti-Israel terror and diplomatic campaigns.)

Usual Zigzagging Policy of the US

MK Danny Danon (Likud) responded to U.S. President Barack Obama’s AIPAC speech by saying that Obama “is zigzagging in accordance with whatever will bring him more votes... We must stand firm in order to make sure that this does not come at the expense of Israel.”

Politics of Blackmail and Deception

Recently Abbas said, "We will review... the steps we will take - persisting with negotiations as the fundamental way to achieving a resolution. If we fail in reaching this solution, then we confirm that we will go to the United Nations." "All options (including terror) are now open," made it clystal clear the PLO Secretary-General Yasser Abed Rabbo, following an emergency meeting of PLO and Fatah officials in Ramallah. Another Palestinian official, Nabil Sha'ath, went as far as announcing that Netanyahu's speech before Congress was nothing less than a declaration of war. (It is the Arabs' side continstantly talking war and and propagating hate!)

Funding of Fake Democracy Movements

International lenders are aiming to provide $40 billion in funding for Arab nations trying to establish free democracies. The message from President Barack Obama and the other G-8 leaders meeting in this Normandy resort appeared to be warning autocratic regimes. (Nobody is protesting against funding of fictitious democratic movements. The US is over 14 trillion dollars in debt – where is the money coming from? Wishful thinking will not make them democratic!)

Saudi Bid to Curb Iran

Saudi officials have approached Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Central Asian states to lend diplomatic support - and potentially military assistance in some cases - to help stifle a majority Shiite revolt in Sunni-led Bahrain.

Europe Calls Bibi Arrogant

Europe is willing to throw Israel and the Jews to the wolves in order to appease the Muslim world. Europe regards Bibi’s refusal to agree to commit national suicide as “arrogant”. The fact that leaving Israel with an indefensible 9 mile wide state open it to attack matters not at all to a Europe that couldn’t care less whether Israel survives. In fact they would welcome Israel’s demise.

Turkey Uses anti-Israel Rhetoric in Political Campaign

In an effort to prevent exploitation in Turkey's national elections in June, J'lem is turning a deaf ear to Davutoglu’s anti-Israel comments. (In many countries, even so-called democracies, anti-Semitism has been commonly used to ‘inflame’ political support of the mob!)

Illegal Migrants - Another Issue Israel does not Deal with

Foreign nationals from Eritrea attacked inspectors from the Oz unit who were working in Bnei Brak, after the inspectors asked to check the papers of a Nigerian national who refused to identify himself and tried to flee.

Flotillas are anti-Israel Provocations

The Turkish-based IHH group said that reopening of the Rafiah border crossing between Egypt and the Gaza Strip will not change its plans to send a second flotilla to Gaza. (‘Flotillas’ have nothing to do with the help to ‘poor’ Palestinians, but are deliberate anti-Israel propaganda ploy!)

The ‘Show’ did not Last Long

Just four days after the much-heralded opening of the Rafah crossing between the Palestinian Gaza Strip and Sinai, Cairo virtually shut it down on Tuesday, May 31. It was shut down in response to a US warning that since the crossing's opening PA and al Qaeda terrorists had been roaming at large across Sinai exposing the Suez Canal to attack.

Quote of the Week:

"To send a signal to the Palestinians that America will increase its demands on our ally Israel, on the heels of the Palestinian Authority’s agreement with the Hamas terrorist organization, is a disaster waiting to happen. At this time of upheaval in the Middle East, it's never been more important for America to stand strong for Israel and for a united Jerusalem." - Tim Pawlenty, Minnesota governor

Illegitimacy of PA State

by Tovah Lazaroff

An international group of some 60 attorneys, including former Foreign Ministry legal adviser Alan Baker, has appealed to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to prevent a General Assembly resolution on unilateral Palestinian statehood, based on the pre-1967 lines.

The attorneys noted that such a resolution would be a violation of all past agreements between Israel and the Palestinians. They added that it would also contravene UN resolutions 242 and 338. According to the attorneys, the legal basis for the establishment of the state by the League of Nations in 1922 affirmed its presence on territories that included Judea, Samaria, and what is now east Jerusalem, (as well as trans-Jordan!)

According to Article 80 of the UN Charter, the attorneys said, rights granted to all states or people by already existing international instruments – including those adopted by the League of Nations – remain valid. As a result, the attorneys said, the “650,000 Jews who presently reside in the areas of Judea and Samaria and eastern Jerusalem, reside there legitimately.”

Past resolutions have called for a negotiated solution to the conflict, the attorneys affirmed. Additionally, attempts to unilaterally change the status of the territory would be a breach of the 1995 Israeli-Palestinian agreement on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. When the Palestinians agreed to the Oslo Accords, they knew that the settlements existed and would be one of the issues that would be negotiated during talks for a permanent-status arrangement. The Olso Accords did not limit settlement activity.