Congratulations to President-elect!

Obama’s historic acceptance speech will soon be named: “Yes, we can!” I only hope that Jewish people and our leadership listened it tentatively and understood the message. Have you experienced the same epiphany? We must reignite our passion for the Jewish homeland in its entirety! - “Yes, we can” recreate our own Jewish state!

President-elect Barak Obama will not engage in talks with Hamas until the Islamic radicals recognize the state of Israel. Foreign affairs advisor Denis McDonald said there be ''no contact with the terrorist organization before that recognition and respect for previous accords.''

Iranian parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani rejected US president-elect Barack Obama’s comment that Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons was unacceptable and its support for terrorist organizations should cease. (Why “unacceptable”? I thought Iran claims that it has no nuclear weapon!)

Stating the Obvious and still Maliciously Delusional. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice all but conceded on Thursday that an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal by a year-end deadline is no longer possible. But she also continues her mantra that it is important to maintain momentum and support for the negotiations. (How long does it take for an intelligent person to realise that it is INSANE to keep "doing the same thing and expecting different results.") And yet, she could not stop herself from saying: "They are dignified people and I am certain the day is coming soon when they have a state that will be in accordance with that great national dignity." (Why is this fake terrorist nation so great?)

Food for Thought: To those of you who still think that the “Sinai Option” is unrealistic, I would like to say: “Barak Hussein Obama II”. He sat up the goal, created the plan and has been diligently pursuing it. True Zionists used to know how to do that too! -  Steven Shamrak

UN – New ‘Broom’, Same Bastardy. Israel accused the U.N. Human Rights Council Tuesday of targeting the Jewish state "in an obsessive and discriminatory fashion". The council is behaving toward Israel the same way as the discredited U.N. Human Rights Commission, which it replaced 2 1/2 years ago. Israel's deputy U.N. ambassador Daniel Carmon told the 192-nation world body that since it considered last year's report the council had adopted seven resolutions condemning Israel and held "a one-sided special session against Israel" — far more than any other member of the United Nations. "We all witness a U.N. human rights body targeting Israel in an obsessive and discriminatory fashion".

Arabs in East Jerusalem Riot. Arab residents of East Jerusalem held a violent protest on Wednesday while the authorities demolished illegal buildings in the area.

‘Assassinations’ before Election. Olmert and Shin Bet Chief Diskin have taken aim at "wild settlers" who are planning more assassinations. Similar allegations were made two years ago. The Israeli cabinet decided a week ago to stop all forms of support, both direct and indirect, for Jewish settlements in the West Bank that have not been authorized by the state. (The government has unleashed a slander campaign against Jewish patriots. Olmert is using Shin Bet for political gain!)

Quote of the Week: "…you should know that I have come to you with an army of men that love death, as you love life." - Recited in Muslim sermons, newspapers and textbooks. "We will win because, just as our enemies love life, we love death." – Repeatedly stated by leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah.

PLO: We're Still at War with Israel. While defending itself against a lawsuit brought by United States victims of terrorism, the Palestinian Liberation Organization has openly said that it is still at war with Israel, 15 years after the beginning of the Oslo peace accords. The PLO has called on a US court to dismiss the case against it, claiming terrorist attacks committed from 2001 to 2004 constitute “acts of war” under American law. (It is not a surprise that compliance with the Oslo Agreement applies only to Israel!)

Six Terrorists Killed in Gaza. Israeli Air Force pilots struck at least two terrorist teams that were working to launch mortars at Israel last Tuesday. This is in addition to the armed Arab terrorist killed during the IDF mission to destroy a terrorist tunnel from Gaza under the security fence, built to kidnap Israel’s solders. (Hopefully the IAF and IDF are returning to their primary duty - protecting the lives of Israeli citizens.)

In the Name of Political Survival. Foreign Minister and Kadima party chairwoman Tzipi Livni has reversed, as politicians usually do in order to survive, her stand on civil marriage and is proposing a bill to legalize secular unions. (…Livni is willing to sacrifice the Jewishness of Israel in order to gain support from non-Jewish migrants during the next election!)

Hypocrisy of the 'Loaded' Headlines:

"Israel airstrike imperils Gaza truce with Hamas" - - The fact that IDF was targeting rocket launchers, which were ready to attack Israeli soldiers and civilians had no room in a headline! So, who “imperils” the ‘truce’? And, why did an American newspaper make an attempt to hide the ugly intentions of ‘Palestinian’ terrorists from its readers?

Gaza is Hizballah-style Firing Position. More than 50 Qassam rockets and 15 mortar shells have hit the western Negev region in Israel since Wednesday morning, Nov. 5. They were fired from houses close to the border fence which Hamas had turned into fortified firing positions. Borrowing Hizballah’s tricks from the 2006 Lebanon war, the Hamas firing squads remove the roofs and cover the top floors with camouflage netting easily removed for attacks. (This is a direct result of the fake ‘Calm’ and politics of negotiation with terrorists! Maybe now Israel realise that clearing Gaza of enemies, starting with the demolition of the Hamas firing positions, is the first step toward peace.)

King Solomon's Copper Mines are Uncover. An international team of archaeologists may have uncovered the copper mines owned and operated by the biblical King Solomon during a dig at Khirbat en-Nahas, an ancient mining and metallurgy district of more than 450 square miles in southern Jordan. (In 1922 the League of Nations designated the Palestinian Mandate to Eretz-Israel. Jordan is part of this land – 77%.)

Abuse of Democracy. An Israeli Arab woman, Taghrid Sa'adi, who is a candidate for the Hadash Party and who served time in prison for concealing information about a deadly Jerusalem terror attack in Jerusalem that killed six people and for her contacts with a West Bank terrorist is running for the Sakhnin city council. She is praised by party leaders as an excellent candidate.

Political Predictability. Peace Now head Yariv Oppenheimer, announced Thursday that he would seek a spot on the Labor party list in the upcoming elections. Peace Now promotes an immediate and complete Israeli retreat to the 1949 borders – Destruction of Israel.

Unrepentant Vatican.

by Steven Shamrak

In memory of the Kristallnacht - "Crystal Night pogroms"

Not long ago, a spokesperson for Pope Benedict XVI said that the Pope would not visit Israel until a caption attached to a photo hanging in Yad Vashem of Pope Pius XII, who reigned during the Holocaust era, was removed. The caption states that Pius XII "abstained from signing the Allied declaration condemning the extermination of the Jews" and "maintained his neutral position throughout the war".

Yad Vashem, the Israeli Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, stands by the description and affirms that it has ensured that the presentation of the subject in the Holocaust History Museum at Yad Vashem is based on the best research regarding this topic.

Millions of Christians also died during WW2 including priests and nuns, but Pope Pius XII did not protest! The Church did not protest about the genocide of the Roma people or the Nazi hunt for the members of the 'wicked' Christian denominations.

The Vatican claims that Pius worked "secretly and silently". We must be direct and honest about it: Yes, he was silent! Some assert that the Vatican was actively involved in saving up to 860,000 Jews by establishing an escape network in some countries. Even if this is true, they disregard the fact that by speaking out against Nazi policy toward Jews, Pope Pius XII could have stopped or at least greatly reduced collaboration with Nazis by the Catholics in Poland, the Baltic region, Ukraine and France, as well as the co-operation of all Christians in Europe. Without the local 'assistance' that the Christian population eagerly provided to the Fascists, or their silence, the Holocaust would not happened and most Jews in Europe would have survived!

In addition to physical reduction of the 'unholy' Jewish population in Europe, the Vatican had another hidden agenda - 'Saving' Jewish souls! For example, it is estimated that in Hungary alone, up to 80,000 Jews were baptised by the Church authorities. Most of the time, newly issued baptismal certificates were ignored by the Nazis and many Jews were killed as 'Christians', at least in the twisted mind of the Church's statistical bureaucracy. Conversion of Jews, which the Church is still pursuing since the end of the Great Inquisition, is another big theological and moral issue!

The ugliest part of this saga is that during the last 60 years since the end of WW2, and several pontiffs later, the Vatican has still not changed its medieval attitude toward Jews. The Church leadership has shown a high level of contempt for the main Christian doctrines: "Love your neighbour" and "Repentance". They are applicable to everything and anything, as long as it is not about Jews! Ordinary Catholics must confess their sins, but not the leaders of the Church with the blood of the fellow Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Africans, American Indians and Australian Aborigines on their hands, spilled during the many centuries of Catholic reign and influence.

Well, with this continuous anti-Israel attitude and the lame apology made by the Vatican several years ago, who needs another… Well, unfortunately, there are too many hostile international hypocrites visiting Israel!