I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year, with peace in Israel and the world. May all your wishes for yourself and your loved ones come true.

Israel was Indeed the 'Land of milk and honey'. The archaeological team found three rows of beehives in the apiary, containing more than 30 hives, in the centre of a built-up area that had been excavated since 1997. Each row contained at least three tiers of hives, a cylinder composed of unbaked clay and dry straw, around 80 centimeters long and 40 centimeters in diameter.

IDF Thwarts Attempt by Fatah, Islamic Jihad to Snatch Israeli soldiers at the Kissufim Crossing into Gaza.There is no difference between Fatah and Hamas. They are all the same blood-thirsty terrorists!

Hamas Refuses Red Cross Visit Captive IDF Soldier Gilad Shalit.Arabs ignore the Geneva Convention. Therefore it is not applicable to Israel’s enemies! Time to end bogus negotiation and expel enemies from the Jewish land!

Outcry of Desperation.

The Christian world and top U.S. Christian leaders are being urged to petition the Israeli government to immediately halt a massive dig Islamic authorities are conducting on the Temple Mount – Judaism's holiest site – that is said to be destroying antiquities and what archaeologists believe is a wall from the Second Jewish Temple. The Israeli government has barred archaeologists from inspecting the Temple-era wall, believed to be from the outer courtyard of the Second Temple. The wall reportedly has been pulverized by bulldozers operated by the Waqf, the Mount's Muslim custodians. "The Christian people must rise up and stand with their brethren in Israel and make their voices heard to stop this travesty," states an open letter from Israel's Temple Institute, an organization seeking to promote awareness of the Temple Mount. "We are asking Christians to do everything possible to petition the Israeli government to halt the Waqf destruction and have archaeologists immediately inspect the area." (The Israeli government does not respect Jewish heritage and the rights of her own people! It only responds to public opinion and pressure from outsiders!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Why is there no ‘Quartet’ to deal with genocide in Sudan? International hypocrites’ only concern is how to keep oil-rich Arab countries happy and to profit from the sale of oil. They are playing with the lives of Jews and Arabs by artificially prolonging the Arab-Israel conflict to ensure the uninterrupted flow of oil and sale of arms in exchange.

Traitor has Nothing to Say. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has broken the long standing tradition of granting interviews before the Rosh HaShanah holiday. His aides said that the Prime Minister wants to keep the negotiations with Palestinian Authority (PA) private.

11 Rocket Launchers Found in Gaza. Israel Defense Forces found seven rocket launchers in northern Gaza Wednesday evening. Four more launchers were found earlier in the day.

Enemies Within. 1. Haaretz editor and board member Danny Rubinstein does not retract his categorization of Israel as an “apartheid state” in a statement he made addressing the UN’s Palestinian Rights Conference in Brussels on his way to a World Zionist Organization-sponsored speaking tour in Britain. 2. The Supreme Court turned down a petition by radical-left Peace Now to destroy an entire Jewish neighborhood. (Self-hating Jews are fuelling the anti-Israel propaganda!)

Quote of the Week:

"It is inconceivable that we should continue to supply the residents of the Gaza Strip with electricity, water and fuel, while the citizens of Israel serve as live targets for their rocket fire." - Deputy Prime Minister Haim Ramon. - Another empty threat. Israel still continues to provide the “Life line” to her murderous enemies.

Hamas Opened Fire on Own Supporters. One person was killed and six more were wounded a week ago when Hamas paramilitaries opened fire to disperse a crowd of thousands Hamas supporters, who had been demonstrating to urge the Egyptian authorities to reopen the sole crossing point between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, at the border town of Rafah.

What or Whom does this Israeli Government Protect? The Jihad Islami chief Mohammad al Hindi recently brought back from Tehran dozens of Iranian and Hizballah artillery experts who are training their operatives and advising on the development of upgraded, extended-range missiles. Southern command officers told DEBKAfile: The government forbids us to take out the Iranian and Hizballah missile experts recently arrived in Gaza. (No wonder that many do not want to serve in this government’s army!) Monday, Sept 3, Day 2 of the school year, a Qassam fired from Gaza exploded between a school and a day-center in central Sderot and sent a dozen children to hospital in shock. (When will the stupidity end?)

Arab League Refuses to Help Iraq Refugees. Arab League representatives said that they would not provide financial assistance to the approximately four millions Arab refugees who have fled from violence in Iraq.  Jordan and Syria have absorbed most of the refugees. (Is this an act of brotherly love?)

Israel will petition UN over Kassam Rockets. Israel will file an official complaint to the UN over continued rocket fire on Sderot. Israel's Ambassador to the UN Danny Gillerman said that there was a limit to Israel's restraint. (Why it was not done before? For how long do we have to be ‘nice’ with our killers?)

Betrayal in Progress. Israel's government has agreed, in writing, to hand over 6,250 square kilometers of land – Israel’s entire biblical and strategic heartland - to an Arab terror state. Most of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria are to be demolished and their inhabitants expelled, according to the plan. (Why is the deportation of 450,000 Jews from their land acceptable, but transfer of Arabs from Israel and Jewish land is not?)

Confessions of a News Broadcaster.

by Tamar Yonah  (israelnationalnews.com)

The way in which one writes the news can be very subjective, while not seeming so to the public. A listener has to be very savvy to recognize the ways in which a news piece can be used in order to sway their thinking. Anti-Israel media corporations will broadcast their news with lines such as: "Israeli occupation soldiers shot at a Gazan hospital killing two Palestinians...." Let's examine this one line:

First, the term "occupation soldiers" is subjective and makes the listener already assume that Israel is deserving of any violence that happens, because they shouldn't be there. Second, the news broadcast omitted important and vital facts of the story, such as why the Israeli soldiers were shooting at the Gazan hospital. Perhaps they were forced to do so because the terrorists were shooting from there in the first place? Ah, yes, but those facts are not in the interest of the broadcaster's political agenda.

Then there is the news story saying that Israeli soldiers killed two Arabs "near" a Jewish community. What they omit saying is that the two Arabs were trying to penetrate into the Jewish community on a murder spree, and that weapons and ammunition were found on their bodies.

…nothing has changed. Abbas is the man who earned his PhD denying the Holocaust. He has a long history of terror involvement, one aspect of which was finding the funds and helping to plan the mass murder of 11 of our young Israeli athletes in the 1972 Olympics in Munich Germany. Since Arafat's death it has really only been a change from Terrorist A to Terrorist B.

The PLO has never changed its charter calling for the destruction of Israel and it still has the whole State of Israel on their "map of Palestine." They still teach hatred of Jews and perpetrate acts of terror against us. The promises they make in English are quickly explained away in Arabic to their populations. Their signatures on documents, handshakes and smiles, photo shoots and all the other pomp are just cosmetics. It's like taking a corpse, applying some beige make up base on his face, rouge on his cheeks, red lipstick on his cold lips and then proclaiming, "Look how healthy he looks!" (There is no ‘Peace Process’! There is a slow and persistent process of undermining Jewish rights to the land of Israel and an attempt at wearing down Jewish commitment to Zionist values, using time and constant anti-Israel propaganda world-wide.)