Concealing the Ugliness of Holocaust Crimes

Several Eastern European nations have introduced legislation that limits discourse. In 2015, Ukraine’s president signed a law whose critics say stifles debate on the historical record of World War II and whitewashes local perpetrators of the Holocaust. The Baltic nations of Lithuania and Latvia were pioneers in nationalist legislation that limits discourse about the Holocaust in their territories.

Anti-Semites do not Want Hear the Truth!

1) Poland cancelled an upcoming visit by Education Minister Naftali Bennett after the latter said he would use the trip to tell Poles “the truth” about their complicity in the Holocaust.

2) The Polish tourism minister cancelled his planned participation in the International Mediterranean Tourism Market (IMTM) conference in Tel Aviv.

2) The Ambassadors of both Poland and Turkey skipped a major ceremony in Jerusalem to Honor ‘Righteous Gentiles’. (It took just one generation, since the end of WW2, to show their true anti-Semitic nature again!)

An Iranian drone was downed after entering Israeli air space from Syria. An Israeli F-16 was hit while attacking the Iranian launch pad. This was the first direct military incident between Israel and Iran since the Syrian war broke out in 2011. Enemy fired 25 S-300 Soviet-era anti-aircraft missiles!

Israel Took out Half of Syria's Air Defenses

Israel estimates that it destroyed nearly half of Syria's air defense system in a retaliatory air force sortie after one of its F-16 fighter jets was shot down by a Syrian missile.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

After WW2, Sweden hastily removed all evidence of POW camps in the country. ‘Neutral’ Sweden used captive Russian soldiers as slave labour to supply wood to Nazi Germany. Austria even elected the Jewish traitor, Bruno Kreisky, as its Chancellor after the war to conceal its Nazi nature! Many Austrians, including Hitler, were members of the Nazi Germany government and in charge of security apparatus. All of the international anti-Semitic ‘community’ was complicit in the Holocaust, before and even after WW2. The white-wash of their participation in the Holocaust is still on!

German Bigotry Against Israel is Up!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives and the Social Democrats sealed a deal last Wednesday. The agreement includes explicit criticism of Israeli settlements. Previous coalition treaties between the two parties have included an endorsement of a two-state solution. (Why is there such an 'obsession' with the Jewish state?)

Wall as Threat but Hezbollah Rockets are not?

Lebanese leaders vowed Tuesday to take action to prevent Israel from building a wall on the border between the two countries, along what is called the "Blue Line." (Hezbollah has hundred of thousand rockets ready to be fired at Israel at any moment and Hamas is drumming for a war!)

Is It the Same Old Story?

1) PM Netanyahu makes good on his promise to US President Trump by thwarting a bill seeking to annex West Bank settlements, but is facing resistance from members of his own coalition and party who are determined to bring the legislation to vote.

2) US President Donald Trump said in an interview that recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was a “high point” of his first year in office, but that Israel will have to make “hard compromises for peace” in return. Meanwhile, US ambassador to Israel draws fire over his support of Israeli settlements. (Is it a “high point” or the 'high nothing' again?)

War with Gaza is Likely in 2018

IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot predicted at Sunday's cabinet meeting that a new conflict between Israel and the Hamas terror organization in Gaza was likely in 2018 resulting from Hamas' mismanagement of the Gaza Strip. Hamas will seek an escalation with Israel as a way of distracting the populace from its lack of basic services. Hamas officials believe there is a 95% probability that a war will break out between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza strip in the coming days. (Hopefully, this time Israel will be ready to do a complete 'clean up' of Gaza from enemy population! How many times can terror and threat of war be tolerated?)

Is It an 'Olive Branch' from Assad?

Bashar Assad used a European go-between to send this secret message to PM Binyamin Netanyahu. “War is not what I am after. All I want now is to focus on reunifying Syria and rebuilding the ruins of war.” A key phrase followed: “We are a sovereign nation. We shall not hand our borders over to the control of any forces other than Syrian.” (Will he be able to control or remove Iranians from Syria? Iran clearly doesn’t want to let him.)

Fake Friendship - User and Political Prostitution!

In July, Modi became the first Indian Prime minister to visit Israel, but did not include the Palestinians in his itinerary. On Friday he kicked off his four-day visit to 'Palestine', the UAE, and Oman. Modi’s trip to the region comes weeks after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was warmly welcomed during a five-day trip to India. Modi tweeted that he was looking forward to talks with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and “reaffirming our support for the Palestinian people and the development of Palestine.”

Why Idiots are Allowed in Politics?

Zionist Union chairman Avi Gabbay said that if negotiations with the Palestinian Authority fail, Israel should unilaterally withdraw from Judea and Samaria. (Did it work in Gaza?)

The Best ‘Disengagement’ from Israel is in Sinai!

The Executive Committee Palestine Liberation Organization, decided at its meeting in Ramallah call on the Palestinian Authority government to “disengage” from Israel. The plan is to disengage from the Israeli occupation authorities at the political, security, economic and administrative levels. (How long would it last - another stunt!)

Holocaust was not so Simple!

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel told media that Germany was solely responsible for the Nazi Holocaust, and no one else. The response came in the wake of a fierce discussion between Poland and Israel over legislation passed by Polish lawmakers. (Yes, Nazi Germany enhanced the Jew-hating environment in the world. The European anti-Semites eagerly and joyfully participated in genocide of Jews. If they didn’t, there would have been no Holocaust t!)

QUOTE of the WEEK:

“Forgotten History of Jewish persecution – “In 1263, King James I of Aragon ordered a Church-sponsored censorship of Hebrew writings. This was an unfortunate theme throughout the Middle Ages: Twenty years earlier, Pope Gregory IX initiated the burning of Hebrew books, and persuaded French King Louis IX to burn some 10,000 copies of the Talmud (24 wagon loads) in Paris. In 1592, Pope Clement VIII condemned the Talmud and other Hebrew writings as "obscene," "blasphemous" and "abominable" -- and ordered them all to be seized and burned. Despite attempts to burn our books, however, the light of Jewish tradition shines brightly till today.”  – a Facebook posting.

Israel is Fighting a Five-Front War

by Yochanan Visser

Israel appears to be enjoying a ‘quiet’ period, but below the radar, Israel is engaged in a covert war on five fronts.

Israelis used to talk about the ‘next war’ and are familiar with warnings about imminent threats to the existence of the Jewish state or, alternately, theories which offer a ‘solution’ to our hundred-year-old conflict with the Arabs. Often, the various theories are based on wishful thinking or on Einstein’s definition of insanity...

One could call it a “low-intensity conflict” but the fact is no day passes by without news which supports the conclusion that the IDF is fighting an asymmetrical war against implacable foes on five fronts.

Over the last year we have witnessed the heating up of the northern border in both Syria and Lebanon, an uptick in Palestinian terror attacks, a renewal of rocket fire from Gaza, continuing attempts to infiltrate Israel via so-called terror tunnels and most recently a sharp increase in attempts to attack the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria...

1. There were three attempts by Arabs to infiltrate the city of Efrat and Carmei Tzur, a small Jewish village along Road 60 to Hevron, this over the past month alone.

2. Hamas again allows rocket fire against villages and towns in southern Israel and continues to organize infiltration attempts via tunnels and the security fence surrounding the enclave.

3. In the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt where Wilayat Sinai, the local ISIS branch, continues to pose a serious threat not only to the regime of President el-Sisi but also to the Jewish State.

4. On the Syrian Golan Heights, the Iranian-Russian-backed pro-Assad coalition launched an offensive against the ISIS-affiliated Jaysh Khaled bin al-Walid militia... the IDF was also involved in the battle and launched rockets at the ISIS affiliate.

5. Israel is facing huge challenges is Lebanon.  Iran is building missile production facilities in Lebanon, and works on the production of advanced missile guidance systems which can convert crude rockets into precision weapons, threaten the Jewish state from Lebanon and Syria.

The latest diplomatic offensive by the Netanyahu government to draw international attention to Iran’s encroachment on Israel’s northern border via Hezbollah and Shiite militias in Syria which operate under the command of Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), is doomed to fail.

(New approach and resolution to the threats terror and war is needed! The old ones - 'hit and wait' one has been tried many times, and it does not work!)