The War on Islamism

by Tsvi Bisk.

The so-called ‘War on Terror’ is a ludicrous concept. Terror is a tactic and you cannot wage war on a tactic. You can wage war on an ideology or a policy but you cannot wage war on a tactic. The enemy is not terror, it is the Jihadist campaign to conquer the entire world; it is a ‘War on Islamism'; or as PM David Cameron put it on August 29th 2014 “poisonous Islamist extremism”.

Fear of being accused of Islamophobia has inhibited policy makers and strategists from calling a spade a spade. But just as one could be against Nazism without being against German culture so one can be against Islamism without being against the Muslim religion. In the same vein, just as many scholars have noted that Nazism would not have been possible without some profound psychosis inherent to German culture, so it should be acceptable to speculate whether Islamism would have been possible without some profound psychosis inherent to Muslim culture. This is a legitimate question for non-Muslims to ask and absolutely vital for moderate Muslim intellectuals to ask and answer. Asking it does not make one a racist or an Islamphobe; just as asking a similar question about German culture would not make one a racist or a Germanophobe.

Islamism is an “ism” - a totalitarian ideology with an internally coherent worldview, much like Fascism, Nazism, and Communism. This ideology manifests itself in various Islamist movements which include the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Iranian Ayatollahs, Saudi Wahhabis, ISIS, the Taliban, al-Qaeda and so on. Unless and until we acknowledge that the present struggle is against Islamism, that it is a war of constitutionalism and civilization against totalitarianism and barbarism (much like the war against Nazism), we will never be able to develop a coherent and nuanced grand-strategy that will eventually result in victory.

Moderate Islamism is an oxymoron. There may be moderate Muslims but definitely no moderate Islamists. There is not a hair of ideological difference between the various Islamist groups. There are theological differences, policy distinctions, and diverse strategies and tactics (some, indeed, more moderate than others) but ideologically, all aim to subjugate other religions and worldviews and create an Islamist Caliphate…

Keeping the Humiliating Status Quo on the Temple Mount

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US Secretary of State John Kerry and Jordan's King Abdullah II met in Amman, Jordan. All sides had agreed to take "practical steps" to deescalate the situation by maintaining status quo. (Netanyahu has been wiped up by the US again! Why is Jordan still in charge of the holiest site of Judaism, the Temple Mount? Muslims did not care much about the Al Aqsa mosque before the creation of Israel.)

Israel Said Get Lost to 'Ugly Nazi'

Israel denied entry to members of a UN commission appointed by the Human Rights Council to investigate possible war crimes committed during Operation Protective Edge. The foreign ministry had cast doubts on the appointment after its announcement, saying that "the report has already been written and they just chose who would sign it."

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

In their ‘balanced’ coverage of news two Australian government TV channels, ABC and SBS, show news from many Muslims countries, including at least 2,5 hours of Al Jazeera news. Not a single news program comes from Israeli news providers! At the same time, Israel-bashing is the main pre-occupation of news programs of both channels. What a shameful display of ‘non-biased’ approach to international news coverage and an abuse of “free speech”, as well as violation of an Australian law, by the Left-infested editorial staff and management. If this is happening in a democratic country - what can be expected from Islamic dictatorships!

Citizenship is Honor and the Privilege

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he will instruct the interior minister to evaluate revoking the citizenship of those who “call for the destruction of the State of Israel,” following the death of a second victim from last week’s terrorist attack in Jerusalem. (Will he do it or is it another political stunt?)

Hostile Intention towards Israel - no Unity Amongst Terrorists

Mahmoud Abbas announced that the shrine of Yasser Arafat will be moved to Jerusalem "the capital of Palestine" at the earliest opportunity. Meanwhile, the Fatah movement canceled the 10th anniversary of the death of Arafat in Gaza - "After the series of explosions and assaults against Fatah leaders.”

Time for Israel to ‘Reengage’ with Jewish Land

Thousands of Jewish Israelis were expelled from their homes during the 2005 Disengagement - but soon, some of them may have a chance to return. MKs Ze'ev Elkin (Likud) and Orit Struk (Jewish Home) have drafted a bill to restore Homesh and Sa-Nur to its former Jewish residents, Walla! News reports on Wednesday night, as well as to "eliminate the rights" of those who have invaded the communities since then. The foundation of the bill is based on the fact that both Homesh and Sa-Nur are in the area of Judea-Samaria under full control of the State of Israel.

"Price Tag" Fabrications

The mosque 'arson' may have been an electrical fire. The mosque allegedly torched in a "price tag" attack near Shiloh may have been staged. It was revealed that a fuse box under the mosque was also burned - as well as a space heater, infamous for causing fires, found nearby. So after it was discovered, the space heater was removed from the site (to blam Jews for fire). It is worth noting that initial reports from the site noted that unlike in other "price tag" incidents, the alleged "arson" was not accompanied by any graffiti. Some 'price tag' cases were being systematically staged by Arab activists. There have also been numerous incidents of Arab "price taggings" against Jews though such incidents have received far less media coverage.

Is this Another Useless anti-Israel Smear Inquiry?

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon appointed a five-member panel to investigate Israeli strikes on UN shelters during the Gaza war, as well as the discovery of Hamas weapons at UN sites. Israel maintained that Islamist Hamas terrorists were using the schools to store weapons but denied that it had deliberately targeted the schools, which were being used as shelters by Palestinians during the 50-day war. (Will the ‘Ugly Nothing’ investigate how for years the UN-run facilities were allowed to be used as weapon storage and for launching rockets at Israel? UN promised to investigate the cases where rockets were found at UN run facilities - when ‘pigs fly’!)

Shoot to Kill is the Rule for Terrorists

Security forces must do everything in their power to fight terrorists - and that includes, said Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon, implementing “shoot to kill” orders when needed. Ya'alon made the comments visiting an army base in Gush Etzion, a day after the stabbing murder of Dalia Lemkos of Tekoa at the Gush Etzion Junction.

Daily Stabbings - Result of the Fake Peace Process

Almog Shiloni, the 20-year-old IDF soldier who was critically wounded in a terrorist stabbing attack at the entrance to Tel Aviv's Hahagana train station has died of his wounds. The terrorist had illegally entered into sovereign Israeli territory. A Palestinian man stabbed three Israelis at the entrance of the Alon Shvut settlement - a 25-year-old Israeli woman died in the incident and the other two victims have been hospitalized for moderate injuries.

Not all Hollywood is anti-Israel ‘Stupid’

The annual fundraising bash thrown by the Los Angeles branch of the Friends of the IDF raised $33.5 million in donations for the Israeli military. Among the star-studded stars - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Barbara Streisand, Pamela Anderson - at the gala were also notable international businesspersons like founder and executive chairman of Oracle, Larry and founder and CEO of computer giant Dell, Michael Dell.

Quote of the Week:

“Ironically, the two-state solution is among the most irrational, unsuccessful policies the United States has ever adopted. For the past ninety years, the two-state solution has been tried more than a dozen times, and every time it has failed, abysmally… This demand is without precedent in the history of warfare. There is no precedent of a civilian population, displaced by a war that their leadership started and lost, claiming a right to return to territory that they failed to conquer.” - Caroline Glick - The US imposed solution does not work. It has only weakened Israel’s and the US’ stand in the Middle East. Now, the terror techniques perfected by ‘Palestinians’ in Israel are used by al-Qaeda and the Islamic State!


AIDS is still a Suspect

by Steven Shamrak

So-called Palestinians marked 10 years since the mysterious death of their ‘iconic’ leader Yasser Arafat. Then Israel was immediately fingered as a main suspect in his alleged assassination! Then some of his comrades, due to internal power struggle in Fatah, were also put under suspicion. At the same time, not then nor since, not a single ‘brave’ independent journalist or a news publication, or TV station have been prepared to investigate and find out the true cause of the death of the notorious Egyptian terrorist - a leader of the fake Palestinian nation - his alleged homosexuality and pedophilia, and suspicious illness! They also did not care to question how many millions of dollars, out of funds eagerly donated to enemies of Israel by the international political anti-Semites, his widow and members of his family extorted from the PA for their silence!

A hospital spokesman 'said there would be no details released about the cause of Arafat’s death because of French privacy laws'. Why would Arabs, with cooperation of the Arafat family, need to invoke French privacy laws? Dr. Arafat (half brother) said that he met French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier on the day of his brother's death and discussed the issue with him: "He told me it is not in the interest of France or our (PA) interest to disclose the cause of his death. Holding any party criminally responsible for his death will create political trouble". Who will be in political trouble? Surely, if the trouble was meant for Israel the documents would be revealed immediately!

"The full medical report of President Arafat is a historical document for the Palestinian people," said Hassan Abu Libdeh, the PA cabinet secretary. "We will get the report and the Palestinian Authority will take the necessary decisions including informing the Palestinian people about the full details of the report". Yasser Arafat's nephew, Nasser al-Kidwa, obtained the medical records many weeks ago. The PA can’t blame the ‘evil widow’ for being silent any more! How much do they pay her for silence?

Why has Arafat’s nephew, who was so eager to tell the truth about Arafat’s death, suddenly became mute and evasive? He had plenty of time to study the official French report of his uncle's death. The only statement he has made, so far, is that his uncle had died of "unnatural" causes, implying Israel had poisoned Arafat. AIDS is an "unnatural" cause of death too!

The toxicology tests were conducted during Arafat's two-week stay in a French hospital but "no poisons known to doctors were found." PA Foreign Minister Nabil Shaath has said: "We know what it is not. It is not malignancy or cancer anywhere in his body." But, uncharacteristically for modern medical practice, no autopsy was conducted.

Years ago, Oriana Fallaci, an Arab sympathizer at the time, reported that Arafat’s headquarters in Tunis had a number of blonde German young men running around. She found that not only Arafat was homosexual, but that it was well known fact in his intimate circle. Later, as the rumors gathered force, Arafat arranged his pseudo marriage to his gold digging ‘wife’. The CIA had known about the AIDS for some time and encouraged Israel not to assassinate him.

This saga reminds me the rumors about the death of another legend - the Great Communist leader Lenin. When I was living in the Soviet Union, I heard whispers about the real cause of his death. Only recently, the team of German doctors reviewed the notes of Lenin’s doctors and they officially confirmed the rumors - ‘the great leader of the Socialist revolution’ died from syphilis. For political reasons, this information, as well as, the possible cause of Arafat’s death has not been covered by international press!

I deliberately put a question mark at the end of the title of this article. It is not about Arafat’s homosexuality, it is about lack of political and professional journalistic integrity! Only the release of the official French doctors’ report will stop to the rumors about Arafat death! Why is this information still concealed?