Jewish Settlements on Jewish Land are Legal

by David Israel

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has renounced a 1978 opinion written by the legal adviser of the Department of State Herbert J. Hansel (during the Carter administration).

"After carefully studying all sides of the legal debate," Mr. Pompeo told reporters, the United States has concluded that "the establishment of Israeli civilian settlements in the West Bank is not, per se, inconsistent with international law."

The International Court of Justice in 2010 ruled that Israel is in breach of international law by establishing settlements in “Occupied Palestinian Territory,” including eastern Jerusalem. The Court thus maintained that the “West Bank” which Israel liberated from Jordanian occupation in 1967 was prima facie a Palestinian territory. (The International Court of Antisemitism does not care about China’s occupation of Tibet; Turkey’s occupation of northern Cyprus; Russia’s occupation of Crimea…! How can there be “occupied Palestinian territory” when there was never state of Palestine?)

It was a bizarre ruling that willfully ignored the fact that:

a) Jordan was not entitled to the territory, which it acquired by force after the expiration of the British Mandate in Palestine in 1948;

b) There was no recognition of a Palestinian entity in 1948, and certainly no designation of that territory to such an entity; (The “Palestinians” were ‘created’ later in 1964 with the help of the KGB! Before 1948, Jews were the Palestinians!)

c) Israel’s right to the same territory is as valid or invalid as Jordan’s, seeing as on May 14, 1948 it became a ‘no man’s land.’

There are an estimated 700,000 Jews living in the settlements and in eastern Jerusalem. The Jewish settlers in Judea and Samaria live in Area C, which was designated by the 1994 Oslo Accords to remain under full Israeli control. Before the September elections, Netanyahu promised to annex some of this territory, in the Jordan Valley. There are also plans to impose Israeli laws in the rest of the settlements, most likely in the settlement blocs. (Usual enemies of Israel, including self-hating Jews, hate the truth! Fake people, the so-called Palestinians, are he  occupiers of Jewish land. This is a fact and the government of Israel must end this idiotic status quo!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Anti-Semitism is the easiest and the fastest way to gain popularity and support among ‘inadequate’ people!

Israel Sent Message to Tehran, Damascus and Moscow

The IDF's unusually aggressive attack on Iranian military targets in its war-torn neighbor to the north is supposed to demonstrate its new, harsher retaliation policy to attacks on its population centers. The rockets were launched at Israel from south of Damascus by a Syrian Shi'ite militia. They were fired within about 80km from the border with Israel, an area where Russian President Vladimir Putin promised Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu there would be no Iranians, nor Shi'ite militias operating on the Islamic Republic's behalf.

Another Mad Dog is Barking

A spokesman for the Houthi forces, General Yihya Sari, claimed that Israel had "aspirations in Yemen" and in the Persian Gulf region - and, if it tries to fulfil its aspirations, "Yemenis would not hesitate to respond to Israeli folly." In a direct threat to Jerusalem, he said the rebels had the ability to hit "deep in the occupied territories", among other things by means of unmanned missiles and aircraft.

Bastards are still Deeply anti-Semitic

1. The Vatican spoke out against the United States' decision to no longer consider Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria illegal. "The Holy See reiterates its position of a two-state solution for two peoples, as the only way to reach a complete solution to this age-old conflict," the Vatican said. (They could say nothing on the subject, but it is not how anti-Semites of the Vatican operate. The "age-old conflict" must be resolved - removing enemies of Israel from the Jewish land is the best solution!)

2. UN Security Council members rebuke US on Israel settlements. All 14 other UN Security Council members have strongly opposed the US announcement that it no longer considers Israeli settlements to be a violation of international law. Only Israel’s UN ambassador, Danny Danon, who is not a council member, spoke in support of the US action, saying it “rights a historical wrong”. (The usual anti-Semitic assault from “Ugly Nazi” on the Jewish state – it became an ugly norm!)

Same Game - Same Results!

Israel fighter jets smashed dozens of Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Syrian military targets in Syria – payback for the four-rocket volley against the Golan. They included ground-to-air missile batteries, command centers, weapons stores and bases. The IDF reported that Syrian anti-air batteries were destroyed after opening fire on the Israeli jets, although a warning was relayed to Damascus to abstain. (Only a decisive victory, followed by unconditional surrender by enemies, will bring peace to Israel and good relationships with Arab countries! They need to shake off the delusion that they can destroy the Jewish state.)

Good News - "Deal of the Century" is Dead!

Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas declared that President Donald Trump’s much-anticipated Middle East peace plan, dubbed the “Deal of the Century”, is already dead! “From the very beginning we said that the Deal of the Century doesn’t have a foundation. After what Pompeo said, it’s now dead.” (It is not a surprise! Fake Palestinians have rejected the deal a long time ago, as they rejected all previous efforts to make peace with Israel.)

Annexation Bill on Fast Track

In the wake of an announcement Monday by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that the United States plans to reverse its stance on the legality of Israel’s Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has approved a plan to advance the “Jordan Valley Annexation Bill”. (This is the good news, but why must Israel's internal policies always depend on external approval!)

Why is It Allowed in the Jewish State?

1. Jordan is in the final stages of renovating the Sidna Omar mosque in the heart of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem. Residents of the Jewish Quarter report that prayers have already been held in the mosque in recent days, and expressed fear that Muslim prayers in the heart of the Jewish Quarter and in close proximity to the Hurva synagogue will increase religious tension in the Old City. (Have any synagogues been opened in Jordan or Saudi Arabia? When will the self-destructive stupidity of 'political correctness' and appeasement of enemies end?)

2. Israel’s Supreme Court has issued an order allowing PA Arabs to enter the military compound where the Tomb of Yishai and Ruth is located, allegedly to pray in a structure which they claim to be a mosque. (The Supreme Court is still infested by self-hating anti-Zionists!)

Cracks in the EU anti-Semitic Union!

1. Dutch Parliament Against Mandatory Labelling. Coalition-approved decision calls on the government to object to EU court’s ruling as discriminatory, unless similar standards are applied to all disputed territories around the world.

2. Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó made it plain that his country would veto any statement on the settlement’s legality. An effort to get all 28 European Union member states to issue a joint statement condemning the US decision to no longer consider Israeli settlements as illegal is being blocked by Hungary.  (Some people in Europe recognised the putrid stench of anti-Semitism coming from Brussels!)

Self-Hating Jews Worse than Nazis!

Thirteen Israeli notables issued an open letter saying they welcomed the European Court of Justice’s ruling earlier this week that settlement products need to be labelled as such, but said the move is insufficient and the European Union must ban the import of settlement goods altogether. The letter was signed by former speaker of Knesset and head of the Jewish Agency Avraham Burg; former lawmaker Mossi Raz; former ambassador to France Prof. Eli Barnavi; former Israeli ambassador to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe Ilan Baruch; former attorney general Prof. Michael Ben-Yair; former ambassador to South Africa and Turkey Alon Liel; former Israeli ambassador to the Czech Republic Erella Hadar; Israel Prize winners Prof David Harel, Prof Yehoshua Kolodny, Alex Levac, Prof David Shulman and Prof Zeev Sternhell; EMET Prize Laureate Miki Kratsman. (Fake Palestinians are occupying Jewish land using the generous help, financial and political, from international anti-Semites. Jewish 'kapos' are helping them! They are smart people – but so dumb and self-destructive!)

Quote of the Week:

"Our future does not depend on what the Goyim will say. It depends on what the Jews will do!" - David Ben Gurion

Christian anti-Semitism Lead to Holocaust

by Robert Philpot

The Church of England admitted Thursday that centuries of Christian anti-Semitism helped lead to the Holocaust.

England’s established church cited “the attribution of collective guilt to the Jewish people for the death of Christ and the consequent interpretation of their suffering as collective punishment sent by God” as being among the ideas that “contributed to fostering the passive acquiescence if not positive support of many Christians in actions that led to the Holocaust.”

The report also urged Christians to accept the importance of Zionism for most Jews.

In an oblique swipe at opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, it warned that “some of the approaches and language used by pro-Palestinian advocates are indeed reminiscent of what could be called traditional antisemitism.”

The document is unflinching in its acceptance of the historic role of Christianity in perpetuating anti-Semitism. “Recognition on the part of the Church that it bears a considerable measure of responsibility for the spread of antisemitism demands a response from the Church,” it argues.

Although it argues that “some would find the seeds of Christian antisemitism within the New Testament itself,” the report draws special attention to the historic role of Christianity in England.

“England had its own role in this history, with a claim to being the birthplace of what became known as the ‘blood libel,’ whereby Jews were falsely accused of murdering Christian children to make Passover matzot with their blood,” it says.

The report was published as Britain prepares to go to the polls in three weeks in a general election which has seen continuing controversy over anti-Semitism in the opposition Labour party.

The report does not address the issue directly, but instead suggests that “recent events in the UK context have highlighted the capacity of antisemitism to find purchase across the political spectrum, on the left as well as on the right.”