Children of Yishmael Evil by Nature!

by Steven Shamrak

Our Torah teaches us to love and respect every human being. Whenever a negative characteristic or behaviour of Fundamentalist Islam is mentioned, one must remember that this is to be understood on a personal or political level; each person has free will in the way in which he or she will behave.

<Isaac was not Abraham’s first born. Hagar had borne him Ishmael thirteen years earlier. But Ishmael had not grown up as his father had hoped. He was inclined towards many things Abraham considered wicked. Ishmael even prayed to idols when he believed himself unobserved.

Yishmael’s grandfather on Hagar’s side was Pharaoh, the head of Mitzrayim, who would kill an innocent man justifying assumingly moral purposes.

Torah said that YishmaelAnd he shall be a wild ass of a man: his hand shall be against every man, and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the face of all his brethren." (Bereishit 16:12)

Let us look at the personality of Yishmael and compared it to Fundamentalist of Islam and see if after 3,500 years the decedents of Yishmael (Arabs) improved their morality and behaviour:

1.   Yishmael was a “pere adam” - wild, plunderer, unruly and untamable. (They are still destroying cultural and historical relics - even of their own countries, practicing slavery and killing “infidels”)

2.   Everyone will dependent upon him for commercial needs. He will acquire vast real estate holdings throughout the world. (Like petro-dollars)

3.   He will have no true friends. (Only oil induced ones)

4.   He tried to kill Yitzchak with arrows but acted like he was just playing. (Like Arabs have been doing to Israel)

5.   He was a hater of peace, and the more others talk about peace. He will be at war with everyone. (Just watch daily news on TV. It is all over the Arab world!)

6.   Everything he does, he justifies it by saying that it is the will of G-d.

It is always the fault of Israel, the US and other “infidels” - Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, the Muslim Brotherhood, Taliban, Al-Shabab and other Islamic terrorist groups never think that there is something wrong with them!

And they had enshrined the ideology of violence against others in their holy book, Quran:

Surah 4:89 - “…if they (infidels) turn away, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them and take not from among them any ally or helper.

Surah 9:123 - “O you who have believed, fight those adjacent to you of the disbelievers and let them find in you harshness. And know that Allah is with the righteous.

In other words, Yishmael and his decedents, Arabs and their Islamist accomplices, still possess an impulsive, wild and hateful to others nature! They kill, rape, robe and enslave others routinely, even Muslims who do not subscribe to their specific brand of religiously twisted ideology (both major cults of Islam - Sunni and Shi’ia).

Meanwhile, the world’s historic and cultural heritage has been systematically destroyed, from Afghanistan to Mali, by Islamic vandals. The most alarming about it is the fact that the leaders of the Western world are asleep on job!

Watch: OUTSTANDING SPEECH! (see more below)

Iran is Taking Over Iraq!

Twice designated a terrorist by the United States government, considered responsible for up to 20 percent of American casualties in the Iraq war, Major General Qasem Suleimani, the legendary Iranian spymaster and leader of the Quds Force – the elite special operations wing of the hardline Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) - is now stirring alarm in Washington for doing something the Obama administration would ordinarily cheer: taking the fight to ISIS in Iraq.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Recently the question is asked “Has Israel lost the Democratic Party?” The answer is simple - Israel has never had real support of the Democratic party. The most damage inflicted on Israel and relationship with the US was made by political and economic pressure exhorted on Israel by Democrat presidents - Carter, Clinton and by Obama now. A true friend provides unconditional support! Make no mistake, through the history the United States have concistentely been undermining inspirations of Jewish people and sovereignty of the Jewish state!

Israeli Support of Kurdistan

An oil tanker from Iraqi Kurdistan that was blocked for months from unloading in Texas by a Baghdad legal challenge has sailed back to the Mediterranean and delivered its cargo to Israel, after the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) looked to ramp up independent oil shipments. (Over 30 million Kurds still do not have their homeland, which is occupied by five Muslim states, and nobody cares!)

Europe Need to Learn from Egypt

An Egyptian court declared Gaza's ruling Hamas faction of so-called Palestinians a terrorist group, one month after a similar ruling against its armed wing, the Ezzedin al-Kassam Brigades. Another court sentenced Egypt's top Muslim Brotherhood leaders to life in prison.

IAEA - Iran still Withholding Key Information

The head of the United Nations' nuclear watchdog said Iran had still not handed over key information to his staff, and his body's investigation into Tehran's atomic program could not continue indefinitely. Information requested about alleged explosives tests and other measures that might have been used for bomb research should have been addressed by Iran by last August.

Israel Must Start Boycotting Enemies

The builder of the first planned PA city in the West Bank says Israel has agreed to connect Rawabi to its water grid. Rawabi, a state-of-the-art city, is to have 6,000 apartments, a mall and an amphitheatre. At the same time, almost 80 percent of West Bank shops, PA controlled, no longer carry products from six major Israel food companies. (Why not stop supplying enemies with water, electricity and other services, which they do not pay for, and force them to vacate Jewish land!)

Israeli Arabs 'Unwelcome' Jewish Self-Haters

A protest broke out Saturday afternoon in the majority Arab-populated area of Wadi Ara in Israel's Haifa district as a response to a visit by Zionist Union leaders Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni. The protesters also carried signs that read "Zionist Union - Radical right-wing," and "You are the enemy of the Palestinian nation." (One can hardly call Livni a radical Zionist! Those Arabs enjoy benefits of living in Israel, but their intention is to destroy the Jewish state!)

Quotes of the Week:

"1948, (David) Ben-Gurion stands before a fateful decision: the establishment of the state of Israel. The American Secretary of State strongly opposed. Ben-Gurion, in opposition to the position of the American State Department, declares the establishment of the state. Would we be here today if Ben-Gurion didn't do the right thing?" - Likud campaign video

Jews Must Defend Themselves from Looming Threats!
Menachem Begin, former Prime Minister of Israel.

"I believe the lessons of the Holocaust are these:

First, if an enemy of our people says he seeks to destroy us, believe him. Don’t doubt him for a moment. Don’t make light of it. Do all in your power to deny him the means of carrying out his satanic intent. (Note: one month later, Begin dispatched Israel’s Air Force to destroy the Iraqi nuclear facility at Osirak.)

Second, when a Jew anywhere in the world is threatened or under attack, do all in your power to come to his aid. Never pause to wonder what the world will think or say. The world will never pity slaughtered Jews. The world may not necessarily like the fighting Jew, but the world will have to take account of him.

Third, A Jew must learn to defend himself. He must forever be prepared for whenever treat looms.

Fourth, Jewish dignity and honour must be protected in all circumstances. The seeds of Jewish destruction lie in passively enabling the enemy to humiliate us. Only when the enemy succeeds in turning the spirit of the Jew into dust and ashes in life, can he turn the Jew into dust and ashes in death. During the Holocaust it was after the enemy had humiliated the Jews, trampled them underfoot, divided them, deceived them, afflicted them, drove brother against brother, only then could he lead them, almost without resistance, to the gates of Auschwitz. Therefore, at all times and whatever the cost, safeguard the dignity and honour of the Jewish people.

Fifth, stand united in the face of the enemy. We Jews love life, for us life is holy. But there are things in life more precious than life itself. There are times when one must risk life for the sake of rescuing the lives of others. And when the few risk their own lives for the sake of the many, then they too stand the chance of saving themselves.

Sixth, there is a pattern to Jewish history. In our long annals as a nation, we rise, we fall, we return, we are exiled, we are enslaved, we rebel, we liberate ourselves, we are oppressed once more, we rebuild, and again we suffer destruction, climaxing in our own lifetime in the calamity of calamities, the Holocaust, followed by the rebirth of the Jewish State.

So, yes, we have come full circle, and with G-d’s help, with the rebirth of sovereign Israel we have finally broken the historic cycle: no more destruction and no more defeats, and no more oppression - only Jewish liberty, with dignity and honour. These, I believe, are the underlying lessons to be learned from the unspeakable tragedy of the Holocaust.” (The main point is - Israel has no reliable friend!)

UN Nuke Inspector Hails Netanyahu Speech

A former deputy director of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency, Olli Heinonen, hailed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanayahu’s speech to Congress as an “important message” to the world regarding the unknowns surrounding Iran’s nuclear program and the West’s pending deal with Tehran. He added: “You don’t need to do a deal at this second if you are uncomfortable with the terms. I think this is also what he (Netanayahu) wanted to convey.”

Iran Rejected Obama’s Deal Offer

Iran rejected as "unacceptable" a demand by US President Barack Obama that Tehran freeze its sensitive nuclear activities for at least 10 years, the semi-official Fars news agency reported. (Just after Bibi’s speech - Iran is helping Netanyahu to make the case against bad a deal with Iran!)

Al-Arabiya Editor Demands Obama Listen to Netanyahu

Al-Arabiya's English edition editor-in-chief Faisal J. Abbas is calling on US President Barack Obama to listen to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu after the latter addressed Congress on the dangers of an Iran nuclear deal being formulated. (Is the hate of Israel so strong in the White House that all of them are unwilling to consider reality and listen to even Western experts and Arab ‘friends’?)