What Has Come First - Chicken or Egg?

Israel should be the first country to recognize an independent Palestinian state and withdraw from the lands it has occupied in 1967, said chief PA negotiator Saeb Erekat.

"If Israel has the least seriousness to make peace, it should be the first country to recognize Palestine as a state... it is clear that Israel has preferred settlement," Erekat said, referring to Israel's decision to resume constructions in Jewish settlements in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria). (Demagogic arguments are the most commonly used tool of anti-Israel propaganda, as our enemies are unable to find the factual supports for their fictitious claims! I would say “It is clear that by refusing to negotiate, the PA has chosen the path of terror and violence.” This makes more sense!)

PA President Mahmoud Abbas invited Israel to present its vision regarding the future Palestinian state and its proposals for security issues through a third party. However, Israel refused Abbas' suggestion. "This is another proof that Israel is not serious about reaching a peace deal that enables the creation of a Palestinian state," Erekat said. (This is a common Muslim practice of 'negotiation': ask other party to revile its position in order to obtain a new starting point for more demands! Israel is an existing state - shouldn't it be recognised first? The PA has made no commitment to stop violence and terror, and have stated no clear position of its own about its “vision” of the borders. Is it 1967, 1948 or 1922 they want? All of Palestine, Israel and trans-Jordan, is still on their mind!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Isn’t it amazing how some weak international hypocrisies, in order to please Arab oil suppliers, if not driven by anti-Semitism, are in an enthusiastic race to recognise a non-existing state of artificially created people?

Tear Gas Death was another Hoax

The IDF shot down an ugly Arab hoax, after it had already been eagerly propagated worldwide. An IDF investigation found that Jawaher Abu Rahma actually died of cancer, and was not even at the protest where she supposedly inhaled tear gas. She had been lying in a hospital bed for ten days before passing away. (Too often lies about Israel spread by the PA and the anti-Israel press does not bother to check facts at all!)

Israel Focuses on Cleaner Future!

After a successful run of high-tech and computer-related innovation, Israel is focusing its ambitions on the next big thing - preparing the world for life without coal and oil. Israel is driving to become a world leader in alternative energy, with the government throwing its support to encourage cutting-edge technologies. Israel already has a formidable track record. Bolstered in large part by veterans of high-tech military units, the country helped develop such innovations as instant messaging, Internet telephony and wireless computer chips. (Meanwhile, Israel’s ‘friendly’ neighbours are pursuing unfriendly nuclear options)

‘Feminism’ in Gaza

“Terrorist feminists” in Hamas-controlled Gaza are training to be suicide bombers and to shoot machine guns to kill Israelis. "I am trained and ready to be a suicide bomber against Israeli soldiers,” one potential “martyr” said, expressing the fundamentalist Islam jihad philosophy.

Flying Israel Spy

An alleged Mossad spy has been captured by a Saudi Authority when it entered its territory. The cunning agent in question is a griffon vulture that alighted in Saudi territory with a transmitter strapped around its leg reading, “Tel Aviv University.” Its cover story: researchers at the school tagged it to study its migration patterns. But Saudi authorities aren't buying that for a second: They arrested the bird, with local residents and reporters saying it looked like a “Zionist plot.” (What country’s forged passport has it used?)

Revolving Door of Terror

PA Chairman Abbas has ordered the release of Wael Bitar, who was involved in the slaying of four Jews from Beit Haggai just four months ago.

This the International Media do not Report

A resident of the Sharon community of Kfar Netter was shocked to discover that an orange grove that he had worked on growing for years was destroyed by illegal Arabs from PA towns who invaded his grove and cut down his trees.

They Don't Want to be Helped!

Roads, canals and schools built in Afghanistan as part of a special US military program are crumbling under Afghan stewardship, despite new measures to ensure reconstruction money is not wasted, according to government reports. US troops in Afghanistan have spent $US2 billion in the past six years on 16,000 humanitarian (from Western point of view – alien to Afghans) projects. Afghans had problems maintaining about half of the 69 projects in eastern Afghanistan's Laghman province.

Ugly Side of the Leading Democracy:

“If they put Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union, it is not an American concern”Henry Kissinger, former secretary of state, told Nixon, his bigot-master, on 1973 tape. – Has anything changed in the US government’s attitude toward Israel? Through the centuries of Jewish history unfortunately we always had them. They were called: "King's Jews" or "Official Jews". Most of the time, they were serving their gentile masters with dedication, betraying interests of Jewish communities they were allegedly protecting. In a nutshell, they are "Self-hating Jews" who do more harm to fellow Jews and Israel than even anti-Semites or Arab enemies!

Why Must Only Israel Talk to Enemies?

The United States responded coolly to a call by North Korea for the resumption of talks with the south on lowering tensions between the two countries after North Korea made the surprise announcement by state controlled media that they were willing to meet “any one, anywhere” in order to restore relations. The State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said that North Korea needed to show its goodwill before offering such talks. "There are still things that North Korea has to do to demonstrate a seriousness of purpose," told reporters in Washington. (Muslim countries and so-called Palestinians are not even interested and made no gesture toward having any peaceful relation with Israel, but the US pressures Israel to make even more concessions under an endless barrage of terrorists' rockets!)