Center-Right-Religious Government?

Israel will have a center-right-religious unity government, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The deal is still a work in progress. Gantz will initially take the post of Knesset Speaker and then move into government as acting premier and foreign minister.

The Blue & White party has already collapsed and split up. Yair Lapid is going to head the Opposition. Reports are that within his party, they are openly cursing Benny Gantz.

With the support of left-of-center Labor-Meretz, the unity government will command a solid majority of 78 in the 120-member House.

    58 members from the Right-wing bloc.

    3 from Labor,

    17 from Gantz’s Hosen (Resilience) faction in Blue & White, along with Telem’s Tzvika Hauser and Yoaz Hendel; it seems that Yaalon is not joining Gantz,

    Possibly Orly Levy. (At the end, pragmatism and opportunism have prevailed! For how long and what will be sacrificed to keep the appearance of unity on?)

Israel had offered Gaza corona virus test kits and medical help - Hamas responded with rocket attacks!

It is Always Fault of Jews! :)

1. Mecca is Closed

Yemeni scholar Ibrahim Al-Ubeidi delivered a sermon on Friday in which he claimed that Jews and Americans created COVID-19 with the intention of closing down the Islamic holy sites of Mecca and Medina.

2. Jesus was not Accepted

Rick Wiles, the Florida pastor who claimed that the effort to impeach US President Donald Trump was a “Jew coup,” said the spread of coronavirus in synagogues is a punishment of the Jewish people for opposing Jesus. (Unfortunately, there are still too many Anti-Semitic idiots around!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

It scares me to see how in a very short period of time governments around the word, including democracies, have taken control over people’s lives, reduced and squashed our basic rights! Even more alarming is that there are no resistance and real protests against this ‘dictatorship’ policy!

NOT REPORTED - 'THEY' could not Blame Israel for that!  

At least 10 Palestinians were killed Thursday when a fire broke out at a busy market in the central Gaza Strip. The dead included six children and two women! There were also injured 58 people, of whom 14 were in critical condition. (International Anti-Semites have never cared about 'poor Palestinians' anyway – it is Israel-Jews they are against!)

Business as Usual

A rocket launched from Gaza on Friday night landed in open fields near border communities in southern Israel. The attack shattered weeks of a rare total calm along the often-volatile frontier between Israel and the coastal territory, after Islamic Jihad terror group launched more than 100 rockets at civilian communities in the south. In response, IDF tanks and aircraft attacked three sites belonging to the Hamas terror group that rules Gaza.

Joint Arab List in Charge of Compensating Terror Victims?

The Knesset Labor, Welfare and Health Committee deals with many issues related to the Arab-Israeli conflict, including the rehabilitation of disabled IDF veterans and of families of victims of war and terror. It also controls the IDF soldiers’ pay regulations. And, as of this week, chairmanship of the committee has been awarded to the Joint Arab List. The committee is expected to include four Blue&White members, four Likud, two from the Joint Arab List. (If it is not a cruel joke - it is totally ridiculous!)

'Virus' Reduction of Terror Attacks

There has been a 50% drop over the past week in the number of instances of terror activity in Judea and Samaria. An average recent week sees 30-35 incidents of stones or firebombs being thrown at Israeli vehicles.

UN's Suspends Gaza Food Aid

The United Nations' agency for Palestinian refugees has temporarily suspended aid to the Gaza Strip after the detection of two coronavirus cases in the territory. "The suspension is a precautionary measure to maintain the safety of staff and beneficiaries," spokesperson Adnan abu Hasna said. (The 'Ugly Nazi' is only brave against Israel, but not a virus. It has never really cared about fake Palestinians! If Israel cut off transfers of food due to COVID-19, the world would blast Israel.)

Enemies Within Must be Expelled from Israel

A member of Knesset (MK) from the Joint Arab List, Sami Abu Shehadeh, released a video thanking the mothers of Arab terrorists for their “heroic efforts,” as a symbol of “appreciation” on Mother’s Day which was celebrated last Saturday in the Arab world.

Quote of the Week:

We habitually use international aid funds to dedicate facilities in honor of those who committed massacres, to pay lifetime pensions to the perpetrators of such acts, and to support the families of those who were killed or captured in the attempt. Palestinian culture is all but defined by our devotion to uncompromising opposition to Israel, and that finds it most quotidian expression in the allocation of funds to those heroes and their families for purposes of glorifying their acts. Demands from Norway, the US, the EU, and now maybe even the UN... the institutions or individuals who issue those demands will face unwavering, possibly violent, resistance. You cannot define our culture for us! ...Killing Jews is an ancient element of our culture, and the one thing we should be able to agree on.” - Mustafa Massiqr Israel must destroy this ‘culture’ – Cutting the PA financing is the easiest first step – Removal of the enemies from Jewish land is a must!

Arab Israelis are Hatful of Israel!

by Nadav Shragai

One of the foremost authorities on Arabs in Israel, Professor Raphael Israeli, debunks claims that the extremist, anti-Zionist Arab leadership doesn't actually represent the views of their constituency...

He sees what is occurring in Arab Israeli politics as "a serious decline," and finds it difficult to understand why others can't see what he sees: "Not increasing closeness at all, but rather Arab Israelis pulling away from Israeli-ness."

On the other hand, Israeli talks with admiration about the possibility of an Arab Israeli who does not identify with the positions of the Joint Arab List...

He thinks that Israeli Arabs should find themselves new representation in the form of a party that does not undermine the Jewish state, or in the existing parties -- both on the Left or Right...

"Until a year ago, it might have been theoretically possible to assume that half of the Arab population opposed that extremism, but the spike in Arab voter turnout for the Joint Arab List in the last two elections shows that the ('Palestinian’-Israeli) public and the party are one."

"Let's put our cards on the table: They say that Arab Israelis, who are 20% of the population, want to integrate, but they vote for a confederation of (Arab) parties... - whose representatives justify the right of return for Arabs even now, reject the idea of Arab Israeli identity and cling to the idea of the Palestinian people and the Arab nation.

"For them, Zionism is colonialism. Hanin Zoabi and Ayman Odeh have adopted this agenda... the Joint Arab List embrace that same agenda. There is no process of moderation, only radicalization. The Joint Arab List is (a group of) isolationist parties that emphasize their Palestinian-hood rather than their Israeli-hood..."

"The question is, 'What does integration mean?' If we're talking about economic integration, then yes – they are more involved. They own businesses, they trade with us and we trade with them, but unfortunately, their national attitude is to not integrate into the State of Israel. Nationally, they are gathering around an extremist leadership."

"...I find a few who are willing to whisper different things in terms of nationality, but it's always a whisper..."