Happy Hannukah!

Celebration of True Zionism!

Zionism is the Jewish National Independence Movement!

Hanukkah is one of the quintessentially Zionist holidays. It is a holiday of freedom, celebrating the victory of the Maccabees over the Syrians. It reaffirms the centrality of Israel and of Jerusalem in Jewish cultural life.  Without love of Israel and Jewish national existence, Hanukkah has no real meaning…

After hard fighting, the Maccabees liberated Jerusalem and entered the temple that was the center of Jewish religious and national life, symbolising national liberation. They removed the idol that had been set there for pagan worship, cleansed the temple of pagan sacrifice and rededicated it…

According to tradition, when the Jews cleaned the temple, they found only one small container of oil with which to light their holy lamps. Miraculously, the container provided enough oil for eight days, until new oil could be made and purified. Other sources tell of a torchlight parade in the temple, which may also have contributed to the tradition of lighting candles on Hanukkah…

(In current the anti-Israel and perverted politically correct environment, Israeli politicians and our spiritual leaders need to be reminded that Hanukah is a celebration of Zionism - Spirit of Jewish National. The symbolism of the "Festival of Lights", which our ‘lost’ rabbis so eagerly promoted, had only become possible after the Jews defeated the enemy and removed them from the Jewish land! That is what Israel must do now which will bring peace to the Jewish people and make reunification of all our land possible! We have tried to appease our enemies - it does not work!)

Palestine is a Geographical Area - not a State!

On July 24, 1922 the entire membership of the League of Nations (today’s UN) - 51 countries - unanimously declared: “Whereas recognition has been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country.”

At the same time several mandates were allocated for Arabs to satisfy their national aspirations: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. Just because Arabs want to destroy Israel, with the help of international anti-Semitic bigots, it does not mean that Jews must agree with their agenda and allow the second Holocaust!

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

I have seen so many extended interviews with advocates of the fake Palestinians rights, but none with the true Zionists - advocates of the rights of Jewish people. Self-hating and the politicly correct idiots, deliberately selected by media to prove legitimacy of their anti-Israel/anti-Semitic agenda, are not representative of the Jewish people!

Bigots in UN (‘Useless Nothing’) and EU Ignore This

A senior member of Fatah, Jibril Rajoub, the faction headed by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, called for armed resistance against Israel. His remarks were aired on PA official TV station on the same day that Abbas asked the United Nations to upgrade the PA’s status to that of a non-member observer state. (Since the end of WWII traditional anti-Semites have been assisting Arabs to complete the task they were hoping Nazis and their collaborators started in Europe!)

Netanyahu is still Deliberately Delusional

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu repeated that the UN resolution (approving Palestinian non-member status) changes nothing in practice. “No Palestinian state will come into being without recognising Israel as the state of the Jewish people…” (Arabs will never recognise Israel, especially when the Israeli government has no self-respect or vision for the nation’s future!)

Was Yasser Arafat an Israeli Agent?

Director of PA Primary Heath Care, As’ad Ramlawi, claimed that Palestinians who go to work in Israel are subjected to “political blackmail” by Israeli authorities - something that exposes them to AIDS. Some Palestinians have in the past claimed that Israeli security forces recruit “collaborators” by first seducing them to have sexual intercourse with prostitutes. In the past, Egyptian newspapers had also accused Israel of spreading AIDS in the Arab world by dispatching prostitutes to these countries. (Does it mean that Yasser Arafat, who most likely died from AIDS, was an Israeli agent? Why can’t we use the same ridiculous logic against our enemies?)

Israeli Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria Now!

The Women in Green movement is calling upon the Israeli government to respond to the PA vote in the UN with the immediate application of Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria. "What's important is not what the Nations say, but what the Jews do!" - David Ben Gurion.

March Deadline for Iran?

Robert Wood, the US delegate to the UN nuclear agency, gave Iran until March to start "cooperating in substance" with a UN nuclear agency investigation into its nuclear program. If it failed to do so, he said, “The United States... would urge the board to consider reporting this lack of progress to the UN Security Council.” (How long will this ‘consideration’ and the Security Council ‘deliberations’ take? Until it is too late for Israel!)

UN Mess a Result of Israel's 'Schizophrenic' Policies

Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) Chairman Naftali Bennett said, regarding the PA's bid in the UN, that the problem is a direct result of the Israeli government's position favouring the establishment of a PA state. "You can't support the establishment of a Palestinian state on the one hand, and on the other - wonder when the world takes action to establish it," he said. "This is schizophrenic policymaking."

Jewish Woman in Iran Cut in Half

A Jewish woman in Isfahan, Iran, was murdered and cut in half by Muslims who wanted to take over her home. Relatives of the woman said she had lived next to a newly built mosque, and worshipers had demanded that she and her family leave their home so the mosque could be expanded. (This news is not reported by the anti-Semitic media!)

Abbas Violated Agreements with Israel

The Israeli Prime Minister's Office issued a statement that by going to the UN the PA has "violated agreements with Israel, and Israel will act accordingly." Israel has made clear in recent days that it would free Israel of its obligations under the Oslo accord since Jerusalem views the move as a blatant violation of the underlying principle of those agreements. (Is it another empty threat? PA terrorists used Oslo accord only to advance their goal of destruction of Israel. Israel must end the Oslo accord!)

US Build Strategic Base in Israel

The oddly named project, “Site 911”, will cost up to $100 million and can only be built by workers from specific countries with proper security clearances. Palestinians need not apply. When complete the well-guarded compound will have five levels buried underground and six additional outbuildings on the above grounds, within the perimeter. At about 127,000 square feet, the first three floors will house classrooms, an auditorium... - all wedged behind shock resistant doors with radiation protection and massive security. (It seems that US government is expecting serious trouble in the nearest future from Arab ‘friends’ and Israel is the only ally it can trust in the Middle East!)

Hamas: Let’s Fight Israel Together

Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar called on Fatah to join his movement in the fight against Israel: “Our hands are extended to Fatah to join the program of (armed) resistance and the liberation of Palestine. Come and join the program of resistance and stop wasting your time and effort. Let’s join hands and carry the rifle together.”

The Positive Step in the Right Direction

The Netanyahu government has approved 3,000 new apartments for Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. It is the first response to the PA application for UN non-member status. More projects are in the Israeli pipeline. (Will the government of Israel follow it through or is it another empty declaration?)

Words are Cheap!

Two days after Berlin disappointed Jerusalem by abstaining from UN vote on PA' status, German chancellor says her country "will always stand on the side of Israel". (The world leaders knew about the intention of the Natzis, but were silent before and during the Holocaust. They pretended to be shocked later, but have immediately done everything possible to accommodate the destruction of the Jewish state in 1947 and since! Please, view the partition map)

Quote(s) of the Week:

“The interaction between the United Nations and the State of the Jews has become the central axis of the UN's activity. Without Israel, the UN loses its raison d'etre (over 50% of all UN resolutions are related and against Israel)… The entire world is obsessed with a tiny state that conducts itself more honourably, democratically and morally than most of the other UN members - and contributes to the world in a vast array of spheres, more than any other country.” - Moshe Feiglin

Notes from a Frustrated Zionist

by Bernard J. Shapiro

Like just about every Zionist, I am in terrible pain because of the continued diplomatic and strategic imbecility of the Israeli government. That doesn't mean that all members are equally bad, only that as a group they continue doing stupid things:

Since Oslo (1993) they have chosen to empower our enemies.

The policy of retreat and appeasements which never worked (for Jews with any nation in the history of the world), became an Israel strategic policy…

Since 1982 (Lebanon) the leftist establishment has used every dirty non-democratic trick to destroy Zionism and the morale of true Israeli patriots.

Unfortunately the left has emasculated the Zionists, dating back to the Altalena. And even before that, when Jabotinsky was silenced in Europe, as he warned about the coming Holocaust…

Change to Positive Jewish Diplomacy is Needed:

Expel all UN personnel from Israel (all Jewish land).

Cut off all cash and utilities to terrorists in the PA.

Cancel Oslo and reclaim the Temple Mount.

Implement a true blockade of Gaza - no entry or exit except to Egypt (controlled by Israel).

Cancel the Egyptian "peace" treaty as irrelevant. Re-occupy Sinai from El Arish to Sharem el Sheik

Annex all of Yesha (Judea, Samaria and Gaza - and removing all enemy population from Jewish land - Sinai is a logical destination!)


No more should Jews debate the obvious, like to keep what is theirs or give it away. The Almighty gave us Eretz Yisrael (the land of Israel) as a possession of the Jewish People in perpetuity. No assembly of Israelis or nations in the world has the right to go against G-d's word.