What Ceasefire - Another 'Hit and Run'?

by David M. Halbfinger

Two rockets were fired at Tel Aviv from the Gaza Strip on Thursday!

Israel’s Iron Dome missile-defense system detected the incoming rockets around 9 p.m. and sounded alarms that were heard across metropolitan Tel Aviv on a rainy night.

Hamas, the militant group which controls Gaza, denied involvement in the attack, as did Islamic Jihad, an Iranian-backed armed organisation which also possesses a formidable rocket arsenal.

Israeli warplanes and helicopters bombed dozens of targets in the Gaza Strip in response.

According to the IDF Spokesperson, among the terrorist targets hit overnight were the offices of the Hamas headquarters in the Rimal neighborhood in central Gaza City responsible for directing Hamas terrorist operatives in Judea and Samaria.

In addition, the IDF attacked the main, underground rocket production site in the Gaza Strip; and a Hamas military training compound which is used as the center for Hamas’ unmanned drones in the southern Gaza Strip. (Enemies strike Israel at any time they want! Deny responsibility later and ask for another useless ceasefire! Even if Hamas is gone, it will be replaced by another anti-Israel terrorist group, with support of the so-called Palestinian population!)

The Silent Intifada: Weekly Terror Report

Israeli citizens are forced to deal with on a daily basis. In the seven day period, from March 7-14, there were 51 terror attacks in the last week alone, including 2 shootings, 2 attempted stabbings, and 11 firebomb attacks - 411 terror attacks in 2019. The attacks included two shootings, two attempted stabbings, 36 stone-throwing incidents, and 11 firebomb attacks. The shots were fired by terrorists from the Arab village of Jelazoun on Thursday night at the Jewish community of Beit El, in the Binyamin region of Samaria. (Enemy population must be removed from the Jewish ancestral land - this is the only way to stop terror attacks against Jews in their homeland!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Two major political issues are not freely discussed, actually often are censored and almost forbidden to raise, by the Western, supposingly, democracies:

1. What is behind the Islamic terror of Al Qaida, ISIS and other groups, like Hamas and Hezbollah? And, why are the majority of members of “the peaceful religion”, over 1.3 billion of them, not protesting against their barbaric Islamist terror?

2. What was the motivation and reason for attack committed by Anders Breivik on 22 July 2011 in Norway? And, why did Australian Brenton Tarrant attack two mosques a week ago, killing dozens of Muslim worshipers?

The Western world needs to start to face these questions honestly. Problems are never resolved and solved if they are not clearly identified!

Sinai Option - Road to Permanent Peace!

Please, read and forward this article!

IDF Attacked 100 Hamas Targets

IDF fighter jets, attack helicopters and other aircraft struck approximately 100 military targets belonging to the Hamas terror organization in the Gaza Strip. Among the terror targets struck was an office complex of the Judea and Samaria headquarters in the neighborhood of Rimal in the central Gaza Strip. The main manufacturing site of standard-grade rockets in the Gaza Strip was struck. (As usual, Israel has fired at empty buildings - no terrorists were killed - Bombing 100 empty terror sites won’t deter Hamas from its next rocket assault!)

New Missile Factory in Syria

Satellite images taken by Israeli intelligence firm ISI on Tuesday seem to confirm suspicions that a missile factory is being constructed in the Syrian town of Safita, east of Tartus. It appears that the site does not produce missile engines and warheads yet.

JERUSALEM RACE - 40,000 Runners from 80 Countries

The streets of the capital of Israel were overflowed as the annual Jerusalem Winner Marathon was held for the ninth time, with some 40,000 runners from 80 countries participating in the event. They ran a breathtaking route, passing through the Old City walls, the Sultan’s Pool, Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Mount Zion, the German Colony, Rehavia, the Armon Hanatziv Promenade, Ammunition Hill, Mount Scopus, Mount of Olives and other sites. (This was not reported by 'Jew-loving' - Israel-hating media!)

Jews of Efrat have had Enough

The people of Efrat in Judea have had enough. They're tired of watching the illegal Arab construction that is choking the northern neighborhoods of Efrat and threatening the safety of motorists on the roads that lead to their homes. They're tired of filing unanswered complaints with the authorities.

Paralyzing IDF Solders!

A senior Israeli official said the army has opened criminal investigations into the deaths of 11 Palestinians killed by Israeli fire during protests along the Israel-Gaza border over the past year. UN human rights report alleges Israeli soldiers intentionally fired on civilians and could have committed crimes against humanity. Israel immediately denounced the report as biased and rejected its findings. (Therefore, why are they opening the investigation? Israel must stop paying attention to anti-Semitic rhetoric of 'Ugly Nazi'! Jewish solders must not fear of legal proceedings during military operations or terror attacks!)

Making Legal System Zionist!

Two new judges were appointed to Israel’s appeals court by Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (New Right Party), bringing the total number of judges chosen throughout Shaked’s tenure to 334. That number comprises approximately 30 percent of all judges in Israel, and is expected to cause a marked right-wing (Zionist) shift in judicial verdicts.

Trump Factor: State Dept. Drops "Occupied..."

For the first time ever, the US State Department dropped the term “occupied territories” from its headline referring to the Golan Heights, Judea, Samaria and Gaza in its annual global human rights report. The text was changed from “Israel-occupied” to “Israeli-controlled.”

Why are only Arabs Allowed to Hate?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son sniped at President Reuven Rivlin on Twitter after the latter criticized the premier over recent statements about Arab Israelis. Gantz’s Blue and White party calls on Netanyahu to rein in his son Yair, denounces ‘incitement’ against the president. (Once again, the anti-Zionist Left is pretending to be the centrist party! Will Israeli voters be fooled again?)

Legal Political Blackmail Saga is still on!

Israel’s Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit has agreed to hold the pre-indictment hearing for a possible indictment of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges until after the upcoming April 9 national elections.

Quote of the Week:

“Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.” - George Bernard Shaw - For how long is Israel going to pretend that Arabs and so-called Palestinians want peace and tolerate terror, as well as international humiliation? The Jewish state needs to decisively reunite Jewish ancestral land – only then will Eretz-Israel gain due respect from international bigots!

True Respect for Democracy.

by Steven Shamrak.

Maybe because I was born and raised in a dictatorial Communist country, the Soviet Union, I feel a special admiration and respect for the ideals of democracy that are practiced in the USA and, to a degree, in Israel. I have the same respect for the executive offices of the President and the PM. Unfortunately, the people who are elected to these offices quite often do not reach the level of integrity these positions demand! 

Every day of my life I used to live surrounded by political propaganda in a country where brainwashing of the population was the principal survival preoccupation of the government. Every member of Soviet society was an active or silent participant of this dehumanisation machinery which affected 270 million people.

Therefore, I am able to see and feel with heightened sensitivity the abuse of the power, manipulation of the public and enormous level of corruption that are being perpetrated by unscrupulous officials, who are only serving the self- and special-interest groups which put them in the office of power: the United State, Europe and Israel! Fortunately, Muslim and Arab states have not reached a level of such hideous sophistication.

It is my high level of respect for democracy that compels me to speak out and expose corruption. Democracy demands free expression of opinion and accountability of the leadership. It was practiced freely during the early days of French revolution and even during the Russian revolution in 1917, but was lost because public allowed self-serving opportunists to take over of their lives!

It is a moral duty of any self-respecting person, especially those living in a democratic society and who cherish its values (where they are not at the risk of losing their life and the right of freedom of speech is supported, so far, by actionable laws) to speak out and defend their rights and keep political hypocrisy and corruption accountable. Capitulation to the abuse of power and corruption results in a high level of apathy and feeling of personal insignificance among the public. It ultimately destroys democracy!

True democracy not only requires freedom of expression and accountability, it needs them for self-preservation! Silence, apathy and false political correctness are disrespectful and mortally dangerous to democracy!