Cease-Fire Charade!

In response to rocket fire from Gaza, Israeli aircraft went into action twice against Hamas terrorist facilities; the second air strike early Wednesday hit an underground structure in the Gaza Strip. Three rockets were first fired at Sderot and Shear Hanegev – one intercepted by Iron Dome, a second exploding on open ground and a third inside the Gaza Strip. One of the Hamas targets hit overnight was a weapons manufacturing facility. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned terror groups in Gaza that they made a “serious mistake” by firing the two rockets at Israel. (They don't care! Firing at empty buildings in Gaza will not stop Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Removal of the terror-supporting population, fake Palestinians - mainly Egyptians and Arabs, from Gaza to Sinai is the only option!)

Shortly before the strikes began, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned terror groups in Gaza that they made a “serious mistake” by firing the two rockets at Israel on Tuesday night. “We will respond firmly to any attack against us and continue to maintain Israel's security on all fronts,” he wrote. (How many times he has already said it. They do not care, because it just an empty threat!)

Tuesday's attack came less than two weeks after Egypt and the United Nations brokered an unofficial truce that halted hostilities with Palestinian militants. (Rockets from Gaza are still flying!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

They say that Israel's settlement policy in the occupied territories is illegal under international laws and violates (UN) Security Council resolutions. The international anti-Semites, never say what international laws it violates; they ignore the fact that it is Jewish land occupied by the enemies of the Jewish state. Most of the UN anti-Israel resolutions are non-binding, and, resolutions 181 and 282 were rejected by Arabs and fake Palestinians – that makes them invalid! Just because anti-Semites have still have the desire to destroy Jews, it does not mean that Israel must provide bullets!

Hamas Moving in Judea and Samaria?

PA head Mahmoud Abbas is expected to announce the election dates for the Legislative Council and the presidency in the coming days after he returns from a visit to Qatar. Hamas is likely to gain power in Judea and Samaria after taking control of the Gaza Strip. Qatar was instrumental in influencing Hamas to participate in the elections under Abbas’ terms and has pledged $25 million in funding for the elections. (The problem is not with the PLO or even Hamas - they and other terrorist groups are just representing the terror-fostering population of the fake Palestinians!)

Bill to Ban UNRWA in Israel

Former Mayor of Jerusalem and currently a Member of Knesset (MK) Nir Barkat has tabled a draft to outlaw the activities of the UNRWA in Israel. There is widespread support for the bill within the Knesset. Supporters describe the bill as exercising Israel’s right to sovereignty and implementation of the Basic Law “Jerusalem, Capital of Israel”, passed by the Knesset in 1980, which states in Article 1 that “Jerusalem, complete and united, is the capital of Israel.” UNRWA has made headlines in recent weeks following a corruption scandal. (This is long over-due!)

Jordan Simulates War with Israel

On November 25, 2019, the Jordanian Army conducted military maneuvers named “Swords of Karama,” named for Israel’s 1968 military operation against Fatah near the village of Karama. It should be noted that the official Jordanian reports did not explicitly state that the maneuvers simulated a battle with Israel. However, the maneuvers simulated an enemy army invasion via bridges – that is, bridges over the Jordan River that forms the border between the two countries.

Expending Jewish East Jerusalem

Work started in recent weeks on expanding a Jewish community in East Jerusalem. The project will add 176 housing units to the existing 96 homes of Nof Zion.

Journalists from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq in Israel

The delegation, which toured the country for five days, included senior journalists from Saud Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and Egypt, as well as two musicians from Iraq. This is the second such delegation in four months. The delegation met for two hours with Foreign Minister Israel Katz, as well as other officials.

Telling the Truth about Polish Jew-Haters is not an Insult

Prosecutors in southern Poland have dropped a case investigating claims made by Holocaust scholar Jan Tomasz Gross that Poles killed more Jews than Germans during World War II. Prosecutors said that the evidence gathered offered no clear guidance. In February 2018, the Polish parliament passed a law that criminalized blaming Poland for Nazi crimes, sparking a diplomatic crisis with Israel. A Polish prosecutor who twice wanted to end the investigation found himself demoted. (The case is close because Poland does not want the truth, supported by the evidence, out during court proceedings!)

Stupidity of Keeping Terror Afloat!

Despite the fact that rockets and mortar shells are still being fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip, Qatari cash will nevertheless make its way once more across the border through the Eretz land crossing. Qatari envoy Mohammed al-Emadi announced Monday that 70,000 poor families will each receive $100 as part of the so-called “ceasefire” agreement between Israel and Hamas that is violated on a near-daily basis by terrorists in the enclave. (By allowing cash flow into Gaza Israel sustains the popularity of Hamas, and is letting Hamas use other funds to maintain terror attacks against Israel!)

Reluctance to Punish Leftist Enemies of Israel

Fifty attorneys called on AG Mandelblit to prosecute anarchists who harmed IDF soldiers. Gilad Ach, Director of Ad Kan, said: “We call for an end to attacks on IDF soldiers and we were shocked at how various legal officials openly supported anarchists who attack IDF soldiers weekly. We call on the AG not to grant the request of the anarchists to stay their proceedings and not to reward individuals who harm IDF soldiers and refuse to recognize Israeli courts.” The activists in question participated in more than 10 violent riots over the past few months. (Legal system in Israel is more ‘active’ when it comes to punishment or harassment of pro-Zionist activists!)

‘Day of Rage’ was a Major Flop

The PA declared a “day of rage” throughout Judea and Samaria in protest of the recent US announcement that Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria is not illegal according to international law. Schools were closed at 11:30 to boost the attendance at the events. In spite of the efforts, only a few dozen rioters turning out to clash with the Israeli security forces, apparently a failure for the PA’s leadership. (The PA was trying to 'outperform' Hamas. Even 'Palestinians' living in Judea and Samaria are tired of the political hypocrisy of their terrorist leadership!)

Abbas’s Wife had Surgery in Israel

Doctors in Israel performed leg surgery on Amina Abbas, the wife of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, at a private clinic near Tel Aviv. Earlier this month Israel allowed the mother-in-law of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh into the country for a cancer treatment at a Jerusalem hospital. (Hypocrites – like most anti-Semites, they hate Jews but love being treated by Jewish doctors!)

Democrats Became Openly anti-Israel

More than 100 Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, calling on him to “immediately” reverse the decision to declare that Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria are not illegal under international law.

Quote of the Week:

“The facts don’t matter: We are in the world of symbols. In this world, Israel has become a symbol of what is wrong – not Hamas, not Hezbollah, not Great Britain, not America, not Russia.” - Matti Friedman, former AP correspondent – Jews, as Israel now, are always providing ‘good’ news, that sells papers, for anti-Semitically inclined idiots and used by politicians as a robust distraction from local issues!

Message to Christian Friends of Jews

 by Steven Shamrak

There are many different Christian churches, groups and movements. Some call themselves Zionists or good and true Christians. Many of them are deeply antagonistic toward mainstream Catholics and Anglicans. And they disassociate themselves from the actions of their church in the past.

Just recently, the Pope, leader of 1.1 billion Catholics, deliberately omitted Israel from the list of countries suffering from Islamic terror in his speech. Following his example, an Anglican archbishop did not mention two Jews as victims of London bombings. Some Church leaders are still advocating divestment from Israel, but not from Muslim countries linked to Islamic terrorism!

We have not been hearing condemnations made by "true Christians" of the anti-Semitic behaviour and Israel-bashing by their Christian brothers in the past and the present. Most of them are silent about Arab terrorism in Israel, anti-Semitic acts in their own countries and anti-Israel discriminatory behaviour of the UN, EU, Red Cross and USA as well. True friendship can be measured only by actions!

The inaction of church leaders and the Christian leadership of the US and European governments against the spreading of Islamic terror is appalling and borders on criminal negligence. For many years they have been ignoring the warnings about Islamic expansionistic ambitions. They ignore the fact, that true Islamists hate Christians even more than Jews. Now they are experiencing the result of their duplicity. Europe is under the flame of Islamic fire, but the hypocrites still are not able to face the reality and are playing the dangerous game of political correctness, ignorance and providing false justifications to basic Islamic hate toward anything that is not Muslim!

From the Jewish point of view, it is difficult to distinguish the true friends among the Christian groups. Most of them claim friendship but actually have sinister motives. The Messianic Christians, for example, consider themselves as 'good Christians'. This is in spite of the fact that the main objective of the Messianic church is to prove the validity of Christian teachings by converting lost Jewish souls to Christianity. They believe, as many before them, that the increase in the number of Jewish Christians is an indication that the Church is G-d's true religion. In the past the forceful conversion of Jews was a preferred method, but proved ineffective.

Unfortunately, many Christian groups and organizations still believe and practice the old traditional theology of hate or misguided envy toward Jews. They ignore the fact that conversion of Jews to Christianity is actually against the will of the G-d and undermines the most important Christian doctrine of the Second coming. It diminishes the chance of all Jews to come to Israel, as He commanded for the arrival of the Jewish Messiah. Effectively, due to deeply imbedded anti-Semitism or pathological jealousy, many branches of the Church have been sabotaging the Second coming of their Messiah by evangelising Jews.

I respect any belief system as long as they do not discriminate against others. At the same time, I demand the same respect toward my people, our traditions and our rights from others. True friendship is a two-way street. 

Jews welcome moral and political support for Israel from the non-Jewish friends. But it must be given without any ulterior motives. The good Christian friends must not be frustrated when Jews criticize the anti-Semitic behaviour of the Church. Most often, the Church practice and religion have very little in common!   If you follow the Bible’s message of love, you are on the right side and have nothing to be concerned about. The bottom line is - your teacher was a Jew and it is difficult to distort his message of love!