Broken Promises Promote Wrongs Against Israel

by Anne Bayefsky

In Geneva during the current session of the UN Human Rights Council, the Obama administration became a willing participant in the UN’s imposition of an apartheid-style ban on representatives of the state of Israel. Despite promises made by the administration that by joining the Council the United States would not become part of the problem, U.S. Ambassador to the Council Eileen Donahoe chose to attend and fully participate in a meeting that deliberately excluded anyone representing the Jewish state. Israel is the only UN member state not permitted to be a full member of any of the UN’s five regional groups. Throughout the Human Rights Council sessions, these groups hold key planning meetings in which countries negotiate and share important information behind closed doors. Even the Palestinian Authority, though not a state, is permitted into the Asian regional group.

While Israelis are left standing in the hall during the Council’s regional group meetings, this week for the first time Libya took its seat as a full-fledged Council member. Other full voting members of the UN’s lead human rights body includes such ‘model citizens’ as Saudi Arabia, China, Cuba, Russia and Kyrgyzstan. (During the last 100 years ‘friends’ of Jews have broken many promises. Israel can’t trust assurances made by the US or International hypocrisy in any deal with the Islamic enemies of the Jewish state!)

PA has Chosen Terror - Talks Break Down

Mahmoud Abbas flew out of New York standing by his ultimatum for Jerusalem to announce continuation of the temporary freeze on building in West Bank settlements. Even ‘optimistic’ about talks the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave up trying to persuade him to accept a compromise after learning that Abbas opted for secret talks with Hamas terrorist planners in Damascus.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Many ‘friends’ of Israel insist on “settlements freeze”. They do not demand the freeze on terror attacks against Israel or recognition of the Jewish state by Arabs! Funny how they think, isn’t it?

Despicable Behaviour of the ‘Peace partner’

A PA judge, Ta’et at Twil, ruled that selling or attempting to sell land to a “foreign country was a criminal offense which could result in the death penalty”. The Current law, which says courts can choose from either life in prison or death, was not tough enough. (Arabs will never change their hateful attitude, not just towards Israel. It is time to take the enemies out of Jewish land.)

They do not Care about International Opinion.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy upended a European Union summit a week ago to defend his nation's honour, vowing to keep clearing illegal immigrant camps despite accusations that France's policy is racist and unfair. (Why must Israel care about the opinions of her enemies? In order to achieve peace, Israel is obliged to clear Jewish land from Islamic occupation!)

Confession of the Traitor 

Ehud Olmert wrote in his new autobiography that in negotiations with the PA he agreed to divide Jerusalem and give Arabs control over Judaism’s holiest site – the Temple Mount.

Hamas Profiteering from Aid

A journalist, Mitchell Prothero who had visited Gaza, found that Hamas is confiscating humanitarian goods donated by the international community and forcing Gazan Arabs to pay for them.

Israeli Arabs Belong to ‘Palestine’

Israel's Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, has rejected the traditional formula of trading land for peace, which has defined the peace process for two decades. Lieberman said peace talks with the Palestinians should take a different approach, namely, an exchange of populations. (The PA insists that Jews must leave Judea and Samaria. It is only logical for Israel to insist that all Arabs must leave Jewish land. The Sinai is the perfect place for a new, internationally sponsored, Islamic terror state!)

PA's Negotiation Approach

Senior Palestinian Authority negotiator Nabil Shaath, has announced that the PA will never accept Israel as a Jewish state. In addition, he threatened war if the PA fails to obtain its demands through negotiations: “A Palestinian state will arise, either through negotiations or through armed resistance.” (It means “terrorism”!)

”No Room for Israel in the Middle East"

Iranian and Syrian leaders met for two hours at Damascus airport on Yom Kippur. Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinajad repeated what he has said countless times in the past, that Israel has no place in a future Middle East. He also stated that Iran-Syria relations were "solid and strategic with a unified view on all issues." (The meeting took place just two days after US Middle East envoy George Mitchell visited Damascus, in delusional expectation of a comprehensive peace between Syria and Israel.)

It is not Israel - Press is Mute!

The government of Mexico is now constructing its own wall to protect its southern border that separates Mexico from Guatemala. Several months ago Mexican President Felipe Calderon addressed the US Congress criticized the state of Arizona. (The United States has also built a fence along southern border to stop illegal aliens. Israel built security fence to stop infiltration of suicide bombers - What a difference in international response Jews make!)

Clear Intention, not just Warning!

Egyptian cleric, Salem Abu Al-Futuh, confidently predicted that Islam will take over the entire West, beginning specifically in Italy and ending in North and South America: “The nation of Islam will return - despite our current crisis and despite the arrogance of the West. The West is bound to be destroyed. Just like Allah destroyed the Byzantine and Persian empires, he will destroy the West at the hands of the Muslims. This is an unequivocal promise. These countries will convert to Islam. Islam will reach these countries.” (How many more warnings do Western liberals need to realise the dangers that Islam is presenting to our democratic way of life?)

Hamas Destroyed Popular Resort

The administrative building and restaurant of a well known Gazan beach club which had earlier been ordered closed by the territory's Hamas rulers, was burned to the ground. (The existence of this luxurious club was never mentioned in press reports, but rather about ‘poor’ Palestinians and the people of Gaza who are “deprived of basic goods”!)

Hypocrisy in Action:

"An increasing number of the young people in the IDF are the children of Russians and settlers, the hardest-core people against a division of the land. This presents a staggering problem. It's a different Israel. Sixteen percent of Israelis speak Russian." - Former United States president, Bill Clinton This ‘honest’ broker has shown, like his wife before him, his true colours. ‘Russians’ and ‘settlers’ are Jews! Fortunately for Israel they still remember that the objective of all anti-Semites, including Arabs, is the destruction of Israel. All Jews must understand this!

Making Muddy Waters even Muddier

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said: "We are seeking to determine what direction we can head in order to pursue peace between Israel and Syria, and Israel and Lebanon." (Syria is not a peace partner! Hillary Clinton, like all her predecessors, can't even handle the PA. The move is designed to complicate and procrastinate the useless peace process. Keeping the status quo is the true objective!)

During Sukkot, a lulav and etrog brought together, the symbol of Jewish unity is needed for Jews to pray for peace of all nations, including Arab ones. It is Jewish unity alone that will break the vicious cycle of international hypocrisy and make the reunification of Eretz-Israel a reality!

Yin and Yang of ME Politics

by Steven Shamrak, July 2005

Just one day after the London bombings by Islamic terrorists, British Prime Minister Tony Blair announced, quite inappropriately, the G8's 9 billion dollar 'aid package' to the Palestinian Authority (PA). For the next three years the infrastructure of terror will receive an extra 3 billion dollars a year from Western countries. Arab Palestinian terrorists are so happy and grateful for this generous gift! To leave no doubt of their appreciation they unleashed suicide bombers and a rain of rockets on the Israeli population.

What a 'wonderful' gift!  I wonder how many more Jews will have to die from bombs purchased using the money from Israel's ‘friends’? How many families of suicide bombers will receive generous pensions for the 'achievements' of their sons? How many Arab schools - actively propagating hate, martyrdom and Jihad - will benefit from this disgusting 'generosity'?

Nobody pays attention to the fact that the same ideology of hate motivates Arab Palestinian terrorists in Israel and Al-Qaida 'militants' worldwide. Billions of dollars are flowing into the hands of PA terrorists each year. They promised peace at Oslo. But the terror never stopped!

In 1992, United Nations Security Council Resolution 799 reinforced the Fourth Geneva Convention of 12 August 1949 to all the 'Palestinian' territories occupied by Israel since 1967, and affirms that deportation of (any) civilians constitutes a contravention of its obligations under the Convention. The resolution does not exclude Jews. Sharon and his cronies are in the process of violation of International Law! They must be charged with crimes against humanity and stand trial! The silence and inaction of the UN has exposed the deep anti-Semitic nature of the organisation and has nullified the Law, which was adopted with the prime purpose of preventing Jews from taking control of Jewish ancestral land.

Since the International community has not objected, but actually strongly supported, the forceful deportation of Jews from Gaza by Sharon government, the option of re-settlement of Arabs from the Jewish lands has become appropriate and legitimate from the point of view of International Law! The money can be better spent on repatriation of all Arab population from Jewish land to 22 Arab states or Sinai. This is a viable option, not racism, and it has been used many times to resolve international conflicts. This could stop the Arab-Israeli conflict. Nothing else has worked so far!

This decisive action could send a strong message to Islamic terrorists and their masters in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Syria etc… - subscribers to the Islamic Expansionism, that Western democracies are serious about War on Terror!

But are they?